Sinead O’Connor says the Vatican must confess to cover-up attempts


Sunday March 21 2010

The Pope’s letter is “a study in the art of lying” said singer Sinead O’Connor last night, in response to the Pope’s letter.

“Its even worse than that — it starts lying from the very first sentence when it says that what happened in the Irish church is ‘a matter of great concern for us’.

“If it was a matter of such concern, why has it taken 23 years for this to happen?

“The Pope is selling the Irish bishops down the tubes — it is claiming that what happened in Ireland was the fault of the Irish bishops, not the Vatican. But they were acting on the explicit orders of the Vatican.

“It doesn’t excuse what they did, but they were following orders. The bishops took the very same oath as the victims, swearing themselves to secrecy.

“A few things really offend me. The Pope’s letter claims that the crime of cover-up was enacted purely by the Irish hierarchy without instructions from the Vatican. I don’t accept that — but it seems the Irish bishops are happy to be sold down the river.

“The Irish bishops have more reverence . . . for the Vatican than they had for the God they believe in.

“In my opinion the Vatican should be brought to its knees and forced to confess the cover-up. And to confess its present attempts at covering up the cover-up.

“We don’t need the church at all. In fact they need us. If they don’t confess they’re signing their own death warrant. Because we are far more intelligent than they are giving us credit for. And we know when we are being lied to.”

O’Connor, who has passionately championed the cause of the abused, said that Irish Catholics were being further insulted by the Pope’s call for them to go back to the Catholic Church, which had failed them so abysmally over the past three decades.



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  1. Karl Ragnvald says:

    Also what about all the thousands of children and their mothers who were ordered by RC Priests back into violent and abusive suffering after they had escaped from such abuse?. It was standard practice to make mothers return with their children – No support given!, No help given!, no advice given! ~ Just “Get back to your husband woman, that’s your place!”. If they defied the Priest and did not return then they were castigated and declared outcasts. Those Priests who ordered children and mothers back to the violence and abuse would not do so alone but must also have been operating according to higher orders. It is time this scandal of covering up domestic violence was also exposed.

  2. Portia says:

    “Complete Secularization: this definition is not limited to the partial definition, but exceeds it to “The separation between all (religion, moral, and human) values, and (not just the state) but also to (the human nature in its public and private sides), so that the holiness is removed from the world, and this world is transformed into a usable matter that can be employed for the sake of the strong”.

    The men of god have it all planned- do not be fooled. It is merely control under a different guise.

  3. Angry says:


    How many OTHER embassy`s in Ireland would or could get away with the CRIMINAL ACT`S this church is accused of. What`s our Minister for Foreign Affair`s doing about this. Does Diplomatic protocol REALLY condone these atrocious acts on the children of this State perpetrated under the auspice`s of DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY.? Or are these so called papal ambassador`s immune to vicarious liability for their henchmen, and women.

    The catergorie`s of CRIMINAL ACT`S upon the children of this State should have a determinant of complicity and culpability measured on a CRIMINAL SCALE in which the Minister for Foreign Affair`s must say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and haul in this LEANZA.

    I`m sure our Minister for Foreign Affair`s is quite aware that there ARE law`s, International law`s, which cover CRIME`S AGAINST HUMANITY. The CRIME`S which children of this State endured , come under such catergory of International Law, enslavement, false imprisonment, torture, denial of human rights, slave trading in children, kangaroo court`s, unexplained death`s of children, clandestine burial of children in unmarked grave`s, unaccounted for missing children, etc, etc, etc.

    Merely because this State and this Government refuse to act, fail to act and continue to pay deference and lip service to this papal ambassador Leanza, does not mean that Leanza, nor his boss ratzinger are immune from International Law.

    What laws, if any, exist for the State to “return” to rome, any bishop, archbishop or cardinal , who acting contrary to the laws of THIS Country recklessly endanger children on the basis that THEIR allegience is to rome and NOT to this Country or it`s children. As these “prince`s of the church” have dual nationality, it should be an easy matter to kick these high hat`s over to rome. There cannot be any end in sight to this PLAGUE of bishops which has caused untold misery to so many children , not forgetting the disgrace they have brought to Ireland. The State NEED`S to cause an International Diplomatic Incident by expelling LEANZA to begin with, and then take it from there.????. It`s either State rule, or Rome rule, which is it.

  4. Angry says:

    Application`s continue to flood in to the Minister of Justice from thousand`s of prisoner`s, who would like to “”apologise for their crime`s, offer healing to their victim`s, remember them in their prayer`s””, and like John MeGee, make one more “large withdrawl” before heading of into happy retirement to enjoy the spoils of their crimes.

  5. Angry says:

    It`s offical, the parishoners of Fern`s can now relax. Ratzo has blamed the bishops and hierarchy through “bad errors of judgement” as being the prime cause of so many children being raped , buggered and sodomized.

    That leaves the bishop Brennan of Fern`s, in his call for parishoners as their “”god given responsiblity” to fork up the dosh for the CRIME`S of HIS church, as somewhat alienated.

    Has the bishop Brennan tried COMISKEY for a few bob.?

    Try downsizing bishop, flog the chapel, buy a portacabin. Does the bishop have a chauffeur, housekeeper, spokespieler, parish car, secretary, accountant, retained lawyer`s, cook, gardener, tailor, bling merchant, office`s, “travel expense`s”, well stocked cellar, and all the other hidden trapping`s that go with wearing a mackarel hat. What`s in the aul bishop`s bank account.? I`d be more than happy to swap bank account`s with him.?

  6. R Barry says:

    Paddy & Charles O’Rourke

    spot on about Angela Merkel and robust reactions of larger bona fidae countries to reports of abuse.

    The problem with the Irish Govt. & state is that it is up to its tonsils in complicity and that’s why they are sitting on their hands. Of course we ll know that. Not only that you can be sure that the Irish Govt. and state always can be relied upon to act irresponsibly until there is an absolute crisis threatening their removal from Govt. Loutish, smug and lazy, that’s what it is and a source for acute depression just based on routine business let alone a crisis.

    However, they do take instructions from their elder peers like Angela Merkel, US presidents and Gordon Brown and so on.

    The church has a sort of a thumbs ups from HQ to cooperate. Next thing is to get the FF-Irsh State to cooperate and this will requires some bullying from outside.

    This is why in whatever way, it is important to pour cold light on the attitude of Govt internationally to international media and to demonstrate their entrenched resistance to getting on with the job of owning up, coughing up and offering up the missing files.

    Thank you


  7. Angry says:

    Bertone, the Pope in waiting, appears to be somewhat miffed presently. He accuse`s people of “having a go at his church”.


  8. Angry says:

    The scarlet and purple clad lavender Mafia are on their way to Ireland, something to do with what a pope has said in regard`s to these capo`s “having a look at the books”, probably ensuring that there are no Eamonn Casey`s among `em, helping themselves to the parishioners funds.

    But I’m personally of the opinion that the capo`s are being drawn to the culinary delight`s which Maynooth has to offer, and indeed is famed for , not least it`s SPOTTED DICK. Or in their case, SPOT THE DICK.

    It`s extraordinarily kind of ratzo to send such heavyweight`s to deal with lightweight`s, a sort of RAGING BULL versus TIMID DONKEY contest.

    What heavyweight`s will he send to “check the books”” of the Christian brother`s.

    What heavyweight`s will he send to “check the books” of the penguin`s.

    Is ratzo merely concerned with his own agents, the priest`s, the bishops, archbishops , cardinals, auxiliary bishops, Monsignor`s and the like.

    Has the great cowled one NO INTEREST in the RYAN REPORT, or the Mc COY Report.? Do the suffering`s of these INSTITUTIONALLY ABUSED CHILDREN NO LONGER MATTER.?

  9. Charles O'Rourke says:

    At least Chancellor Angela Merkel got it right first time and got it right within four weeks.The Federal Republic will investigate the RC. Holland got it right and Austria and Switzerland. Diarmuid Martin in a desperate attempt to save what can be saved tells the Irish Prime Minister that a Statutory Investigation of all the dioceses is vital and welcomed by him, but still it does not say”click”. In fairness Alan from Fine Gael got it right but prophets in the desert are nothing new to Ireland. Northern Ireland’s health minister Mr Mc Gimpsey got it right and gone from words to action by submitting “options” to the N. Ireland Executive within days of Brady’s “secret court”. Meanwhile “Yer man” in the best little Taliban Catholic country on the planet gazes out the window and gives serenity a face and a name.

  10. R Barry says:


    About that citizens arrest, might be an idea to hold off on it because the glitterati down in Rome seem to be doing such a brillant job of winding up the company that it would be better to leave them in place. But encourage them to do it by aggravating them. Just think of what could happen if somebody genuine like Bish Martin got the job, then it really could be back to biz as usual and that is effectively creating a breeding ground for the abusers again. I’m serious!

    Secondly, a major point, there is a massive glaring problem created by the church potentially going under. Good Priests want to get out, often have nothing in place to support themselves except the order. Effectively they cannot get out. A priest’s CV is not going to be a great benefit in modern times, their employment prospects are not great, probably no proper pension nor private home if of retirement age. A retirement programme is needed. This will facilitate the wind up in a humane and dignified way and hasten the end the vatican regime.

    Failure to do so will result in a long term political problem weakening fianna fail.

    ‘Here is my proposal to you’ (who talks like that!!!RZ!!)……..

    Church properties will probably become relics of the past operating only as tourist attractions if at all over next 10 years. Rather similar to the wind up of the ‘big houses’ in Ireland. Land commision Act to be amended.

    BUt lets propose a stake in the wind up for Victims and acceptable Bona Fidae priests. Ownership of church properties to be handed back to communities to benefit victims and to fund retirement of bona fidae priests. Retraining (I mean life recovery-compensation) schemes and sponsored job placements for victims and bona fidae younger priests (entirely different schemes of course.

    Providing everyone with a ‘out’ is going to be a panacea and just like in Northern Ireland, there is a practical solution and that is give the parties what they want and I have a feeling that huge numbers of victims and ordinary priests want to just get on with the remainder of their lives without being schackled to this awful morass which could go on for years and years.

    Paddy, would you be interested to make some kind of proposal so that some kind of common ground could be reached without having to get involved in recriminations for here and ever after?



  11. Paddy says:

    Kathleen, The Pope is of course free to come to Ireland but should he decide to do that I would be the first to carry out a “citizens arrest” on Benedict for his part in the cover up of child sex abuse not just in Ireland but throughout the world. Paddy

  12. Paddy says:

    Posting this message on behalf of Kathleen O’Malley.

    If it was appropriate for the Pope to visit the U.S.A. to offer an apology, likewise
    he visited Australia and offered a similar apology. Why was Ireland excluded from
    his visits. Why did The Pope not visit Ireland first of all. Was it not Ireland
    who exported these vile practices to the four corners of the world. I get the
    impression from the pastoral letter there is something we are not being told.

  13. CHRISTY says:

    LETTER?? ‘The Rapid Transformation And Secularisation Of Irish Society’




  14. Angry says:

    WHO will be the next bishop to show a little “sadness and regret” to respective “guilt” in not doing more to challenge the “prevailing culture” of a hierarchy steeped in corruption.?

  15. Angry says:

    Diarmuid Martin is quite correct when he states that NO progress can be made by this church until its past CRIME`S are fully exposed.

    I agree with you Diarmuid, and you should take the lead in showing your sincerity in this matter.

    Can you, as a matter of grave importance release ALL FILE`S on JOHN CHARLE`S Mc QUAID for public consumption.? Those file`s that is, concerning paedophile priest`s in which he was involved in administering a little “fraternal care” for their wayward behaviour.

  16. Angry says:

    Such a SORRY letter.

    Other than a bout of fasting, more prayers, and throw in a little healing, that`s it. KAPUT, say`s ratzo, up your`s, it`s your bishops problem, not mine.

    But PLENTY on “renewal and rebuilding” his little church.


    It will shortly be LUMP HAMMER and SIX INCH NAIL TIME again, and in the coming week we shal see WHO nails WHO to THE CROSS. Diarmuid versus Sean should have an INTERESTING outcome.

  17. Angry says:

    Bells Bongs and Bollocks. The papal bull now turns out to be a heifer. The night of the long knive`s arrive`s

    As panic grips the bishop`s, revealations are coming fast and thick. The latest “penitent” appears to be the all singing, all dancing, darling of the media, Willie Of Killaloe, now expressing sadness, tinged with a little “regret” regarding his participation in a “canoncial trial”. Desmond Connell`s back is beginning to resemble a circus act`s knife board. Never mind Nuremberg, its now “”it was`nt me gov, it was the other geezer””.

    Yesterday it was the bishop Duffy, how sad HE was at not “doing the right thing”. And now this morning we have the architect of the STEWARDSHIP FUNDING SCAM ON PARISHONER`s, Hegarty, doing an Arkle and HOOFING it from HIS involvement in these “sad affairs”. Hegarty tells us that two of his sky pilots made payments to victim`s, one payment being 12,000 pounds to buy the silence of a victim, another payment being 45,000 pounds to another victim of the “confidentiality clause” scam. Hegarty goes on to “”assure”” the nation that NO DIOCESAN FUNDS were used in these criminal transaction`s. It`s SO heartening to know that at least these priest`s are SO WELL PAID that they can compensate victim`s from their own pocket`s.?

    Amid all the present smoke and incense, not to mentiom mirror`s, Sean CLING-ON Brady still defie`s the law of gravity, clinging onto a greasy pole with greasy hand`s, but the end is , for him, inevitable, despite his forty days in his own garden of Geths—–

    Brady, hoisted on his own Scarlet petard, sways uneasily in the wind blowing from rome, but happy in the knowledge that NOBODY as yet has asked him a few more pertinent questions. As a “humble” curate called upon to “interview” two young children, would it be remiss to ask WHO supplied Brady with the case note`s on BRENDAN SMYTH as he “interviewed” these two young children. Did Brady question Smyth.? “WHO” interviewed BRENDAN SMYTH.? Was the casebook file on BRENDAN SMYTH so BIG that Brady was left with no option but to believe these children.? There is so much about this “interviewing” of these two children that does not ring true. A “humble and teaching” curate, as Brady describes himself, plucked from the classroom by his bishop to conduct such an important matter as RAPE, and other serious allegation`s against his church.? Was Brady capable of handling such a serious matter WITHOUT the file`s on BRENDAN SMYTH stretching back to the late forties, and to have reached such a speedy conclusion to what now must be regarded as the quickest verdict of GUILTY ever arrived at by this church.?

    There are MANY question`s to be put to Sean, and no doubt the relaxing and cordial atmosphere of the BRIDEWELL would be the appropriate venue.

  18. Martha says:

    Ratzinger said:-
    ”….serious challenges to the faith arising from the rapid transformation and secularisation of Irish society …. it is in this overall context that we must try to understand the disturbing problem of child sexual abuse”

    The rapid secularisation of Irish society???

    As if. As if a whole society – like one individual – could actually change overnight!

    FFS. It took MANY generations for the Rome to get its psychological stranglehold on the collective Irish psyche for *it* to passively obey Rome’s tyrannical demands.

    Another term for it is Stockholme Synddrome.

    When people are psychologically balanced, they know who are their enemies and who are their friends.

    Ireland doesn’t need Rome in the same way children don’t need paedophiles.

  19. Martha says:

    Angry wrote:-

    “Brady STILL carry`s “high office”, how come.?”

    Get a grip, Angry. Brady only holds such “high office” in a club/cult that its own members acknowledge.

    That’s not the whole of Irish Society, is it?

    I don’t think so.

  20. Martha says:

    >>“We don’t need the church at all. In fact they need us. If they don’t confess they’re signing their own death warrant. Because we are far more intelligent than they are giving us credit for. And we know when we are being lied to.”<<

    Assuming this is an accurate quote from Sinead O'Connor, then I (as an Irish person – a mother, as it happens) I would say I don't need the anti-female dogma of the Vatican, nor do I care that it needs the likes of me to keep its Life-Support machine switched on. Let them provide their own oxygen supply!

    "O’Connor, who has passionately championed the cause of the abused, said that Irish Catholics were being further insulted by the Pope’s call for them to go back to the Catholic Church, which had failed them so abysmally over the past three decades."

    Its very simple, Sinead. Just stop being a Catholic. Stop identifying with those, apparently normal adults, who are "raping" you.

    Why would ANY normal adult (beautiful singer that you are, Sinead) want to fraternise ie.e., "hang-out" with people who have no appreciation of your beautiful talents, but who merely want to FEED OFF you?

    Why, Sinead? Why would you WANT to do that to yourself – and to your own children???

  21. mmaguire says:

    IF we don’t need the Church and they need us, how does our lack of support count. The only way that would be possible is to have the capacity to resign, which I understand is not allowed by the Church.

    So no matter how you don’t support them, they claim to represent you and that makes our politicians weak at the knees, while the rest of us are forced to remain on them!


  22. Andrew says:

    Ratzinger opines:

    “”….serious challenges to the faith arising from the rapid transformation and secularisation of Irish society …. it is in this overall context that we must try to understand the disturbing problem of child sexual abuse””

    So where was this ‘secularisation’ when ArchBigot McQuaid ruled Ireland between 1941 and 1972 – coincidentally the exact timeframe from where most of the witnesses to the Child Abuse Commission come from.

    As usual Ratzinger you are talking through your pointy head.

  23. Tony Duggan says:

    Whatever you think about Sinead O’Connor she’s been right before and she’s right now.

  24. Angry says:

    A quick statement from the man up there in the Phoenix Park in regards to HAULING Sean CLING-ON Brady in for a few “questions” with regards to his SILENCE, in the BRENDAN SMYTH affair, should ensure a QUICK RESPONSE from ratzo to elevate Diarmuid Martin to CARDINAL.?


  25. Angry says:

    I see the vatican and ratzo have NO FAITH in the Irish Police. They`re sending their own Peeler`s over to Ireland as an apostolic visitation. What sort of HANDCUFFS will they use, PINK FLUFFY ONE`S.

    And will they have tea and cucumber sarnie`s with JUSTICE YVONNE MURPHY.?

  26. Angry says:

    So there was NO large cheque with Ratzo`s letter. No surprise there then.

    Though he did suggest that a bit of FASTING would help in the aul “healing” stakes. Not to forget a bit of “renewal”, and the aul “reconcilation” bit. No surprise there either.

    What IS surprising is that Sean CLING-ON Brady still has a job this Monday morning. How come.?

    Saturday started with Great Expectation`s (sorry Charle`s), three rugby matches, what a veritable feast. I like to see myself as a great HIBERNIAN when Brian O` Driscoll`s men grace the field of play. Catastrophoe was looming and lurking in the background, it emerged in the shape of Sky News at 1pm, and there it was , grotesquely garbed in SCARLET, garbling on about some opportunity or other to redress a declining church , a church which has made a few “errors”, a few “mistakes”. Rugby forgotten, as I stretched for the PUKE BUCKET, an instinctive reaction whenever I hear the voice of Sean CLING-ON Brady.

    The gushing and rushing hurry to get his tuppence worth in before any other pleb further down the ecclesiastical ladder, had Brady in a trance of semi-orgiastic stupor, a BILLY BUNTER revelling in a secret feast. A new meaning has been given to “EATING YOUR OWN WORDS”

    As the ONLY act in town, and the ONLY clean pair of hand`s in town, it should have fallen to Diarmuid Martin to have addressed the remaining “faithful”, few though they are , they deserved PROTECTION from the dribble of Brady.

    As a self admitted enabler of paedophilia, lacking moral fibre, no sense of duty to children, dragged to the altar of APOLOGIA, and worse, HE HID HIS INVOLVEMENT IN INTIMIDATING CHILDREN INTO SILENCE, Brady STILL carry`s “high office”, how come.?

    As for FASTING Sean, try a little BREAD AND DRIPPING, we had it stuffed down our throat`s for years.

    Can the President, Mary Mc Alesse, or Brian Cowen , Taoiseach, or ANY members of the cabinet be possibly seen in the company of Brady at any State or public function.?

    If Brady had ANY honour, he would have departed by now. His actions have added immeasurably to the ongoing pain and further abuse of the victims of the CLERICAL SEXUAL TERRORIST, BRENDAN SMYTH.

    The show MUST go on , DRIP, DRIP, DRIP. And it`s the DRIP`S within the hierachy responsible.

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