The e-mail below has been edited very slightly. The original has been sent to the Department of Education with the writer’s name. To protect their identity, I’ve been asked not to publish their name on this website and I’m happy to do that given the gravity of its content. Paddy Doyle

Dear (Name is given)

I have been in touch with you before regarding the SF. (Statutory Fund)
During my conversation I recall complaining about the group “Right of Place” in Cork and their lack of a Mandate.
I received a telephone call from an old woman here in the USA last night. She had just received a letter from “Right of Place”.
I had written to Christopher Heapy a few years ago telling him to REMOVE this woman from their database.

She NEVER signed up to be a member of this group

They still have her on their database, her home address and God knows what other information.

She initially went to a meeting in Boston years ago when Noel C Barry came to the USA to advise people the Redress Board.
The lady to whom I’m referring never signed any paper work to that could link her to “Right of Place” at this meeting.

What she did do was to sign up with a Dublin solicitor who was travelling with Noel C Barry. She filled out her forms for the Redress Board with the Solicitor.

I am seriously concerned as to who gave Noel C. Barry of “Right of Place” this woman’s private and confidential information

Was it the firm of Solicitors?

I also suspect that other people on this side of “the pond” were signed up as members of “Right of Place” WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT having been given.

Right of Place has been funded to the tune of millions from your department. None of these millions have made their way to any former ‘survivors’ that I’m aware of.

Today the Irish are on their knees, broken and ashamed. The whole world is looking on. I know, I’m Irish and I’m in the in the USA. What’s happening in Ireland right now is a source of great embarrassment and shame to me.

The leaders of – “Right of Place”, “Right of Peace” and all the other so called ‘survivor representative leaders’ should now step down. Department of Education must now insist that ‘survivors’ be allowed to decide who they want to speak on their behalf. Furthermore, all funding to these groups who have no mandate must cease immediately.


Enough is Enough