Paddy Doyle was born in Wexford but now lives in Dublin. Paddy is well known for being outspoken on issues such as Disability and Child Abuse. His views have been aired in Canada, the United States and in Europe and the U.K. as well as in Ireland. He was appointed to the The Commission on the Status of People with Disabilities – “A Strategy for Equality” the final report was published in 1996 and regarded by many as the best report on disability in the world.

His disability is described by many neurologists as: A chronic involuntary movement disorder. Read more about Generalised Dystonia here Generalised Dystonia

PADDY DOYLE – R.I.P. 2020.

To the many people who have used it for research, I thank you. My biggest thanks goes to the late dear Friend, Philip Casey, who passed away after a long illness. Philip did most of the work on my website, never failing to help out even when he was in pain.  Rest in Peace my friend Philip.