Derek wrote:
Dear Ms Buckley

I saw you cry out side the church when you had your feet blessed, while your fellow victim in a wheelchair Paddy Doyle was outside , locked out of a church.

I once went to your office for advice when I was in need and as a victim of childhood abuse you turned me away. Do you remember what you said. “Derek you were abused in a school, and had your parents to go home to, we did not”

In what you said to me tomorrow I give an interview I’m proud to give. Those that know me will know I will only speak out when needed. In this, paedophiles where moved from parish to parish and now to other countries. Catholic Ireland should be so ashamed. What was our shame is now another nations and many. From these others we will survive.

Derek Power was that I was abused but abuse to those in institutions is different. Try the closed cupboard I was abused in and you will feel how I do.

Did all those that you get funding for agree that you should forgive the church that day?

Did they all get there feet washed like you?

Do they all have the same gratis as you for how you feel now your cleansed of your abuse?

What qualification do you have for others?

At least I am qualified to ask you on behalf of those abused what and how you represent them, you were so selfish that day that I will ensure your funding is questioned.
Derek Power
I am a quite man and have waited, those who know me can see my post “Derek Power sex abuse” on Google they will know I’m honest.

Ms Buckley shame on you.

Derek Power