Another night NOT at the Theatre

On April 14, 2010, in Access, Human Rights, News, by Paddy

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A picket will be placed on the Abbey Theatre tonight, Wednesday 14th April to highlight the lack of access for People with Disabilities to our National Theatre.

To those who have those who have given sterling support to me over the past week, I thank you. Let’s hope this is the beginning of something new – I believe, I hope it is.

Best wishes

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Abbey says no posterPeacock Turns its Back on People with Disabilities

PS. I’m indebted to A.B. for his help in the making of these posters just as I’m indebted to others who have lent their support in various ways. Many thanks to you all.

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  1. Paddy says:

    I will give the Ombudsman something to do very quickly regarding accessibility. It will be interesting to see what happens. Paddy.

  2. mmaguire says:

    Hi Paddy:

    What is the Ombudsman who recently said she was not getting enough complaints on accessibility saying or doing?


  3. Paddy says:

    I agree with you David. As I’ve said somewhere on this website before, I won’t be going to the play. What the “disabled people” are getting is an “abridged version” of the play according to the Director of the Abbey in conversation with me. Well, the Abbey and all associated with the play can keep their “abridged version”. Thanks for the support David, it’s much appreciated. Paddy.

  4. David (England) says:

    Gosh – are we supposed to be very grateful to the Abbey Theatre for allowing disabled people to see the ‘one night only’ of ‘No Escape’ in the Liberty Hall?’ Yipee, I am so excited that I cannot wait. This smacks of trying to appease Paddy and other disabled people from making a hue and cry with regard to non-accessibility to the Abbey/Peacock Theatre.

    A bit like the nun who used to say to me when I was a child, “Now there David, if you are a good boy, behave yourself and be quiet, you can go on the outing tomorrow.”

    Well I would to say to the Abbey and any other institutions who have no consideration for disabled wheelchair users, “You turn if you want to, but disabled people are not for turning.”

    Keep up the good work Paddy and don’t give up.

  5. Paddy says:

    Thanks Andrew. It’ important to point out that the “for one night only performance in Liberty” is according to the Director of the Abbey, Fiach McConghail, “an abridged version of the play”. If it’s possible for the play to be moved to another venue for one night only, it begs the question as to why it can’t be left in Liberty Hall.
    I will not be attending the play even though I’m being credited with having it moved. I’ve pointed out to the director of the Abbey that the move will be seen as patronising and condescending to people with disabilities, their families an friends. It smacks of an “Irish solution to and Irish Problem”. There will be no equal treatment while the National Theatre remains inaccessible to people with disabilities.


  6. Paddy says:

    Thank you. Remember it’s for one night only. What I can’t understand is if the play can be moved for one night why can’t it be moved for the duration of it’s ‘run’. Also the play in Liberty was described to me by the Director of the Abbey as “an abridged version”. Another example of people with disabilities getting the second rate treatment that is all to much part of our lives.

    I will not be attending the play even though I was responsible for having it moved as I see the move as nothing more than condescending and patronising.

  7. Paddy Rooney says:

    Congratulations on getting the play moved to Liberty Hall.

  8. Anne says:

    Good luck Paddy..knock em dead!..

    Have you heard about the SOCA meeting at the Irish centre in Birmingham this Sunday Paddy? Was just wondering what it’s all about?.. There was a massive advertisment in the Irish post today.????….


  9. robert says:

    it is time there was a european representative here for human rights. who reports directly to the leader and the law forcing those human rights to be put right.
    this is illegal and it should be closed down until it has been corrected.
    their insurance group should be notified for sure in this case as it is not safe.
    this should be enough to close the place down until the legalities are corrected.
    they have to by law produce their insurance to prove they are legal to open.
    once again paddy doyle a man who stands for what he believes in well done again paddy

  10. Knock hard life is deaf, this was written on the wall of a train, by a lady named Boxcar Bertha. She was a fan of human rights. It fits us survivors. Our situation in society is of course mostly on the outside. So Paddy keep knocking.

  11. Andrew says:

    On Tuesday 20 April 2010, there will be a performance of NO ESCAPE in the Liberty Hall Centre which is a fully accessible space. The performance will take place at 8pm.

    Fair play to you Paddy. The struggle for equal treatment though continues at the National Theatre – and it’s a struggle that has been on-going long long before No Escape was even conceived.

  12. Paddy says:

    Many thanks David, your support is much appreciated. Best wishes. Paddy.

  13. Basil Miller says:

    Good luck Paddy — wish I could be there to support you.

  14. David (England) says:

    Paddy I’m sorry that I can not be there to support you but I will be thinking of you and others whilst you protest for all disabled people. My very best wishes.


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