Editorial: Evening Herald 4th April 2011

THE generous €400,000 pay package of the chief executive of Rehab Group, Angela Kerins, draws attention to the need to look at all large salaries in the current economic climate.

Everyone on a big salary, from judges to public servants and bankers, has to come under scrutiny.
We are all feeling the pinch. We all have to make our own painful contribution to get the country back on its feet so every single penny that comes from the public purse has to give value and be counted.

Angela Kerins is head of the private, not for profit company which has received almost €375million in grants and fees from the State over the past six years.

Her case serves to highlight the need for forensic scrutiny of all such high salaries.
The days of enormous salary packages being allowed to stand without heed are in the past. Now they must be explained and defended and if need be, adjusted.


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