Wednesday May 02 2012

IRELAND’S most senior cleric Cardinal Sean Brady said today his role in a 1975 investigation into paedophile Brendan Smyth had been exaggerated.

The Primate faced renewed demands to resign after it emerged a then 14-year-old victim of Smyth`s warned him in secret interviews that it was likely the late priest was abusing five other named children.

The Cardinal said his role in the inquiry has been deliberately exaggerated and misrepresented in a BBC documentary aired last night.

“I deeply regret that those with the authority and responsibility to deal appropriately with Brendan Smyth failed to do so, with tragic and painful consequences for those children he so cruelly abused,” he said.

Cardinal Brady has the backing of Dermot Clifford, Archbishop of Cashel and Emly and the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Cloyne, who said there is no reason for him to quit.

The Vatican’s chief investigator, Monsignor Charles J Scicluna, also insisted that Cardinal Brady has no case to answer and fulfilled his duties by referring information on child abuse to his seniors.

Three years ago, when explosive allegations about Cardinal Brady’s role in the canon inquiry into Smyth emerged, he said he would resign if he found his actions or failings had led to another child being abused.

Amid the renewed calls for his resignation, Cardinal Brady, who interviewed two of Smyth’s young victims under a special canon oath while a 33-year-old priest, said he regretted that the Church’s response in the 1970s was so inadequate.

“I was shocked, appalled and outraged when I first discovered in the mid-1990s that Brendan Smyth had gone on to abuse others,” he said.

“With others, I feel betrayed that those who had the authority in the Church to stop Brendan Smyth failed to act on the evidence I gave them. However, I also accept that I was part of an unhelpful culture of deference and silence in society, and the Church, which thankfully is now a thing of the past.”

New evidence came to light which revealed Cardinal Brady had the names and addresses of children who were suspected of being abused, during the secret canon inquiry.

The Primate’s role has been described by the Church as a note-taker, purely administrative, to pass the information on to his superiors. The youngsters’ parents were not informed.

Some children were abused by Smyth for years after the probe.

Brendan Boland, who had been abused during the 1970s, gave the secret inquiry a list of other children he believed were victims.

“There was a boy from Belfast, I gave his name and address,” said Mr Boland in the documentary.

“A girl from Belfast, I gave her name and address. A girl from Cavan, I gave her name and address. Another boy from Cavan, I gave his name and address. And there was another boy who was his friend.”

In a lengthy statement, Cardinal Brady said he did not lead any investigation into Smyth but had been asked by his then superior, the late Bishop Francis McKiernan of Kilmore, to assist senior clerics.

The Cardinal said he did not ask the teenager any questions but later carried out an interview with one of the other named victims to corroborate evidence. He said he had received no training.

He also claimed that, as a priest, he would not be considered responsible for reporting the allegations under today’s rules.

“I had absolutely no authority over Brendan Smyth. Even my Bishop had limited authority over him. The only people who had authority within the Church to stop Brendan Smyth from having contact with children were his Abbot in the Monastery in Kilnacrott and his Religious Superiors in the Norbertine Order.”

He said he assumed and trusted the abbot would have dealt decisively with Smyth.

Cardinal Brady added: “I had no such authority to act and even by today’s guidance from the State, I was not the person who had the role of bringing the allegations received to the attention of the civil authorities.

“I was also acutely aware that I had no authority in Church law in relation to Brendan Smyth or any other aspect of the inquiry process.”

Cardinal Brady also addressed his future and comments he made in 2009 when he said he would resign if his actions led to other children suffering abuse.

He said this remark related specifically to the responsibility of management or of clerics in authority.

“I gave this answer in response to a question specifically about someone in a position of ‘management’, someone who was already a bishop or religious superior with ultimate responsibility for managing a priest against whom an allegation has been made,” the Cardinal said.

“In 1975, I was not a bishop. I was not in that role.”

The Cardinal said the BBC documentary had been misleading in its reporting of his role in the inquiry, his response to further revelations from victims and whether he would consider resigning.

The programme revealed Mr Boland had witnessed one boy being abused and was told by another that he had been a victim as well.

In 1975, Cardinal Brady was a priest and a teacher in Co Cavan when he was sent to support the investigation into sex abuse claims.

Details of the church inquiry were unearthed previously, but the fact that Cardinal Brady had names and addresses of possible victims only emerged in the latest documentary.

Archbishop Clifford said the cardinal had no reason to step down.

“I don’t see any reason why he should resign. He did what he was asked to do as a young priest of 33 years, and he made his report,” the archbishop said.

“We are also speaking about a different generation. When asked to do something by your bishop, you did it and the responsibility lay with him.”

Late last year Cardinal Brady offered to apologise in person to Mr Boland following an undisclosed out-of-court settlement over the abuse.

Mr Boland has said he first confided in a young priest after two years of abuse. He was then interrogated by two clerics, with the then Fr Brady taking notes, in an Ecclesiastical Court, and had to swear on oath that he would not talk about the interview with anyone but an authorised priest.

The Church has since claimed the oath was designed to protect the child and prevent his evidence being manipulated by Smyth.

The Vatican press office declined to comment and referred the matter to the Church in Ireland.

Later, the Cardinal added that he had considered his future but decided the controversy was not a resigning matter.

Looking back, he said he felt he had been operating in a culture of deference and maybe unhelpful silence.

“I knew chapter and verse of what was going on,” the Cardinal said,

“I did not have the awareness now that I have of the impact that was having on the children.

“I was teaching boys of that age at that time every day of the week. I believed Brendan Boland and I took on board what he said and I did what I thought was most effective in stopping this terrible abuse by referring it to the man who had the power to curb the movement of Brendan Smyth.

“I trusted that that would take place.”

– Ed Carty  Irish Independent.


30 Responses to “Cardinal Sean Brady: My role in sex abuse probe was exaggerated”

  1. Hi everyone, our imprisonment was definately not an error of judgement. This gave our Irish Catholic jailors, a source of easy State finance and cheap labourers. Whom they had the power of life and death over. Artane Victims graveyard, prior to bulldozing , and concerning, contained evidence of this, terrible injustice to our kind. So my fellow brother and sisters, continue to write about you imprisonment and shame these bootlickers by demolishing their ivory towers. What is the cover story, of this site, it is about the tragic experiences of a very young boy and the total loss of all his family members, through death, and the mindless separation from his younger siblings. He walked in to an Institution and left as an invalid. This site is all about our kind. Keep on writing and shame those who can see no wrong in our Roman Catholic Enslavers. Strike another blow for our deceased and incapacitated brothers and sisters. Regards to all, Twisted Oliver.

  2. James Moy says:

    Thanks again Oliver and Martha, for both your replys, taken on board and appreciated.


  3. Dear James, no, you have definitely not upset me. As for your so called, legal indiscretians, please welcome to the club. My brother, our imprisonment no matter for what duration, was inhuman, disgraceful, disgustingly UnGodly. I see no fault in our kind. As Victims of a terrible system, deprived of all freedoms, starved in every possible way, total deprivation. James, our enslaving masters brutality and constant violent acts towards us, that even ended the lives of our brothers and Sisters. James, you poor man, what is a mere bad temper, when we are talking about unaccountable murder. Where the death of our brothers and Sisters, were only recorded and not investigated by our Irish Republican Gardai (police). And where the a child under 3 years is brutally assaulted(broken nose) along with his pregnant mother

  4. James Moy says:

    Thanks again Oliver, sorry if i upset you in any way. Like you, i detest the entire set up called the R/C/CHURCH, it is all man made and it has its weird rules ,and Canon law, that has allowed so many folk in this world to be damaged from Childhood, and right into old age,by the Monsters and Paedophiles within its flock.Nasty evil and disgusting hypocrites, who hide behind the protection the Vatican affords them, and seem to think they are more deserving than the Victims who experienced their Wicked ways.

    Yes Oliver , i can appreciate the comments you make regarding your home now in Australia, and its beautiful qualitys, i bet you also find it helps you theraphy wise, it sure works for me.

    But again, some of the knock on effects of my Childhood caused me many more problems tru life,and sadly a few that got me stains on my character, and time spent as a guest of HMP service. Mostly for violence, and drink related incidents. When i escaped from Ireland at 14, i took along with me a very vicious temper, and a determination to never let anyone abuse or assault me again, but sadly in living up to that, i lost further snatchs of freedom, and gained the sort of track record that certain countrys would bar me from. Yours, Canada, and the USA for example.
    It took much theraphy and time to calm me down, and over the years i achieved this, and found great help and support from my Mother, special friends, and my Wife. I have a passport, and managed to visit quite a few countrys, and this helped also, but while i seriously wanted to emigrate to any of the above places and make a fresh start , i could not ,because of the stains, another knock on effect i inherited from the F***ing Religious.

    Now, settled and calmed down in my old age it still upsets me big time, to see that the Government in power at present in Ireland are continueing where the Religious eased off, and inflicting further damage to us in our adult years, and treating us with disrespect, and like Children.

    It is my firm beleif that we are more than entitled to have a say in how the Contributions from the Religious are handled, but all our protests, emails, and letters have been ignored, despite what the main man Quinn has stated that he knows how we suffered, and is going to ensure it never happens again! What a Hypocrite, he is tarred with the same brush as Brady, and rightly qualifys for his own white collar!

    Take care Oliver, keep strong


  5. Martha says:

    Sorry for the “typos”, my keyboard ain’t the best. Not my fault, I’m a stellar spellar – er, I mean “speller”. lol !!!


  6. Martha says:

    James Moy wrote:-

    “Indeed we are all victims of that sick and twisted Religion, the R/C/Church.”

    Yes, James, we (Irish) are indeed the victims of the warped mentality of the Vatican Boys. However, I for one have refused to remain a victim of their sociopathic idealogy: Life is too precious …

    However I still retain a spiritual side, and see God in various other lights, in so many areas that many take for granted. Like the sea,wild life, sun ,moon and stars, mountains ,nature, the magic of of the wind, something you cant see, but you know its there, it has no colour, but you can enjoy the freedom of feeling a nice breeze against your face when outdoors anywhere.”

    I’m in total agreement with that, James. I love the Great Outdoors (in all weathers) and so I’m out and about as much as possible. Your “take for granted” remark reminded me of Oscar Wilde’s “Youth is wasted on the young” – but its not really, not if as children we were lucky enough to be given a sense of wonder about the universe/natural world.

    “The freedoms i achieved were in getting well away from Ireland, the Religious,and its brutal sick destruction of so many. …”

    I too have travelled a lot and lived abroad for many years, James. But I returned to home to live in Ireland. I think we have to fully understand our “roots” in order to stop FLEEING from the horrors that so terrified us as children. I had to return Home, anyway…

    “I am 69 next week, and glad i made it this far, i have various health problems which are part and parcel of the Childhood experience, and which rears its ugly head from time to time .”

    James, we are in the sameg age bracket (give or take a few years) and I too have had my share of health problems as a result of the awful traumata I was subjected to. But I’m happy to say I don’t have any health problems now: I’m just not as “athetlic” as I used to be, which comes with growing older …

    The best of luck to you, James.

  7. Hello! I read the dribble, it is equally as shamefull as the Redress sham, and incorporating the Education Fund, is an absolute insult to all deserving Victims. In manmade law, it is another Houdini escape mechanism for our Roman Catholic Enslavers. One will need a huge Crumb Catcher, to get anything of worth, from this new Vatican Bootlickers Table. As the unChristian bros used to say, ” Take two, say Tanks and mind your manners” Twisted Oliver.

  8. James, wonderfull sentiments, brought a tear to my eyes. You know, that we Victims, with all of our hate, have tremendous love, respect for the deprived underdog of this planet. The needless injuries through terrible punishment, both physical and mental, has and affect our state of health, now in our latter years. How in hell , have we survived this imprisonment, for so, so many years, to this age. Well James, you would love Australia, it is vast, bushy, so many climates, forests, deserts, & rock strewn wilderness. In most of these areas at night, even starlight, illuminates the terrain. And moonlight is horrendously bright. Extremes of hot and cold. I believe in God, but detest Catholicism. Portia, am proud of being an Irish black sheep, and my criminal record, attained at under Three (3) years of age. Thank you Paddy Doyle for you great site, that attracts the best ever souls, and Hey!! we are Irish Survivors. Twisted Oliver

  9. James Moy says:

    Thank you Martha, and Oliver for your kind comments. Indeed we are all victims of that sick and twisted Religion, the R/C/Church.

    However I still retain a spiritual side, and see God in various other lights, in so many areas that many take for granted. Like the sea,wild life, sun ,moon and stars, mountains ,nature, the magic of of the wind, something you cant see, but you know its there, it has no colour, but you can enjoy the freedom of feeling a nice breeze against your face when outdoors anywhere.

    Appreciating the qualitys of all these things i find very helpful ,like theraphy, and if all treated with respect, offers no threats of harm to me!
    Oliver, as you rightly say, that was a smithereen detail of my Childhood that i was sharing, but like so many ,their is countless others.

    The freedoms i achieved were in getting well away from Ireland, the Religious,and its brutal sick destruction of so many.

    I am 69 next week, and glad i made it this far, i have various health problems which are part and parcel of the Childhood experience, and which rears its ugly head from time to time .

    But i am blessed with a good Wife, who is also my best friend, and supports me tru thick and thin, and gives me the space i need to deal with matters. That is a special freedom.

    Thanks a lot Paddy ,for the use of your site , and for being there for us all, much appreciated.


  10. Paddy says:

    Please pass this message around: The Bill making the Statutory Trust Fund law will be read in the DÁIL on Tuesday, Wednesday and if necessary Thursday of this week. Because of the huge majority the government have and also because the main opposition party Fianna Fáil were the party that initiated the Bill. It’s impossible to see the it NOT being passed into Law.

  11. Portia says:

    yes Robert. Jesus had nothing whatsoever to do with the Roman Catholic cult. Jesus/Esu/Iosa was simply used as the superhero archetype.
    Psychopaths never accept responsibility for their actions but will twist words to suit themselves as they are self serving.
    Society- sheeple refuse to accept the truth because once they do, it means accepting responsibility for the crimes committed by their leaders- men of god.

    The human mind deceives itself so easily – especially through brainwashing- into siding with the perpetrators and re abusing the victims.

    Everyone on here knows how victims were and are shunned by their families and other members of society. We are the black sheeple. I am proud to be a black sheep.

  12. So right Robert, Jesus did not wear jackboots, or trained for his role in life in the Hitler Youth. No big secret, that VatRat heads an organisation that revered Adolf Hitler. Heil ! VatRat and his now ageing Opus Dei. Vee salute you Herr VatRat. Let us destroy those Victims of Ireland and destroy the evidence like we did at Artane Victims Cemetery, Kilmore Road, Artane. Where the congregation have their Mackers Takeaway upon that lovely concrete car park. (MacDonalds). Twisted Oliver.

  13. Robert says:


  14. The freedom of the outside world. looking at all the trees birds and so much others things to look at and admire. well martha i think that in the schools now no one will be ordering children to believe in the life of jesus. i remenber having to swear that i would always put my faith first even if our perents told us too. this kind of frightening rubbish is made of legends and superstitions.schooling shouldnt fix ideas as we go there to for my role models no thanks i tried to be as different from them as possable. of course i cant forget them but thay stay in my memory. severia put me of religion and heaven as i like animals. we arent that different.

  15. James, how terrible for one so young, to be beaten and abused by those you hated and by those you truly wanted to trust and love. Martha has stated some of our ugly truths, and probably in hindsight. It was a very great feat to raid the meter and flee to England at the tender age of 14 years of age. James, every time I read your submissions to this site, have always read between your lines. Now you have stated, just a smithereen of your past and it is horrific. No wonder you courageously seized the opportunity to be a free person. Of course, you felt betrayed, but the Roman Catholic Church, propaganda machine was exceedingly powerful then. It is a fraction of its former power, thanks to sites like this one, that allow us to air our ugly truths. So James Moy, please tell us, if I may be so bold, how did you manage your new found freedom in England. Very few victims managed to escape Irish Roman Catholic slave net. You were extremely fortunate. Well done James, so what other Freedoms for victims, were you referring to in your article. Please explain.. Twisted Oliver.

  16. Dearest Martha, thank you for reading my little article. Please let me te you, that after 14 years of absolute hell in those prisons, even the backstreets of Dublin, though it was a bitterly cold winter, Freedom was my goal. I also had a choice of being trained by Philips Aerospace in Dundalk (electronics), either way I would be in the grip of my Catholic Enslavers. Freedom is a wonderful thing. I made these choices at 16 years of age, it was tough out there and sat it out there in those bitterly cold Dublin backstreets, in order to stow away on a freighter to find my parents in England. And with absolutely no regrets. Of course I hate, loathe the Roman Catholic Church. Do you?? Well I use we, for our kind, victims of same. Our plights in every way, whether you accept it or not, relates us, collectively. I possess a very independent streak, that has stood me in very good stead for all my years in Freedom. My ability to move on, with

  17. Martha says:

    Jackson Pauline wrote:-

    “Once we learn things we become responsable. but not knowing well how to question. thats why in schools in places such as ireland the education of children should take on different teachers. …”

    Hello again Pauline, with respect, you are confusing SCHOOLING with EDUCATION. They are not the same thing. Our parents (or whoever our primary guardians were, when we were children) were our main teachers: it is they who educated us to emulate their basic Philosophy, i.e., what they truly believe. In other words, we learn our basic valuse and beliefs by the behaviour of our childhood Role Models and not by what they merely said (preached).

    Sorry if that doesn’t sound right, I’m in a bit of a rush now… Martha

  18. Martha says:

    Hello James (Moy),

    In reply to your comment above, I totally understand and therefore sympathise with you: without a doubt, you had a truly awful childhood. I did too. However, whilst my mother was a “brainwashed” Catholic, my father wasn’t, and I am forever grateful for that. His legacy of Love lives on in my heart …

    BTW, my mother had a “Death Bed Confession”, i.e., she renounced her lifetime Roman Catholic faith – a fact which I was only able to validate some years after her death. A little to late, but a fact, nvertherless.

    Ultimately, it all comes down to LUCK. Some of us are luckier than others. We do not choose to be born, and we certainly do not choose our parents.

    I wish you all the best of luck, James.


  19. Once we learn things we become responsable. but not knowing well how to question. thats why in schools in places such as ireland the education of children should take on different teachers. the same kind of thing in all subjects doesnt prepare the mind for the world we live in.religion is a frightening thing to teach. its unfair to teach things like the only chosen people will be saved. all religions say the same thing. the irish have lived in fear for generations. its the fear of public opinion too drilled into thier minds.secrets have never really existed. its impossable once more than one person tells another it goes all about.but its part of the churchs system.

  20. James Moy says:

    Martha, while i accept and agree with your comment, it is only because of the present time now ,and the vast exposure of the Child Abuse that went on through all those years, that now makes this possible.

    Can you imagine any Child or youth making the same comments in the 30s 40s or even 50s?
    Such was the ignorance and fear carried by the general irish population in those times, of the R C Church , and the Government, to utter any such comment would no doubt merit fierce punishment, as i experienced at the hands of a Man i understood to be my Father.

    At the age of 14, after two years spent in an industrial school in Co Cork, i was allowed home for a month, and after the first day, my Mother kept questioning me as to why i was so quiet, and withdrawn, and i told her of the horrible life i had experienced over the two years at that place.

    Her reaction was to scream at me that i was lying, and accuse me of not being gratful to the Religious for the way they took good care of me, feeding me, educating me, and allowing me home for a holiday. While my Mother never struck me, She was most upset and annoyed with what i had told her. When my Father came home that evening, She told him of my complaints, and his reaction was to drag me down the garden, to the shed, and beat me fiersly with a lenght of thick black electric wire. All the time screaming that i was a lying pup, and an assortment of other names, and then dragged me to my bedroom, and kicking me to the ground, shouting at me to get to bed, that he had not finished with me and was going to give me more trashings every day until i addmitted i was telling lies.

    I was in a bad way, and determined to get away from him as far as possible, and in the middle of the night, i broke into the gas metre, and stole a lot of the old pennys, which got me a ticket on the night boat to liverpool.Age 14.

    I doubt i would be alive today, had i told My Mother of the areas i kept to myself,like the Sexual Abuse, also the worst extremes of physical and mental Abuse. My Father would have killed me , such was the his be faith and beleif in the R/C/C , which i beleive was the case that was about at the time throughout Holy Ireland.

    This clearly shows how much the R/C/Church wielded power in Ireland, and struck fear into most folk.

    Martha,this is just my opinion, based on my childhood experience, i take some comfort in the fact that i received apoligys from my parents for their ignorance at the time, and their failure to me. But overall, it was the very outfit that you so rightly describe that were responcible for so much damage to the population of Ireland , and especially the Children of the same!



  21. Raymond says:

    DARRAGH MacENTYRE’s BBC documentary The Shame of the Catholic Church will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. We must be grateful to the film maker, as surely his hand was guided by trail-blazer Mary Raftery. It is shocking to watch the black and white scenes of how the Catholic Church was in the not so distant past, in Ireland. One can only make parallels with the Klu Klux Klan and Hitler’s mass(!) rallies, with all the historical horrors accompanying both organizations.

    In the end, it will only be a push and a shove for the Leader of Catholic Church in Ireland to fall: off with his head.

    It is ironic and strange, but oh so fitting and wonderful, that the whole plot unravelled ON THE TESTIMONY OF A VERY BRAVE CHILD.

    Let the name BRENDAN BOLAND shine in all your hearts. With such a name, we can even ‘pretend’ he is Irish, out of the silent PEOPLE who have not been able to speak up for the children.

    BRENDAN BOLAND – and HIS FRIEND – and the other cousins boys AND girls – are HEROES.

    FREEDOM OF THE STATE and OF OUR CITIES to YOU ALL……….. Now THERE’s a concept worth exploring. Everything in Ireland – FREE – for the rest of your lives.


  22. Martha says:

    Oliver Whelan wrote:-

    ” …unfortunately we refuse to accept that everyone within Catholicism is bad.”

    Oliver, when you say “we”, you are not talking about ME. I, personally, have no illusions whatsoever about the Catholic Church. It is a totally morall corrupt institution. Like any other cult, it is driven to protect its own collective ego. Birds of a feather flock together and all that …

    Oliver, you then say:-

    “We should be asking these “whistleblowers” like Brian D’Arcy, why are they still in the Irish Catholic Church, and as priests.”

    There’s no place like Home? The Catholic Church IS Home for the likes of Brian D’Arcy and Sean Brady, et al. Seriously, those guys feel comfortable in that “Marble Statue” … I was trying to think of some image there, to describe their Comfort Zone …

    And then you wrote:-

    “Well, upon leaving Artane Prison School, I opted our to live as a vagrant, in the backstreets of Dublin, rather than go to Manooth Seminary, in Kildare.”

    Were they the only choices you had? They really got to you, didn’t they, Oliver …

  23. Martha says:

    James Moy wrote:-

    “Anyone who attended the Redress board were not allowed to have any family ,or witnesses in the room with them. Most found the experience very intimidating , and of being the Abuser and not the Victim!
    So it was also on a par with the experience of Brendan Boland, grilled by 3 Priests in a room and made to feel it was he who committed a crime, and not allowed to have his parents with him.”

    Yes. But whatever about those who attended the Redress Board being denied the presence of their family and friends, one wonders why Brendan Boland’s father was so passive at his son’s meeting with Sean Brady et al? WHY?

    Why didn’t Brendan Boland’s father INSIST he was present at that meeting?

    Was there gun put to his head???

    If my parent was so afraid of the Irish Catholic Authorities, I would be asking myself why so …

    James Moy also wrote:-

    “Seems also that both the Religious and the Government have no problems in defending each other, and shouting from the same roof.”

    Well, James, just look at the history of Ireland – you don’t need to go back too far to see that the Vatican (Rome) took over the running of our country when we got our supposed Independence from 800 years of British Rule. And btw, I’m not a member of any political party … I’m only human, a “mere mortal” – and a mother at that …

  24. Martha, unfortunately we refuse to accept that everyone within Catholicism is bad. However, in the light of the most recent abuse revelations, Raymonds YouTube videos, along with other media sources in concert with OUR imprisonment experience up to 14 years. We should be asking these “whistleblowers” like Brian D’Arcy, why are they still in the Irish Catholic Church, and as priests. Well, upon leaving Artane Prison School, I opted our to live as a vagrant, in the backstreets of Dublin, rather than go to Manooth Seminary, in Kildare. I was born in Castledermot, not far from the “Priest Factory”. Just the sight of a Catholic Church, gives me “the willies”. Twisted Oliver.

  25. Martha says:

    Why is anyone surprised by all of this? The Catholic Church is a toally Morally Corrupt institution which is why I don’t accept the claim that there are SOME good people who are members of it, lay or clerical. Sean Brady is just another “pillar” of that EVIL organisation.

    No “good” person, that is, one with ANY sense of moral decency would have anything to do with the Catholic Church, which can only appeal to the morally corrupt, if not the totally insane.

    Therefore, the likes of Brian D’Arcy et al are are effectively apologists for the Catholic Church and cannot therefore possibly be taken seriously by any normal adult, either.

    Ireland is still run by the Vatican and its cohorts – end of story!

  26. James Moy says:

    Anyone who attended the Redress board were not allowed to have any family ,or witnesses in the room with them. Most found the experience very intimidating , and of being the Abuser and not the Victim!

    So it was also on a par with the experience of Brendan Boland, grilled by 3 Priests in a room and made to feel it was he who committed a crime, and not allowed to have his parents with him.

    This very clearly highlights the lenghts the Religious went to ,in protecting the sick paedophiles amongst their flock.

    Seems to me that the Characters who set up the Redress Board with its gagging orders etc, took note of the ways of the Religious operaters !

    Seems also that both the Religious and the Government have no problems in defending each other, and shouting from the same roof.


  27. Cardinal Sean Brady should resign.The BBC 2 DOCUMENTARY aired last night confirmed he had the names and addresses of five children who were abused.If he had any concern for their safety he would have informed the police and their parents.When he was confronted by the media he would not give a straight answer.He did what trained to do,to cover any wrong doings and crimes by the catholic church.In my opinion he has every reason to quit.

  28. Hi Pauline, had to change to another computer on another network to access this article. It seems my ip address has been tagged, I informed Paddy that I have made a response to this Article on the Adoption Article. However Pauline, you said it, lies, deceipt, whitewashing is what our abusers/enslavers are all about. As Raymond would put it, Lies, Lies , LIES, LOTS OF LIES, AND EVEN MORE LIES. Wake up Sean Brady and Company, times up. Or if you understand Gaelic, “Taw doh taimh (towme) caite {caitche}. So at the least, try and be truthful. and the truth will prevail.
    Twisted Oliver.

  29. Raymond says:

    UN….belieeee….vable !

    At the end of the BBC program last night, we read that:


    After 35 years of Lies, Cover-Ups, and Devious Obfuscation – and at the end of, no doubt, copious and careful legal consideration – that is all they could come up with ! 3 feared men in strange clothing, against a 14-year old boy – without even the presence of his parent – and about the worst criminal paedophile in the land. I hope HELL DOES EXIST, just for such men.


    So today, 35 years later and with their backs at the edge of a bottomless precipice called HELL FOR THESE MEN, and with ALL the Reports and Evidence we have – they STILL hide and pretend, they STILL WAFFLE ON, and mostly THEY STILL SHOW NOT AN IOTA OF “DECENCY” and CONSCIENCE.


    To all the Fr. D’Arcys: it’s time to put some bullets in your guitars and QUIT THE RETHORIC.

    Check on the last post for a link to THE SHAME OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

  30. A young priest of 33 years old. now thats a strange evaluation of youth. he hays he did what he thought was right. he was the age of many fathers. the whole thing is phrased to pass this off as if he was a child . he wasent. once he told the person in charge how come he says he dident try and find out what was being done its only normal human curiosity. its hard to believe that he just forgot. or seeing nothing happening how come he dident react. all the sexual abuse is due to his lack of interest in children. and nor do i believe that he dident know the hurt being done.

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