Church abuse survivors deserve justice

March 18, 2011

FOLLOWING Archbishop Martin’s recent comments made whilst speaking in Public at the “Ethics For All” themed series of Public Lectures, at the Mater Dei Institute for Education, I would like to point something out.

The archbishop referred, in his prepared speech, to matter of pluralism, and mentioned the failings of state and of parental care that indeed do need addressing.

“There have been many cases where parental neglect has resulted in serious damage to children. We need mechanisms to ensure that the rights of children are adequately protected.”

This we know. Pot and Kettle? Not quite. It’s much worse than name-calling. What Archbishop Martin omitted from his speech, according to the reports, was that the failings of his own institution, have yet to be fully acknowledged, and therefore, with all haste, the church must made be subject to public, civil, open-ended, lifetime commitment to restorative justice and materially meaningful action by way of remorse and making restoration.

Such action is to be continued until such time as we, the survivors, and we, the people know that our children are safe, respected, being nurtured and encouraged, treated with dignity and empathy, across Irish society. Archbishop Martin, you must do this in the first instance for all those parents who are survivors or children of survivors themselves and in communities of isolated survivors over nearly four generations.

Then, when all that is in place and accepted by survivors, and by society, if it turns out that there are issues with parenting and the care of children in other sectors of Irish society, elsewhere, your comments might be welcome. You might have learned a thing or two.

You may well be attempting to mitigate the charge against the church. It is part of a pattern, a bad habit you must learn to break. We cannot be sure.

The luxury of mitigation does not exist in a moral world, for a case such as this. The church, as an institution, must face justice on the merits of the case.

Just as the state institutions and individual paedophiles must face justice on the merits of their cases.

Conchubour Ui Cruadhlaoich

This appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Friday, March 18, 2011


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  1. The catholic church should have No say in the welfare of Irelands children.Their record with children is not a good one.In order to safeguard Irelands children.There needs to be a sign outside every church saying No Children Allowed.They cannot be trusted with kids.

  2. Kay says:

    To vote for Paddy to represent people who have been abused please use link below … Kay

  3. Sr Sadisticas Victim says:

    She causes fear and distress and is quiet Mad .Survivors are scared of her >stop all funding to the aislinn NOW

  4. Sr Sadisticas Victim says:

    Raymond that is absolutely right, We as the child survivors should’nt have to fight for justice They the Government and Religious orders should be crawling on all fours begging for foriveness ,giving (each ) survivor their untampered files,and compensate each survivor >Not keep going on about Counselling and education that is just their way of bypassing the survivors so they don’t have to pay us our rightful compansation which has been handed over by the Religious for SURVIVORS like I said before survivors live all over the world not just in ireland nor the UK,many of us already have been to counsellors in the past which was FREE.those in the past government are totally responsable for causing survivors more Stress, Heart Attacks, because of the shabby way survivors have been treated ,Get that Mrs Buckley and her friends OUTwho DON’T want anything to do with any of them >EVER.

  5. These children sent away to other countrys are exiled. after all these years of proof that the church representitives are unsutable as carers.its about time the state excepted this as a fact. let them look after themselves first thay need to change.thay have done a very messy job so far so thay should keep thier opinions for themselves.fancy clothes wont make any difference now.who do thay think thay are kidding with all that.real action not symbolic is whats needed

  6. Mossie says:

    Church to give extra €10m for abuse survivor services

    By Colm Kelpie

    MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011
    THE Catholic Church in Ireland has pledged an extra €10 million for a counselling and helpline service for child abuse survivors.

    It is one of a number of initiatives to mark the first anniversary of Pope Benedict’s pastoral letter to Irish Catholics.

    Church-goers are being given a pastoral response Towards Healing and Renewal, while bishops are to set aside each first Friday as a day of fasting and prayer in reparation for the abuse.

    All-Ireland Primate Cardinal Sean Brady said the moves were “tangible signs” the Church was working to ensure all children were cared for.

    “As a result of the grievous wrong of abuse, for many survivors their faith in God and the Church has been profoundly damaged. Many have expressed a hope that this damage can be addressed.

    “In Towards Healing and Renewal we commit trained pastoral personnel to this delicate challenge of healing and renewal,” he said.

    The €10m for the Towards Healing counselling service over the next five years will be evenly split between dioceses and religious orders.

    It was originally only a counselling service, set up in 1997, but has now been expanded in order to provide group work, practical workshops and a bridging service to link users of Towards Healing with other services such as psychiatry, addiction services and services for the homeless.

    The service has also extended its opening hours this weekend.

    In his pastoral letter last year Pope Benedict XVI apologised to victims of abuse.

    This appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Monday, March 21, 2011

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  7. Mossie says:

    Abuse victim ‘let down’ by Church
    By Claire O’Sullivan

    MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011
    A WOMAN who was subjected to 10 years of horrific sexual abuse by a priest has spoken of her anguish at the Church’s refusal to give her a written apology or offer her counseling.

    She also expressed grave concerns about the Diocese of Clogher’s implementation of child protection guidelines as the accused priest was, reportedly, not removed from the board of management of a local school and still officiated at Holy Communions — despite serious allegations being made to gardaí.

    Five years after an initial garda complaint against a Co Monaghan priest, a civil case was settled on the steps of the High Court last November.

    Just two days ago, the Conference of Bishops issued a paper outlining their commitment to “the journey of renewal” and the repair of “the breach of trust” caused by the Church’s role in covering up clerical abuse.

    In the Clogher case, the victim had repeatedly asked the diocese for a written apology but the diocese refused.

    Instead, she claims, she was given a “small sum of compensation after a lot of bullying tactics”.

    Last night, she said she felt “very let down and hurt” by the way she was treated: “I was told there was no way I would receive an apology and if I didn’t accept the compensation, they would drag me through the courts. They played bullying tactics all the way.

    “An apology was always my priority and I had always specifically asked for that. However, they refused to show remorse. I was offered no help or support from the diocese, just utter disregard.

    “With all the investigations that have gone on, they have still learnt nothing. By not giving me an apology they wanted me to be part of the cover-up.”

    The woman was reportedly abused from the mid- 70s to the mid-80s.

    She lodged a garda complaint against the priest in 2006. Within a year, she was told the Director of Public Prosecutions had decided not to prosecute and she began civil proceedings against the diocese. A spokesman for the diocese was unavailable for comment.

    This appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Monday, March 21, 2011

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  8. Raymond says:



  9. sally mulready says:

    I agree with Angry and I feel that displays of contrition and remorse Should be followed with deeds and not just religious services full of symbolism and incense. They mystery of Mass and Benediction worked well at some levels for me as a child and young person. The mystery of it all, the Latin prayers and the sound of the organ. I loved it all.

    However in 2011 , I am in reality, just a few Sundays ago both Paddy and another lady were very very badly insulted and disrespected on the steps of the Pro Cathedral.

    I found the whole episode grotesque and saw some real irony in the fact that while God’s Stewards were inside leading a Service of repentance, other Church and State stewards were outside keeping others who wanted to enter the church away . It was done with some real aggression . In the crudest of ways- it reminded me of ballroom bouncers who stand outside the doors keeping out people they’ did not like the look of’.

    I wrote to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to complain and said he should apologise. I am still awaiting his reply.

    I am not impressed and as each days goes by demonstrations of sorrow and remorse run very hollow. So Angry I sympathise with your view not saying I agree with it all but points are well made.


  10. Andrew says:

    If Diarmuid was going to act and speak in a contrite manner then his first act should have been a phonecall to the Gardai on his predecessor’s facilitation of CLERGY SEXUAL TERRORISTS. Dessie is still enjoying his wine and cheese nights in Killiney (as I write) – and also he likes to constantly WHINE on about the old days when his every utterance was reported on.

  11. Angry says:

    Diarmuid Martin is first and foremost a consumate “diplomat”, added to that is the fact that Diarmuid has become the iconic “weeping statue” that Ireland has sought for so long.!! Every time Diarmuid hits the airwaves, tears roll, his welled up eyes evoke a “certain sympathy” to the unfeeling “script writers” in the background who soft pedal Diarmuid as the acceptable face of “contrition” to the horrendous acts of brutality and barbarity practiced on children by the church he attempts to defend. An uphill battle, even for one of Diarmuids inner strength.
    This latest “speech” by Diarmuid hits the button as a mere abstract consideration to the “moral” equality of all people.?? A bit rich when one considers the actions of his “superior” the cardinal Brady, who , “”armed”” with a degree in “canon law” saw fit to DISREGARD THE LAW in subjecting children to “secrecy” to AVOID SCANDAL TO THE CHURCH, and the secondary knock on of that was THE FURTHER ABUSING OF SOME HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN BY THE PERVERT PRIEST BRENDAN SMYTH.

    NOBODY, BUT NOBODY in this catholic church has ANY right to speak on behalf of children, whats good for them, whats not good for them, or ANYTHING pertaining to children, this church has proven itself as being UNFIT TO PURSUE , LECTURE, OR OTHERWISE MAKE SUGGESIONS TO STATE OR GOVERNMENT THAT IT HAS A “VIABLE” ROLE TO PLAY IN SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN.???
    These various strategies to conceal the culpability of this church to LAWFUL ACCOUNTABILITY is beneath Diarmuid Martin, he IS capable of much better presentations than his “” ETHICS FOR ALL””, which in critical terms is shifting, unclear and ambiguous. Such a realized fact is conceived as an abiding concept to KEEP DIARMUID IN THE FRAME AS THE “”APOLOGETIC”” FACE OF THIS CHURCH. After all, THEY HAVE NO ONE ELSE WITH A CLEAN PAIR OF HANDS.???
    Music, organs, ceremonial clothing, ceremonial smells, coupled with ceremonial rhythmic visual appearances, are in the main, like CEREMONIAL FOOTWASHING CAPERS, all peppered with SYMBOLIC FALSEHOOD.

    Its difficult to disregard the fact that “stirrings” become prominent in the Dublin archdiocese`s office whenever a “report or revelations” regarding CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN is about to land on them AGAIN. And this time it will be the CLOYNE REPORT, so it`s reasonable to assume that the FOOTWASHING FROLICS, AND DIARMUIDS “”ETHICS FOR ALL”” and of late the “”bravery”” of the bishops conference to “”instruct”” Government once again, is an attempt to “”GET BACK TO BUSINESS””. It`s ALL window dressing and designed to take the sting out of revelations YET TO COME.!!


  12. John Deegan says:


    AT LEAST 13 children in State care have been placed in facilities outside the jurisdiction because there was nowhere suitable for them in Ireland, latest figures show.

    Typically, these young people had severe behavioural problems and required specialist intervention.

    The practice of placing children in care abroad has been criticised by campaigners, who say these services should be available in Ireland.

    But health authorities say children placed abroad represent a tiny proportion of more than 5,000 children in care, most of whom are in foster care.

    Latest official figures indicate that five children were being cared for in facilities in Northern Ireland, three in the UK, and five in other countries including the US.

    While there was no breakdown for the cost of these placements abroad, previous figures indicate that it is in the region of €250,000 per child.

    The latest figures are contained in material submitted to the Office of the Minister for Children in January of this year by the Health Service Executive (HSE).

    The HSE has pledged to develop services to ensure that no Irish child should need to be sent overseas for a general care placement.

    In briefing documents prepared by the HSE, officials state that in very rare circumstances, officials are forced to look abroad to find specialised treatment programmes for children with difficult or challenging behaviour.

    Some of the specialist facilities used by the HSE abroad include Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska, US, which provides treatment for at-risk children, and Hassela Gotland in Sweden, which runs an island-based community rehabilitation programme.

    “The HSE seeks to place children with severe challenging behaviour in specialist foster care and high support and special care units in this jurisdiction. In the majority of instances, this is achieved,” the documents state.

    “However, where the HSE is seeking a specialist placement to cater for a rare behavioural diagnosis, it prioritises the need of the child over the location of the placement.”

    Where children are placed abroad, they remain in the care of the State and have an allocated social worker who visits them occasionally. All units in which children are placed are subject to inspections.

    In addition, the HSE supports visits by family members to their children abroad by paying for travel and accommodation costs.

    HSE officials have been studying examples of specialised care abroad and are establishing new ways of providing support to young people at risk.

    Groups such as the Irish Association for Young People in Care have expressed concern that sending at-risk children abroad could have a destabilising effect.

    They say everything should be done to ensure children are re-integrated into their communities. In addition, they say earlier intervention would help prevent the need to send children abroad.

  13. John Deegan says:

    We have a continued protest at teh Pro Cathedral EVERY Sunday at 11am…everyone is welcome to turn up with whatever placards or banners they choose or to voice their anger at this and other matters …like the fact that Fr PJ Mc Cabe, a curate at this Cathedral from 1971/83 is currently being extradited to Ireland from the USA to face charges of abusing children whilst in this Cathedral and other parishes in Ireland.Bishop Martin has NOT informed his congregation of this impending case.