By Juno McEnroe

Saturday, August 28, 2010 Irish Examiner.

THE commission inquiring into secret vaccine trials has said it remains in the dark about what to do with a room full of files, amid calls for an independent inquiry into how children were tested.

A legal challenge nearly seven years ago effectively closed down an inquiry into the testing of vaccines.

The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, which originally headed up the vaccine inquiry, said yesterday: “We have no legal authority with the documents other than just to return them. We have everything catalogued and ready to go when the department decides what it wants done with it.”

Its spokesperson said Health Minister Mary Harney had given no instructions on what should be done with the files. The Department of Health last night said discussions were ongoing with the commission regarding the trial files.

A department report previously found that at least 211 children in orphanages and mother and baby homes took part in four-in-one vaccine trials in the 1960s and 1970s.

Former residents of orphanages and mother and baby homes have called for an independent inquiry into the trials and one woman has already begun legal action against the drugs company involved.

Fine Gael last night demanded Ms Harney initiate an independent inquiry and bypass the legal constraints which closed it down.

This story appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Saturday, August 28, 2010


15 Responses to “Commission in dark over vaccine trial documents”

  1. jack says:

    medial files (documents) are evidence.

  2. jack says:

    if you look at most products from shampoo to ointment Ireland is involved in the process of the making or the distribution of those products. the government of the day uses the ‘citizens’ as guinea pigs. the issue of medical child abuse (trial vaccines) will not just go away.

  3. jack says:

    Ireland has a very high disability rate and doubtless the cause is state drug abuse. the politican parties and the politicians (including the ‘civil servants’ and the medics etc) should not be allowed to get away with murder.

  4. Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted" says:

    Do you know anyone who is meeting with the Pope or is rather having an Audience with him. It would be very interesting indeed to communicate with one or all. IF THEY EXIST THAT IS. IS THIS ANOTHER FABRICATION BY THE CHURCH.
    Kathleen O’Malley.

  5. robert says:

    there was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile he found a crooked sixpence with a crooked smile.
    never realized the story behind this little poem but now i finally found some where to stick it

  6. if any body does meet the pope. be careful . don’t kiss his ring because YOU don’t know where that ring has been . bacteria and such.

  7. Paddy says:

    There are some people from Ireland going over to England to protest at the visit of the Pope. NOT all of these are people who were abused, they are people who like most of us are disgusted at the way the Pope as a Cardinal was instrumental in covering up abuse perpetrated by priests whom he subsequently gave ‘cover’ to in Rome and elsewhere. Paddy

  8. Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted" says:

    Finally the truth is emerging. Notice years after the report into “Commission into Child Abuse” HAS BEEN RELEASED. how convenient. I have proof, DRUG TESTING DID TAKE PLACE. my documents are safely locked away.






  9. dead man walking says:

    half alive half dead in black and white there records ! ……….never had an ounce of energy ! and my weight records are abnormal ……refusal to take them ??? held to the floor and forced down my neck

  10. robert says:

    it seems very difficult to get any answers on the vaccine tests yet the government seem to know just exactly what to say. what are they hiding now
    any news on that statutary fund does anyone know?

  11. hello ddw i read what happened to you, its amazing that you are still here among us . and i think you are about 250 per cent right in questonning this. keep it up , wont you .dont let anyone think thay are getting away with strong you and the little boy inside you poor little man.

  12. MARY WARD says:

    A check on all survivors of Industrial Reformatorys must be carried out with medical checks on the children and grandchildren of the Victims to find out if our children or grandchildren suffer Medical problems which I strongly believe were the cause of vaccine trial’s carried out on us without legal consent ,Did the religious get paid for each child they offered up as vaccine Fodder for the trial’s, Ireland has been and still is good at distroying documents.>>>Try doing your family tree its impossible, Where are our medical files??we were aged from a few days old to 16 years IN Reformatory’s surly there must have been some Medical Records???NO WHY NOT> I SMELL A ROTTEN COVERUP

  13. dead man walking says:

    were vaccine trials the only trials . i was medicated aged 2 and a half till i was 13 .( tranquilizers and anti physicotics ) strangely enuff no drugs were given to me when i was being looked after by a member of the public 3 times a year sometimes 4 ranging over a week to 3 months over a period of 11 yrs ( 11yrs ) at least 3 times a yr complete drug withdrawel and no supervision !!!.. they hid that i was been given them from that member of the public !!!! why ?????

  14. We were told that we were solders of jesus, so as in all armys there is a acceptence of loss 7 per cent. this was our case. sent by our own people into these prisons. we became irelands friendly fire victims. as helpless children before the courts of our country we were condemed.

  15. Portia says:

    Just shows the way these patriarchs saw mothers and children as possessions- or cattle as their sacred texts refer to them as.
    And still the sheeple of ireland remain silent.

    If it were Africa, they would be demonstrating in the streets, but they wont budge re their own.
    Now the girls of Ireland are to used again with Garda sil vaccine which has caused the deaths of many children worldwide.

    Will we all sit here and allow the men of god and the medical mafia to use and kill our own children?