Current abuse of children

On 2011-03-25, in Child Abuse, by Paddy

I am wondering if there is any interest in current occasions of child
abuse. The incidences that I am concerned about are not happening
behind closed doors, but in full view of the public. Not only can the
public see this happening, they, to my mind are actively supporting and
encouraging this type of child abuse.

As I work in the centre of Dublin, on many days if I pass through
Nassau St., about 11 am or so I notice incidences of what I consider
child abuse. These are the actions of 2 or more women, whom I presume
from their mode of dress and accents are immigrants. Each woman is
holding or carrying a child of varying ages. The children are wrapped
within woollen blankets, making it difficult to see them , or indeed for
them to see out.

One woman, in particular, suits on the pavement beside the parked
tourist buses while he other that I most commonly see appears to walk
continuously around the area with I believe is a younger child.

They operate in the cold, wet, ice and snow as it appears that adverse
weather conditions become an asset to their aims of receiving
contributions of money from passers by. I am sure that those who give
them money may feel that they are somehow, by their action, relieving
their condition. I however believe that they are only adding to this
abuse of these children.

As this activity occurs in public daily, should I be surprised that the
Garda, who move them on for purposes of keeping the pavement clear – or
indeed the various civil and public servants, (Justice, Education,
amongst others and indeed the members and staff of Children protection
agencies or similar charities have not noticed their plight or
considered that this is worthy of investigation.

The people who are exploiting these children are, I believe part of adn
being use as an organised and criminal activity. Near Westland Row
Station shortly after 7am most mornings, you can see at least 2
vehicles arriving to let off various “beggars” with or without their
“begging aids” of crutches, proclamations in English saying they “dont
do drugs” or “need a bed for the night”. However the most incidious
aid being used is these children. They leave the vehicles and it is
apparent that instructions are being given. I can only gues at what
these are but I believe these are directions as to where they should
stand and when they will be relived or should move to a new location.

I have never seen the people who drive these vehicles participate
actively in begging. So I have to think the worst as to why the other
accept their rulings and directions.

I am concerned that such public abuse can happen openly in the middle
of Dublin and I have to assume that this scam is not limited to only
one Irish city.

And more importantly, what are the authorities, the experts in the
rights and care of children doing about this. I have to assume
nothing or worse – they do not even see this as a problem.

So what does the future hold?

For the children I assume it will be a good training in a very limited
set of activities and the acceptance of their social position and
condition within a marginalised group.

What will the costs be?

For the children it will mean being locked within an unsocial condition
where the obvious abuse may or may not be accompanied by other from of this. And what about Ireland?

Will this mean that at some point in the future, these children may
realise that they were similarly “abandoned! by the State and the
safety nets that are provided?

Will this result in some future set of legal actions where they
endeavour to prove that the State abandoned them too?



2 Responses to “Current abuse of children”

  1. Paddy says:

    Martin says it like it is. His words echo with all of us who happen to be around the streets of Dublin even on an occasional basis.

  2. Raymond says:

    Thank you Paddy for highlighting this issue.

    In my eyes, there is no need for “analysing” the various strands and layers of the argument and situation:


    Part of the tragedy is seeing how we, the people, have become accustomed to these news items and daily sights in our streets. This DI-SENSITIZATION and HARDENESS is what has CAUSED where we are today, and the reason why people STILL DON’T GET IT !

    I have lodged a complaint about the current Trocaire Lenten Ads ( Press 1 for Eviction – Press 2 for Starvation….etc), but it seems like I have my hands full trying to SHOW these people where the DIS-taste and ABUSIVE nature of the ads are. So what chance I say !!!!!