Derek Power’s letter to Ms. C. Buckley

Derek wrote:
Dear Ms Buckley

I saw you cry out side the church when you had your feet blessed, while your fellow victim in a wheelchair Paddy Doyle was outside , locked out of a church.

I once went to your office for advice when I was in need and as a victim of childhood abuse you turned me away. Do you remember what you said. “Derek you were abused in a school, and had your parents to go home to, we did not”

In what you said to me tomorrow I give an interview I’m proud to give. Those that know me will know I will only speak out when needed. In this, paedophiles where moved from parish to parish and now to other countries. Catholic Ireland should be so ashamed. What was our shame is now another nations and many. From these others we will survive.

Derek Power was that I was abused but abuse to those in institutions is different. Try the closed cupboard I was abused in and you will feel how I do.

Did all those that you get funding for agree that you should forgive the church that day?

Did they all get there feet washed like you?

Do they all have the same gratis as you for how you feel now your cleansed of your abuse?

What qualification do you have for others?

At least I am qualified to ask you on behalf of those abused what and how you represent them, you were so selfish that day that I will ensure your funding is questioned.
Derek Power
I am a quite man and have waited, those who know me can see my post “Derek Power sex abuse” on Google they will know I’m honest.

Ms Buckley shame on you.

Derek Power

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  1. “I am so glad i have come across this page … “thanks Paddy” as i though it was just me that Mrs Buckley ignored… i talked to her on the phone in 2002 and she was all over me like a rash when he heard i was much much younger than her???, but when i went to her in the Aislinn she never turned up to meet me???… i would also love to know who appointed her spokes person & who is she spokes person for??? who gave her the job as head woman??? self appointed is that it??? yeah i would also like to ask her how honest is her word and how much abuse did she rally suffer??? was she the looker on???. i dont buy her story it dont add up. Dont mind her dereck she is full of crap she needs more than her feet washed”! P.S i bet she is going to be the head woman AT THE STATUTORY FUND???

  2. Derek, I had the same cold treatment from her the Only time I visited the aislinn ,which lasted 5 minutes.she didn’t want to know ,and yet she knew who I was ,I was in GB the same time she was,

  3. To all who have left messages I thank you. I would also like to thank Paddy for the oppertunity to voice my grievence. Be strong people. In just our understanding of each other there is great hope. Remain a voice with volume

    Derek Power

  4. Mary O’
    I also went to the Aislinn in 2003 and left my name & my phone and Email number I never received contact from buckley or any one else at Aislinn I spent 14years in Goldenbridge.Before your time.Buckley came to England to the Irish centre in Camdan.She Announced to the people at the meeting she had no members.Why is she been paid
    No Name 97

  5. There are very few of the real survivors who used to go to the aislinn ,many felt bullied by Mrs Buckley one day she anounced that if any of us meet or see a certain Ex Goldenbridge industrial school survivor named geraldine J that we were not to have anything to do with her ,this was said with real hatred in her eyes we thought this cruel as the person she buckley was talking about we found out later was in Goldenbridge at the same years as Mrs Buckley and had left ireland many years ago. had returned for a visit what was Buckley scared of could it be the truth about deaths ,abuse, it seems that buckley has always wanted the whole abuse to centre only on herself. where as in fact she had the easy time being a pet of sister Fabian.Why else was she still there as a grown up in the late 1960’s called Miss West.

  6. No Andrew, that’s the sound of me throwing a bucket of water over the head of one of those wardens that wouldn’t allow me to get my feet washed in the Pro-Cathedral! Settle back to the hailstones and the Rolling Stones. Paddy.

  7. Is that the sound of splashing water I hear? Could Ms. Buckley be making a grand appearance after all … in her, specially blessed by bishops, holy water filled wellingtons? Hold back there on the rush ,,,,, it’s another shower of hailstones.

  8. Yes, Andrew. Your feet had better be clean as a whistle. And your ears, eyes, mouth and bum. And you just be willing to have them cleansed by an insincere man in a robe. Oh yeah…and you’re not allowed to be in a wheelchair. That’s unacceptable. Wasn’t it the great Groucho Marx who said, “I wouldn’t want to join any club that would have me as a member”? That about sums it up.

    [Crickets chirping as we await some response from Ms. Buckley]

  9. Hi mary O’ – Welcome to the ‘We’re Not Welcome at the Aislinn Centre’ Club. Also Mary if you know of any disabled people, do tell them they’re not welcome there either because in my two visits to the place I couldn’t for the life of me find any disabled access to the place.

    What EXACTLY do people need to enter Ms. Buckley’s Holy of Holies? Do we have to have had or feet washed by men in skirts to gain access? Because it certainly has no problem turning away survivors of child abuse who haven’t dipped their feet in holy water!

    How can the Government continue to fund a place that picks and chooses which survivors it will help and denies entry to disabled survivors ?

  10. I spent 12 years in Goldenbridge Industrial school,years ago I a survivor told me about the aislinn centre but told me to be careful but as I was also in goldenbridge I thought I would get some advice on tracing siblings ,mrs buckley knew who I was and made it very plain she didn’t want to know me she gave me the cold sholder just totally ignored me when I tried to talk to her , I got the message and left . never went back and never will.

  11. Wishing you well Derek.

    Divine justice is now being served.

    Ms Buckley is merely a puppet of the cult of Roma- she has no idea that she is a facilitator for rapists and child abusers. They are still using her and abusing her – but she is unable to see this.

    How many abused become abusers .?? many, for that is how the cycles is perpetuated.

    Perhaps the washing of the feet of the victims was really the washing of the hands of the men of Roma of all their victims, rapes, tortures, psychological and mental torture, etc.

    Every child of Eire is a victim of the Roman Catholic cult with its indoctrination and mind control methods of Fear, guilt tripping, mental and psychological torture re sin and hell etc- which were all LIES designed to keep us under their control for life.

    I see the old people of Danu still living out their lives in Eire and elsewhere suffering Stockholm syndrome because they are unable to free themselves from the yoke of Roma and her men in dresses.

  12. I do not know Mrs Buckley.But seening her on tv and watching her behaviour made me feel very uncomfortable,got the impression she was not trustworthy. This is my opinion I could be mistaken.

  13. I wonder if it’s a case of “he/she who keeps silent is seen to consent”.

  14. No response to this now very public letter from Ms. Buckley as yet. Maybe the ‘Washing of the Feet’ should have extended to the eyes and ears. Was there not enough holy soap or holy water … oh hold on … the bishops were also washing their hands ….

  15. Derek ‘dont feel bad about mrs buckley . this women has visions of church leaders walking in the middle of the night. carrying tea to the starving survivers.i have read on here of boys being beaten by thier own perents for complaining about priests.its the kind of fear that can destroy a life. each case of abuse is personal. its no good compairing the industriel schools. its the abuse that is important.

  16. Wishing you well, Derek…and your words are so true. @Evin: would that we did have each other’s backs, but sadly we don’t. And there are too many out there purporting to ‘speak’ for survivors. They manipulate and abuse no less cruelly than the original abusers themselves. Perhaps a lesson learned too well? Derek deserved support as a ‘day student’ just as much as any residential student. Abuse is abuse…why must there be separate ‘camps’? Nothing about us without us.

  17. Ms Buckley’s arrogance is astonishing – to demean and belittle a victim of childhood abuse in such a despicable manner is beyond forgiving.

    Ms Buckley playing ‘footsie’- in the glare of the media – with the men in skirts only enabled those people to wash their hands like Pontius Pilate did of their culpability in child abuse.

  18. If we don’t have each other who do we have?

  19. The idea of sending priests from place to place has caused generations of children to have thier lives changed because of this. We all get on with our lives even though we dont feel entire.Part of us gets so hurt its printed on the brain forever.Christine b has had years of attention so she thinks of herself as healed but she isint’.When we were children in goldenbridge she always wanted to be one up on all the other kids in there but she was a child then. now she wants to be rid of the rest of us. she is used to the limelight.when its about abuse all we can do is survive it.its the fault of the whole organisation of the church and perents and the governments fault for ignoring complaints of such a serous nature.the popes and all the ones who decide.

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