€34m for groups sup­port­ing insti­tu­tional abuse sur­viv­ors

By Con­all Ó Fátharta


AN estim­ated €34 mil­lion has been provided to groups sup­port­ing vic­tims of insti­tu­tional abuse between 2001 and 2009

The latest report by the Comp­troller and Aud­itor Gen­eral, on the Depart­ment of Edu­ca­tion and Skills, found that a total of 11 sur­vivor groups (six based in Ire­land and five in Bri­tain) have received fund­ing in this period.

Between 2001 and 2009, the Depart­ment of Edu­ca­tion provided €11.6m to “sup­port groups in the pro­vi­sion of an inform­a­tion and refer­ral service”.

A fur­ther €16.7m was provided by the HSE to provide a range of ser­vices includ­ing pay­ment of rent, asso­ci­ated office costs and a con­tri­bu­tion towards the pro­vi­sion of an out­reach centre.

The Depart­ment of Health con­trib­uted €4.3m to provide “out­reach ser­vices in Bri­tain, fund­ing towards coun­selling refer­rals and sup­port ser­vices and office and accom­mod­a­tion costs.” The remainder of the fund­ing came from the Depart­ment of Envir­on­ment and the Depart­ment of For­eign Affairs.

The report high­lighted that the fur­ther fund­ing of one group, in par­tic­u­lar, was being examined.

“In the light of a recent HSE report, which found inad­equa­cies in gov­ernance arrange­ments in one group, the depart­ment is con­sult­ing with the HSE in light of the find­ings and fur­ther fund­ing of the organ­isa­tion is depend­ent on a sat­is­fact­ory out­come to this pro­cess,” said the report.

The report also made a recom­mend­a­tion that the effect­ive­ness of cer­tain aspects of the out­reach and sup­port provided to sur­vivor groups should be examined.

“At a suit­able junc­ture, it would be use­ful to exam­ine the effect­ive­ness of out­reach and sup­port provided to sur­vivor groups,” the report concluded.

The likely cost of the redress scheme for vic­tims of abuse in res­id­en­tial insti­tu­tions in now put at €1.1 bil­lion. The bulk of the con­tri­bu­tion of reli­gious con­greg­a­tions agreed with the state has been provided by way of cash or property.

While final title to 28 prop­er­ties is still being estab­lished, the trans­fer­ees are in pos­ses­sion of them and all but seven prop­er­ties have been brought into use.

This story appeared in the prin­ted ver­sion of the Irish Exam­iner Monday, Decem­ber 06, 2010

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  1. When i was in dublin i met some men survivers i thought thay should have been giving some where to live properly. the offices of these groups are very posh looking and cant help thinking thay could have used this money to build a place for them instead of paying rent.Instead of that thay were sad people living in temporary places. that wont help them to feel like poor relatives visiting the better off members.thay wouldnt need to be in the most expensive parts of dublin.the groups do .

  2. Hi Pauline Re your comment

    “the money would be bet­ter spent in help­ing towards independence”, I totally agree, you’re spot on, and as Paddy says The funded groups are well past their sell by date, its my opinion that most “Survivors” are getting more support from Paddy’s site and also ‘The Shame of Ireland’ website, than any of the funded groups claiming to represent us!

    will take this opportunity to wish Paddy and all Survivors and families

    A Very Happy Christmas and all the Very Best for 2011

    Best Wishes to all… Kay

  3. Your right David. All monies given to the various groups purporting to support ‘survivors’ is tax-payers/public money and as such we are ABSOLUTELY ENTITLED to know how much they got and how it was spent. That is an irrefutable fact. The HSE or the Government must make this information available if asked to do so. Paddy.

  4. Paddy surely the amount of 34 million euro (we haven’t got the euro sign on UK keyboards) given to groups supporting survivors has to be accounted for! I would lovwe for an audit to be carried out and for group leaders to explain (a breakdown) of how they spent the money, for what purposes etc. It seems an awful lot for a period of eight years.

  5. Hi to all

    Please use link below to vote for Paddy Doyle to rep­res­ent “Sur­viv­ors”


    Nom­in­a­tions have also star­ted for Kath­leen O’Malley
    to act along­side Paddy, both to act on our behalf to be “Our Voice” in all deal­ings with the Irish Gov­ern­ment!

    To vote Please visit ‘Shame of Ire­land’ using the fol­low­ing link


    Many Thanks Kay

  6. Paddy,
    Each morning at dawn, here in the Imperial Valley where the farmers grow the vegetables for the Country. I hear a farmer shoot at the swarms of birds which “I liken to ourselves” shot while trying to get to the seed, (compensation), to survive. They lie dying and dead in the fields as the vulture hawks (Groups) circle above before decending and feeding on the carcasses. This is how I see the disgraceful disposition being acted out before the eyes of the world. Paddy, it is time to open the pandora box. Expose the Vultures.

  7. I’ve no idea whatever how many ‘survivors’ were helped by money given to the various groups. If any of the various groups around the country would like to pass this information to this website I will be happy to post it. Paddy.

  8. It would be interesting to see just how many Survivor’s were helped in any way by these massive amount’s given to these various Group’s?
    Perhaps all member’s of this great site of Paddy’s, and Shame of Ireland also,would be kind enough to post their answer’s here, so we might in fact see for ourselves!!


  9. the compensation scheme was a farce from the very beginning. The so called solicitors were never fighting for the survivors by toeing the guideline enforce by the redress board.seems like everybody else has access to the monies except for the survivors whose compensation was minimal in comparison to the suffering and still suffering. I’m married to one of seven siblings who were institutionalise. One brother is dead unable to cope with the mental pain,one is living on the street and the rest on permanent medication. two went to the redress board and got more abused and the rest did not want to go after that. Now that there’s recognition of the wrong through the Ryan’s report where additional funds are made available,the vultures start coming out instead of making right the wrong. If the monies are meant for the suffering then give it to them instead of dreaming of scheme where most likely be unaccounted for. Millions has disappeared while the survivors got pennies. Do the right thing as the suffering are still suffering.

  10. Now the so called Irish government must see to that reparation monies be not put at risk and diverted away from the victims. There is a moral aspect to this issiue as well, knowing that the behaviour of so called groups has been less than satisfactory and still are adamant in not respecting the wishes of the victims. I live on the European mainland and do not wish to be any part of any group who purport to speak for me. I have no use for these groups in my life. Disperse these monies to victims and let them go in peace.

  11. most of the services offerd are already in existance for everybody. none of them are qualified so thay can only refere people to people who are. Sally in her comments says that survivers who go to the Irish centre also go to other groups but we all need to get on with our lives.the money would be better spent in helping towards independence. if its just keeping these offices open then the only people who benifet are those who work there. and thats been going on for a long time.its an awful lot of money for a facade

  12. Thank you Paddy
    It seems to me ,a lot of attention is being paid to how, the so called groups who SUPPOSEDLY represent us, can be continuously funded and none to the people who really MATTER us SURVIVORS,Disband them I say, thank you. keep well and happy Christmas to you.

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