Funds for victims of abuse

On 2010-06-02, in Child Abuse, by Paddy

Letter to The Irish Times 02 June 2010


It is time for all organisations in this country that have received monies from either the State or religious bodies in relation to the child sex scandals to give a public accounting of how much funds each has received, why they received them, and how these funds have been dispersed. – Yours, etc,
Seriously concerned at number of organisations


Co Dublin.


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  1. dead man walking says:

    very much agree with you mary . best wishes to you

  2. Mary Ward says:

    The whole world knows that every little child who was seriously abused in Irish Child Industrial Reformatories will have suffered lasting damage, all of us struggled to survive in our adult lives mostly alone without help from anyone staying silent about out childhoods not even telling our own wife’s, husband’s ,or our own children not ever hinting, I used to change my name often , I floated through my adult life being whatever anyone wanted me to be or what I thought they wanted me to be , Not one person knows who I am to this day and that goes for my children,I have NO background , No Roots , I was very cross enraged and upset when I had a look on the site alliance support or went into goldenbridge in the late 1960’s and later when it was a totally different place Christine Buckley’s very words ie no longer an Industrial Reformatory they all went out to the national school for a start and that she decided to stay on there to go to college ,Tom Haye’s take that off your site .No survivor should be treated like that.We must stick up for each other.

  3. It’s not the newspapers but someone who wrote to them. So thanks a lot you deserve a medal as we have been saying that for a long time. but you have been heard . Another medal

  4. patrick bentley says:

    well thanks for your reply paddy..and i will put that point to him if there was a way for you both to talk well that would only serve the good in my opinion..any common ground is better than no ground..point taken on the compo thing..never crossed my mind people in other countries would not understand what the word means.

  5. Paddy says:

    I understand what “compo” is as explained in a previous reply and in fact I like the word. Bear in mind though that this site is read in countries around the world who wouldn’t understand the meaning of “compo”. It’s no big deal. As to what are the differences between myself and Mr. O’Brien, I don’t know. The man has never spoken to me though I’ve tried to talk to him. It sounds childish and it is childish but there you have it. Perhaps you would consider directing your question to Mr. O’Brien. Paddy.

  6. Martha says:

    Let’s start with our so-called government. The “mob” in power have a lot to answer for; they’re squandering public monies around like its the own cash.

    Then again, the Irish public are a very generous (read PASSIVE) lot, aren’t they!

  7. Andrew says:

    This call to accounting has been a constant theme over a number of years now and still the powers-that-be have ignored the calls – it has even emerged that at least one group has received funds from Religious Orders known to the Ryan Report … perhaps because this was their (and the Government’s) way of controlling these groups and silencing the voices of abuse victims.

  8. patrick bentley says:

    i agree at lest this will sort alot of the muddle and back stabbing which is going on….ps just to note paddy about a point you put to me about using the word means the same as compensation which i cant spelling is bad as you will notice..can i ask you something paddy..what is the diffrents between what you want for survivors and what mr o brian you agree on any points….

  9. Paddy says:

    The writer of this letter is to be complimented. It’s long past the time when all organisations claiming to represent people who were abused gave a very public account of the amount of funding they have received and what has happened to these funds. Those of us who were abused and the taxpayers of this country have a right to answers.