A Journey of Light

“A Journey of Light”

The proposed design reinforces the importance of State vigilance in protecting its most fragile members. It is not an attempt to find closure following the revelations of traumatic cases of child sexual abuse in Ireland. The proposal creates a fluid progression between The Garden of Remembrance, which commemorates those who died for the cause of Irish freedom, with a memorial dedicated to the young victims of abuse.

The Garden of Remembrance is composed of a sunken cruciform shape six foot below ground level with limestone walls, a large bronze sculpture of The Children of Lir on a podium and reflection pool along its main axis. The pool has mosaic patterns depicting the Celtic tradition of breaking weapons and casting them in a river to signify the end of hostilities. A cross axis links the forecourt of the Hugh Lane Gallery to the master-plan arrangement of the Rotunda Hospital.

The proposed design is an ordering principle originating where the axes intersect in the centre of the cruciform. The new geometry diverges to create a passageway through the existing podium steps and continue in line with the Irish flag to form a succession of spaces. The composition includes fossilised limestone walls and paving with a clearly defined forecourt entrance and a pedestrian crossing with semi-mature plane trees. This ensures the spirit and intent of the Parnell Square Framework Plan (2005) is respected. A universal design approach is applied to meet the needs of all users and level access is provided throughout the site for the first time.

Central to the design is the element of water which gently cascades over steel plates, symbolising the industrial schools in which many of the abuse cases occurred. The flowing of water represents a healing force for the victims and encourages calmness and contemplation in the viewer. The scale and proportion of the spaces conform to the needs of children and adults.

On behalf of the State and of all citizens of the State, the Government wishes to make a sincere and long overdue apology to the victims of childhood abuse, for our collective failure to intervene, to detect their pain, to come to their rescue.

The State apology will be inscribed in English and Irish at a child’s eye level on the walls, and in Braille on a bronze plaque at the base of the water feature. An aperture placed below the flag directs a shaft of light to the centre of the inter-connecting space, acknowledging the ethereal sculpture above. A bronze bell inscribed on the floor recalls the conclusion of the legend- the ringing of a bell and transformation of the swans back to an aged human form. While the Children of Lir sculpture signifies rebirth and resurrection, it is simultaneously a representation of lost innocence and a vanished childhood.

The proposal compliments the historical setting and centripetally draws in a number of iconic sites within the context. Its auditory, tactile, visual and spatial elements offer a harmonious sensory experience which suggests a movement forward, while deeply inscribed by the knowledge of past events. Above all, it is an ethical link to the sacred ground of the State and a constant reminder that the abuse of our children must never happen again.

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  1. Thanks Paddy for the information about the site

  2. Mary Collins

    Hi Teresa.

    I knew all the women in the laundries at peacock lane. So your grandmother suffered the same torture abuse and slavery. The last women to be buried in the mass grave was my mums friend Mary Ellen she was buried in 1997 before that Bridget was buried in 1990.I would have known your grandmother I visited the laundries true out my childhood. It haunts me today.

  3. too many memories too look at that monument
    i see to many crosses in school graveyards to me they are monuments enough.shame on the new committee ,one thing i learned is EVERYONE HAVE A PRICE.

  4. Hi pauline you are so right but then Fathers never had rights to even see his child be born because of this religion and their beliefs. The Religion had the rights all given to them by the Irish Government, no matter what backgrounds these religious nutters came from.
    It was never about the so called dark ages the High society of Ireland claim, as this was tried to be used by Government Media and all high society, it was to THEIR SHAME NO MATTER THE AGE TIME OR PLACE AND IT IS THEIR DARKNESS OF THEIR ATTITUDE TO THE POOR THAT CAUSED THIS CATASTROPHE

  5. On many occasions the media always read out some of the comments on those who suffered a public disaster on the tv but here the Media could fill their boots with honest down right truths of how survivors feel yet NOTHING

  6. What about the fathers . did thay have a say in the adoption of thier children.!!!!!!!.There is a problem in that religion is all about what men think of womens role in life. Since women know themselves what thay should do but are blocked out by order of the church leaders its going nowhere. of course the laundrys made profits as did the industriel schools being run on minumum budgets but buying property.

  7. frank o'shea

    I see in this history the true ethos of the catholic church – a hatred of women.

  8. Pauline the laundries existed for profit only. My mum was sent from a hospital to the laundries for the first ten years they were locked in there room. And big pad locks were on every bedroom door. In 1970 they stopped locking these women in there room.The ladies in the laundries told me what went on.I was even told my mum received shock treatment while she was there.My mum was forced to sign the adoption papers for my younger sister to be adopted she refused they told her if she signed the papers she can start seen me. This is how I ended up in the laundries as a child. The Irish government has not contacted me are my sister to hear are stories. O a memorial will be placed in Dublin with all the women that have died. As daughters of a mother in a mass grave we want her removed and buried somewhere else so there will no longer be any reminders of the evil we suffered.We be contacting solicitors. This women who spent twenty seven years has children, grandchildren, and a great granddaughter. We have all been hurt and let down by the Irish Government.

  9. Thanks Paddy. Your a gentleman. God Bless. Mary

  10. The first laundrys were installed in 1765. That means that for all those years no one seems to know how many women went there But surely the number of so called women prisoners was very high for such a small country in those days. As for prostitutes i dont think thay went there. in danger of losing her verginity as a reason to imprison a young girl is really about as cruel as can be done.

  11. Thanks Mary, I’m delighted my website was a means by which you got to hear those ‘magic word’ in the Dáil. I do the best I can to keep people informed. My best wishes and take care. Paddy.

  12. Hi Paddy.

    Thanks to your website I made it to the Dial to hear those magic words that is meant to help us to get on with are lifes. The families and the children of these women weren’t mentioned. So Pleased for all the women that are alive but the deceased women s families were all ex culled. My fight goes on my mum is in a mass grave and she dose not count to the Irish government. When everyone heard the words sorry they left to talk to the media. Which I found very disrespectful to the women who are dead

  13. The suffering of these places will never leave our minds. Letterfrack and Danguin branded most of us. Our bodies and minds received the mark of the Christian Brother Beasts. My life is a living nightmare of the times there. There are also those sentenced there who were just as bad as the Bastards who were meant to look after us.I feel these should also be named and shamed. I will take the nightmares of the Frack to my grave and no compensation or people saying sorry will ever make up for what I went through. I left Hells School affter nearly six years only to carry it in my mind for as long as I live. Those who mattered knew as those today only want it ti go away, Sorry these places will live in infamous history. A history that will live forever and be passed down so people will never forget and in some cases never forgive. Forgiveness is for God to do.

  14. As a girl of 13 years I was in Kilmacud Dublin then High Park when I ran away I was put In Sean McDermot Street. YES recently When i hear people talk about the Launderies I have to pull my car into the side of the road as it reminds me of when I was in these places. It just breaks my heart. God bless

  15. What is so wrong here is that the Government are trying yet again to cut and divide the reasons for the ladies being put in these places, but what the Government are failing to see is that they are again guilty of not taking the responsibility of running the Country but relying on the Religious who are SUPPOSED TO BE OF GOD and financed by the Irish people AFTER THEY PAID THEIR TAXES to put women and children in these places for punishment or some sort of crude welfare, health care. It is like making a soup and picking out the bits they do not like.
    Look this whole thing is one of the same thing NO PICKING AND CHOOSING, You the Irish Government failed to Govern this Country, you created POVERTY and PUNISHED those in POVERTY leaving these ladies and children to the filthy hands of Religious LUNATICS, with no experiences, no qualifications, no police checks. In other words you let the INSANE run ALL INSTITUTIONS to save the taxes for yourselves and your own businesses of the past so you lot did not fall into POVERTY YOURSELVES.
    The Church has NO BUSINESS RUNNING STATE INSTITUTIONS OF A DEMOCRATIC STATE, it is even written in their manual they call a bible.
    MONEY has been the narrow minded views of a poor Government they have no heart for people and this is why they destroyed thousands of lives. Because they could not find solutions to their own bad politics so they used the RELIGIOUS FOR THE WHOLE ANSWER TO THEIR PROBLEMS THAT WERE ALSO PAID BY THE PEOPLE OF IRELAND THINKING THE MONEY WAS GOING TO GOOD AND PROPER USE.

  16. Thanks for that M. Can you identify for me what you see as the problem. I will of course be happy to do what I can to remedy it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Paddy.

  17. Authour D.Linster

    Hi Paddy
    Again thankyou for your posting you have been a great service to the survivors cause.

    Great to see our brothers and sisters at last getting a little bit of justice who were in the magdalens laundries although sadly it will be a long way short of getting what they should be getting but for alot of these ladies who have been so abused by religious orders and the Irish state but recognition for what has happened to them in there childhood and for all of the put downs they have experienced even now if they were only to receive a penny piece from how they were treated this would be a mega victory to have beaten and over come all of the hurdles that has been placed in there way by these criminals who knew better and now to get the Irish priminster disgracing the state of Ireland by the lack of his courage to make the statement that is so over long due i on the behave of state of Ireland that is the right thing to do that is what a sivilized christian priminster would do how dare he shame us did these people not have any education in knowing from right from wrong its very hard to believe that such evil could have been administrative and state being part of that allowing these nutters to carry out sadist brutality to there fellow human beings it is now time for the state to send in the sheriff to the church of rome who was the masters of these evil people they should be made to pay the bill in full and the not the tax payer of Ireland they should pay apart but the church of rome is where the book should stop.

    of course the bethany home have not yet managed to get over the line to be considered human we are still battering on of course we have won the argument but the government civil servant are doing everything that is in there power to stop the bethany home people being treated like Irish citizens but they are now running out of hiding places for there bank rupted effort in stopping us getting justice we will keep on til we do there lies and deception wont save them.

  18. The template you are using does not seem to maintain the layout as well as the previous version. MM

  19. Paddy thanks for been there and your support. Lets hope information is passed on to me in time for me to get a flight . Thanks Paddy again.

  20. Will groups in both Ireland and in the UK please take note of this lady’s wish to be involved in issues concerning Magdalene women. According to the Irish Government a full debate of the Magdalene Women report will take place two weeks from now. That will happen in Dáil Éireannn (The Irish Parliament). Paddy.

  21. Hi Paddy.

    I am very upset as you know I don’t live in Ireland. Yesterday I was aware the report was coming out it was a difficult day for me. I do believe Justice for Magdalene, Steve o Riordain group were all present.They have excluded me in every way. The London group was also in Ireland did they inform me no. As you known I have been fighting for my mum and family which were detained in the laundries and sent there from a hospital to slave in the laundries for twenty seven years . They say these groups are representing all that is incorrect.Does anyone know when the debate and question with the government will be taking place. I want to be present to represent my family and fight there case.

  22. Hi:

    They don’t dominate everything with hateful Nazi flags, or pretend the only blame lies with the allied forces for not rescuing the inmates, while ignoring the crimes committed by the those who controlled and implemented Hitler’s murderous plan.

    I hope no one misinterprets part of the reference above as an occasion where someone is agreeing with the former U.S. President, George W. Bush who during his second visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem in 2008 said

    “We should have bombed it.”

    I think he obviously must have made shorter statements without the word “should” above on more occasions.

    Unfortunately reference above does not go far enough as I feel it does not condemn the many nation states and organisations who saw and sought benefit by remaining either proactive or neutral while such atrocities were perpetrated and so supported the then status quo.

    Holocaust memorials do not deny the pain and suffering of the victims
    in order to cover up the guilt of the perpetrators. Many of them are in former death camps in Germany, so there must have been plenty of Germans who wanted to take the cowardly apologist denialist approach of the proposed Irish design.

    The same death camps were also the resting place of many Germans who opposed Hitler and I am not aware of any memorial specifically to them. So does history repeat itself in the sense that all victims in Ireland were also not treated equally – and for example the Magdalene’s and other minority religious victims remain denied their position and so excluded.

    Nazi war criminals were also hunted down and brought to trial. Those that were not kept hidden from international law enforcement by the Vatican rat run to South America.

    Some were not, as they were perceived to provide some form of value to the occupying authorities of all political flavours.

    One other suggestion, a room or section where those who are confident they will not be triggered can go to hear the recorded voices of victims tell their own stories. So that our voices are heard in perpetuity, drowning out the self serving, sanctimonious protests of those who want to silence us.

    Could the “Echos of Silence” possibly not the best possible response, reflecting the way in which justice was denied, delayed or even managed so as to be deleted. The voices of the victims, will presumably be limited to a minority in that I understand the recent forum set up to manage justice fr victims ensured that theri silence was part of the purchase. I understand that due to this, it would for example,exclude Paddy Doyle. I think the right to voice the truth about the particular circumstances would be retained only to those who have managed to retain the legal freedom as prescribed under the terms of settlement set out as a deliberate strategy by the Irish Government. This assumably means only a minority will have an ability to put their voice to their experiences.

    I believe the concept mentioned above can be expressed in more appropriate formats and in more suitable platforms to ensure the widest audience so society might potentially benefit from these ongoing and as yet not fully concluded misdeeds of collusion between the State and societies who contrived together to benefit from exploitation right up till the last closure in 1996. I think the principles of justice in Ireland have not and apparently will never be met as: it is necessary because the public nature of proceedings deters inappropriate behaviour on the part of a court; it maintains public confidence in the administration of justice; it enables the public to know that justice is administered impartially. In addition it can result in evidence becoming available which would not become available if the proceedings were conducted behind closed doors or with one or more of the parties’ or witnesses’ identity concealed.

    However, to my mind the above benefits have been eroded if not excluded by the offer of a smooth and quick route to justice in the form of a tribuneral for victims to gain access to the relatively paltry sums negotiated (in comparison to court awards) behind their closed doors rather than exposed in open court for all to hear and see and realise to what purpose why their taxation is being forfeited for the mistakes made in our name.

  23. Holocaust memorials are a good example of what can be achieved.

    They don’t shy away from explaining the horror of what was experienced. They don’t dominate everything with hateful Nazi flags, or pretend the only blame lies with the allied forces for not rescuing the inmates, while ignoring the crimes committed by the those who controlled and implemented Hitler’s murderous plan.

    Holocaust memorials do not deny the pain and suffering of the victims in order to cover up the guilt of the perpetrators. Many of them are in former death camps in Germany, so there must have been plenty of Germans who wanted to take the cowardly apologist denialist approach of the proposed Irish design.

    Nazi war criminals were also hunted down and brought to trial. Those that were not kept hidden from international law enforcement by the Vatican rat run to South America.

    One other suggestion, a room or section where those who are confident they will not be triggered can go to hear the recorded voices of victims tell their own stories. So that our voices are heard in perpetuity, drowning out the self serving, sanctimonious protests of those who want to silence us.

  24. voiceless Victim.

    Your a brave soul my heart is broken women and children abused and left to deal with the emotional scars. No monument with out a proper apology for the families and women that were in the laundries.Irish government you have left me down again.I have a photo of my mum with the nuns in black that is the only memory I have of her.There is alot of sadness and pain who cares no one. Paddy thanks for letting me have my say.

  25. This design is an obscenity.

    Which genius thought that an aggressive symbol of church dominance was a good motif to apply to a what pretends to be a celebration of the survival of innocent children brutalised and violated by perverts with unlimited power.

    And where is any acknowledgement of the key role of church officials in the rape, torture and slavery of thousands of innocent children they pretended to protect and cherish? Where is any mention of their guilt, of the blood on their hands, the very hands that should never have been allowed to touch those tiny bodies? Where is the reference to the cover-up, the lies and the re-abuse?

    This monument is part of the cover up itself. It is low to the ground, but it should be under the ground, along with the dead bodies of children they murdered, and the truth itself.

    The insistence on peace and calm is part of the cover-up. How can we find peace and calm without an honest acknowledgement of the crimes committed against us? How can we find peace and calm while their names are protected, they are not in jail, and not satisfied with turning the Redress Board into a new form of abuse, now want to re-abuse victims with this atrocity?

    A couple of suggestions. A listing of institutions and offenders so their infamy and crimes are exposed in public.

    A listing of victims names so the scale of the offending is acknowledged, and each victim is publicly acknowledged as an innocent, undeserving of the foul crimes committed against them. Pseudonyms for those who don’t want their real names listed.

    Symbols of church power such as a cross or an altar broken and trampled underfoot to demonstrate that they are utterly undeserving of any respect.

    And if church officials or apologists have a problem with that, well maybe they shouldn’t have raped quite so many innocents. Or profited quite so much from the neglect and slave labour of children and defenceless women.

  26. Is this another RULE by the minority for the Majority? that survivors HAVE TO ACCEPT? A RELIGIOUS SHRINE?
    Christine Buckley please I dare you to write your views here on Paddy Doyles site or the Shame of Ireland because you are one of the minority as well as Mr. Barry of the old Right of Place who claims to have spearheaded this pile of religious dung heap. So please write where ALL survivors can see your personal views on this. You seem so happy holding it with the even more greedy Cats but I would love to see behind that smile. the photograph is on the shame of ireland for those who never seen the photo, of Minister Quinn Buckley and company.
    If this is to represennt all survivors they have the names and addresses please please please do it right and see the answer for yourselves, the MAJORITY ARE AGAINST THIS RELIGIOUS FILTHY SHRINE

  27. Hi Paddy are video links in relation to subject matter not allowed I ask this is the best possible way as I have put links on here and they are not there, please refresh me I believe you had already explained, but it is I who cannot remember. Very Best wishes for the New Year Paddy and thank you kind sir for all the work you do here and the time it took and takes to keep a site like this up and running, I have recommended this site as part of good research into social issues and many people have benefitted through the experiences. Lets hope one day they can all do the decent thing and write to those that matter or can help survivors get the justice they all deserve. Thank you Paddy Doyle for another great year of supporting survivors views highest respect Paddy regards Robert

  28. Pleased Christmas is over its a very hard time for many survivors. My mum spent twenty seven years in a laundry she was a mother the same way Mary is the mother of Jesus she didn’t get locked up because she was poor and living in a stable.The questions I want to ask the catholic church how come it states in the bible that its not a sin to be poor. My mum was poor you stole her children and locked us all away we suffered horrendous abuse and live with the scars that you cant erase from the mind. Holy Ireland you all prayed at churches all over Ireland yesterday the day my poor sister committed suicide. Why she was abused and had her family taken away from her by the Irish state. To this day I will fight on for my mum who is in a mass grave which I cant visit.

  29. 1. Does anyone know the outcome if any of the drug tests in the industrial schools yet?
    2. I only hope the Magdalene laundry ladies get their well due compensation and payments for unpaid work, as I also hope those who worked hard as children get their money too for unpaid work ” child labour”
    3. children’s referendum WHAT NO F…EN WAY after what this Government covered up????

  30. How is it legal for the Education minister to charge survivors out of the lousy 110 million for something they the government robbed children of in the first place????????
    It is not thats what.
    Minister Quinn you cannot do this legally it is robbery of the most vulnerable.

  31. Well right of place you had your first chance when you abused survivors that tried to speak up. You robbed survivors of a lot of money, organising lavish lunch and parties for your own little click and your families.As for second chance your a bunch of bully boys who should be given no chance at all. Well at last women are chairing the meeting why because no one is listening to the bully boys who are a bunch of cheats and criminals stay well clear.By the way who is the sunshine foundation are they meant to bring sunshine into are lives is this another organisation making money from survivors.

  32. Meeting in Kerry on Saturday 10th November for all survivors of industrial abuse. We are looking for support to vote a NO Confidence in the Board of Directors of Right of Place Second Chance and also are calling for an EGM to be held. Maurice O’Connell & Mary Donovan will be chairing this meeting and there will be a representation from Sunlight Foundation there also. Please come and support us.

  33. just look at all the top people like the bbc in london.gread for money that they let children be abused so they could gain.now they will pay for there crimes.you big people are falling.small price for all the hurt.

  34. the abusers should be prosecuted.why should they get away with rape and torture off thousands off children.justice has not been done.and ireland can not be aloud to get off with there crimes.children have died and were in slaved.and now they steal the money that was meant for survivors.what a shit lot off people you are.

  35. ireland should be shamed. and names brought.

  36. after talsking to about 100 survivors from ireland living in london we have come to the dission that enough is enough it time to name and shane our abusers fron minsters to bishops to police cheifs and and reverence mothers we have your names and are goying to publish them in the public domain ie internet twiter face book if you want to stop us take us to court if you dare but you shame will show it face opon you ther is no place to hide now we had it from our abusers as children and adults you made sing our rights away for pennys like judas betraing his belifes but your money will not save you lot now and a sertin minster in education your name is on the list

  37. i agree Mary. well said!


    If this so called Government in power can do this then they must step down to vote of no confidence for the Irish People.
    To prove there is no healing in place we must confront the Groups the Religious and the Government in a court of Law. Because it is so so obvious this Government has not paid anything for their part toward the damage they have done to survivors.


  41. Well well we must apply online? I made it known on classic 4 fm the treatment of all Government, Religious, and Groups, I broke down though I thought I would be strong,
    The Education Minister has put Education fund top of the agenda once again, I just wonder where that moneyy to meet the cost goes? yes all the people guessed rightly THE EDUCATION OFFICE ITSELF TO PAY WHAT THEY ARE ALREADY GETTING PAID FOR THIS COUNTRY’ FUTURE. The only difference here is that survivors qualify for education at no other costs as they were left out in the first place to the shame of the Governments handling on education for children and women that men and women fought for in this country. This Education Minister has cheated those women and Children yet again so this is a double insult to those who fought and died for human rights and equaL RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE. If those who fought for our rights as Irish citizens came back I just wonder what they would say to this cheating scoundrel and the rest of this party? Mr. Quinn TD you are charging the survivors for the education they were supposed to have as Irish Citizens in the first place, this would not have broke the main Education fund for the whole of Ireland as there were only 18000 ( Claimed to have come forward) and most of these people you are cheating out of their welfare conditions by taking this money to fund the education board you are guilty of stealing yet again from the very same women and children their compensation for the same damage you and your office has caused. How can you and your Party call your selves an Irish political Party? NO WAY, YOU ARE STEALING FROM THE IRISH PEOPLE,. THAT SIR IS NOT POLITICS IT IS A CRIME AGAINST THE IRISH PEOPLE, MORE SO SINCE YOU FAIL TO RECOGNIZE THE DAMAGE YOU CAUSED THESE WOMEN AND CHILDREN SHAME ON YOU SIR FOR INSULTING THE FREEDOM MEN AND WOMEN FAUGHT FOR, DEMOCRACY YOU SIR AGREED WITH THIS DICTATORSHIP THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH AND PROTECT THEM AGAIST THE PEOPLE. I HOPE THIS FILTH WILL BE WRITTEN ON YOUR GRAVE STONE AND THAT OF YOUR PARTIES WHO REFUSE TO PROPERLY HEAL AND SUPPORT THE IRISH PEOPLE WHOS RIGHTS YOU ABUSED

  42. Miriam well done you have described the way I feel. The only difference the Irish government does not think of us why should they. When they were born with a silver spoons hanging out of their mouths what life skills do they process none. Just look at ministers in the dial survivors have more brains then that lot. Look at all the money they have wasted on groups and solicitors no wonder the country is in such a state. They would never understand the under dog in society do they understand the poor – disabled – homeless – hungry and the drunk on the street no so how can they understand survivors who were abused.

    Irish government you imprisoned my mum for twenty seven years when you finished with her you put her in a mass grave and I am told to deal with it.

  43. Hi Every one, The government are advertising for vacancies on the statutory trust fund! any one wantig to apply can log on to http://www.publicjobs.ie or email info@publicjobs.ie and request for information regarding vacancies at the statutory trust fund and they will send you the application form link, you can only apply on line ONLY and the dead line for applying is this friay the 5th/10/12 they did not give people much time and its not in any of the news papers.

  44. Miriam Moriarty Owens


    On the 9th of May 1999
    Betrie Ahern apologised without a tear in his eye
    for the cruelty and the suffering the children of Ireland who
    suffered horrific abuse in the institutions run by the so called religious orders
    He made a promise that day
    It would never happen again
    This is what I feel the government of Ireland still think of us today.

    – —————————————————-

  45. Hi Cathriona and all the survivors that tell the truth. What hurts this happened to us and were all been ignored blame all groups and solicitors they helped to set up these groups. Look at the groups for the laundries there are using the inter national committee to get funding for there benefit. lLike you Cathriona I wont give up.Lately I find it very hard to visit paddy’s website as It makes me burn up with rage. I said before my mum story and my abuse when I visited my mum is buried with her. Another thing I was advised to apply to the council to have my mum exhumed and told this would solve my problem with her been in a mass grave how dare anyone suggest this to me. It would drive me insane. The stupid catholic church and the educated men in the Dail caused these problems. No to the monument until my mum and these ladies are heard

  46. politics involved and money


  48. Its awfull to be feeling in danger by people who are supposed to be surporting the ex inmates of these institutions.When the memorial was mentioned on here i thought it might be a good idea. But now i understand that the whole country was riddled with those places.In Ireland there has been such violence. But the government should have known that there were an awful lot of young girls being imprisoned both in the industriel schools and the laundrys some babys in there for life.Unable to live thier own lives.the whole of society needs to know how to care for children who are not in sin but normally born. punishing doesnt help development education does. perenting is very important and sometimes can be learnt

  49. you cant quite us all. stories will start to come out cant put every one to prison.lost all faith in ireland .

  50. hello Cathriona. certainly there are enough people about still who want crimes against humanity buried already and they use the usual tactics to silence anybody who is not like them but their efforts will continue to be all in vain and they lose.

  51. Hi every one, i’v a update on my email been hacked! i thought i’d be able to get my email back monday but as it turns out its not that easy at all, i have to prove i’m me and supply a lot of informatin to microsoft to try get my account back a gentle man is currently helpig me to retrieve my account and if that dont work i’ll be contacting the Gardai! cathrionabarker@msn.com is lost for now”BLOCKED”, so no point in any one emailing me at that address! Friday the 21st/9/2012 late evening time a car was parked behind a clutter of shrubbery at the front of my house! which appeared to be watchng my house because strangely when i went to close the window the car took of fast! now last friday between the hours of 4pm and 6pm my email account was hacked! I’m a threat to having a investigation in to the operation of a support group for survivors of irelands hell holes, that group i’m on about can be identified by comments that i’v wrote about here in the past!!! “read between the lines!” Even if i get my account back its not nice knowing that some person out there has been reading your private emails and going trough your files all my contacts, its a invasion of ones privacy to the highest level. A person with a credit card and NO shortage of CASH can easily buy webhack soft ware and hack any bodys account, but there is usually bigger CASH at stake for a person to go to the trouble of buying gear to hack personal computers!!! Enough Said!!! Best Wishes to all Cathrona.

  52. has Ryan not been discredited?

  53. “Hi every one, i just want to make a point on here regarding a strange thing happening to me ever since i wrote negative comments on this page about a certain group, this evening i discovered my email account had been hacked! this was not just some sort of soft ware error or a simple mix up with microsoft, this is a malicious act against me “some body hacked me to find out (who) i’m emailing and (what) i’m emailing”. I Have reported the matter to the correct people and now i’v to wait until Monday to get my email account back! but not to worrie as i’v opened an other one to keep me going until Monday! “No body will stop me from making noise typing letters to lots and lots of people!!!” Best Wishes to all Cathriona.

  54. Thay never even got to walk freely outside. or to relax with friends. how are thay supposed to cope . ANd there are ladies buried now who spent thier entire lives in the institutions. from there to the laundrys to live in fear for thier sins. its tragic and it went on for a long time. its an important part of irish history. it shows whats behind smiles and more smiles.

  55. i spoke with some of the ladies from the magdelane laundry while at camden irish centre they have been going there for years all of them are elderly and wasting their money to get there. they dont get any help. my heart was broken for these ladies how were so soft and warm hearted .it make me hate all these groups of nasty people using the vunerable for their own needs.i really hope somebody good comes to our aid.and put a stop to all this.evil.

  56. I’m delighted that more and more Survivors are speaking out about those “alleged self appointed support groups!” whom are conning Survivors left/right/and/centred! “There game is up!” The dogs on the street know what there up to! I’v a bad dose of the flu so I’m not going to waste my energy writing about them, as we all know what and whom they are! Action speaks louder than words!!!

  57. Derek while you have the bully boys in cork office survivors will never unite. All groups should come under the same budget. The redress board sent statements of how much each solicitor was paided. The same should be done with the groups then maybe survivors might start trusting them.All you groups shame on you for excluding the magdelaine laundries all those years ago when I spoke up.

  58. We seem powerless because the groups dont care about what we think . thay are the ones who get quoted not any body else In all the news given out by the newspapers its allways the same persons opinion that thay write. With a photo to get the message across. Dont forget that the statutary fund was accepted by them during thier meetings as stated with members of the government. Thay must have noticed that it concerned only catholics. and that the magdelaine laundrys wasent settled.

  59. Autord , Derek Linster ,how can this go ahead when people like the Magdalens. Laundries& the & Protestian so call Bethany Home People Homes & Othersare not cover

    is it not time that all Survivors , Spoke with one voiteand & look out for all& not just for one slef


  60. your crimes will come back to haunt you.you nasty bunch off people.

  61. all thease groups and centers need to be clossed there only out to get what they can.by useing the survivors for there needs.camden irish centre is a rip off .poor old people been made a fool of.i i will never go there again.lies and more lies that is what you get.hope the lot of you get caught and punishrd for your crimes all our stories will be heard just wait and see.

  62. paddy,i have informed the survivors there at the center today as to your website.

  63. I went to the irish center in camden hoping to get some help as to housing,financial matter and updates of the statutory fund where it stated that they will be open day to the irish survivors.When i got there the place was done up lavishly with canteen and everything.
    I was bitterly disappointed that i was told they cannot help me with anything and has no updates on the statutory fund.
    At the center there was only a handful of survivors all of them elderly.When i spoke to them,none of them seems to be aware of the statutory fund or your website.Some of them have been coming to the center for years,spending their pension to get there and has not receive any help and advice and not even told of the statutory fund that has been set up.One elderly man was told to sit down and be quiet when he tried to speak out.
    These so called groups are just fraudulent and using all these survivors for their own benefits and all those poor elderly survivors just sat there quietly bribing them with their measly sandwiches believing these people are going to help them.
    I even overheard a woman who used to run the center before and was sacked discussing new funding for her new center,for computers and to keep her function for seven days a week,been agreed to by another leader who said that she could do that and to keep it between themselves.She handed her business cards to all the survivors there.I was totally gobsmacked listening to what was going on
    I went there with my other sisters and we left distraught at the thought of all these injustice going on and the lack of compassion of these so called groups setting up these so called centers for their own benefits.They are vultures and scums and i believe that the police should be call in to investigate these people.There is no justice and THE IRISH GOVERNMENT should be ashamed of themselves.That is where the tax payers money is spent on not for the survivors.

  64. Robert you touched my heart strings when you told us about your mum and aunties like you I am very angry. These women and there families have been ignored for years.As a child I stood alone with a secret I had a mum and must never mention her to the other children which I never did as she was classed as a disgusting women who was a bad egg and anyone else who was related to her. I have been fighting for years for my mum I even told doctors about her when I was very young women she is mentioned in my medical records.I even shared my story in the Dail with Kathleen lynch she showed sympathy for what my mum suffered but she didn’t give a shit,forgive my language she just took my story when I described the laundries and mentioned the drum that the nuns banged for my mother to come up to the parlow when I visited,She even told me she visits the laundry in peacock lane co cork ever so often and the drum I described was still there she is meant to be a women but she is fake since that meeting she has never been in touch with me now they say the dead women don’t count the ministers in the Dail should be put on trial for prolonging our suffering there all a waste of space.

  65. Paddy, for audio, download the app from here: http://audioboo.fm then record the interview while it’s still available. The Audioboo app will allow you to upload it to the internet where it will remain. Takes a bit of fostering to get the hang of it but it is easy to use after a brief practice.
    Once your recording is in place, just post the link to it here and anywhere else that may take your fancy.

  66. Many thanks Paddy you are a gentleman kindest wishes Robert, Mary thank you for your most valued views. you are so right Mary I just seen my mother for the first time early this year dead, the only time I got to see her ever in real life. just found out she and my aunts were in the Laundries too.

  67. Hi Robert.

    I like your comment it was never about the survivors if your not a member you get no information what so ever. What about the recovery approach where survivors are completely independent and help them self. Instead of large amounts of money spent on groups that make us all out to be week, vulnerable, and violent. If you survived the industrial schools you can survive anything. OK we carry pain with us and have needs. Are voices not heard were all been dictated by so called groups and government. I just been told today when it comes to the dead women in the laundries there families have no calm. Where is my mums wages of twenty seven years of slavery . Where is the compensation for a seven year old child that visited the laundries watched her mother not been able to communicate. The redress board never compensated me for that they said it not about your mother it about the beating you got in the home not your visit to the laundries and the abuse I suffered there. How can that die with her. I’m alive and so is her grandchildren this shit happened to me no one is accountable. This will never end maybe I give up and die just like my sister. Ireland shame on you.

  68. Anything you’ve sent me is usually posted. Resend what you say is ‘gone’ and I’ll have a look at it. Paddy

  69. Robert. Audio takes up a lot of space and may not be possible to add. Also most radio stations only leave audio on for a while then take it down. Secondly, I’d have to have the audio as you or anyone else cannot put it up. Paddy

  70. Anyway If all groups are for survivors then scrap all so called memberships every group get together and have one solid unit that unit being a VOICE FOR ALL SURVIVORS UNITY FOR SURVIVORS OR NOTHING.
    All groups should be pressing for the rights and healing of survivors otherwise I demand you close down now.
    It is about survivors not members it is about survivors not groups it is about survivors not cover ups
    it is about survivors not the religious
    it is about the survivors not the government
    it is about survivors not money
    it is about survivors not friends
    it is about
    It is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE for you on the wages you get and the limited staff ( ONE outreach DOING the work you claim to be doing in Cork) 18000 survivors to redress with the immense problems survivors have, it is totally impossible to fulfill their needs. 18000 survivors of this country and their families many large families. NO you have no right to make such claims. IMPOSSIBLE

  71. Paddy I have posted on here but it seems gone?

  72. I have complained outright on this monument to so many offices especially the Education ministers office they informed me that a lot of survivors have objected too but the Education office is standing firm.
    I put it to them that they are burying survivors ALIVE a symbol to us we will NOT BE HEARD,
    Did anyone hear the interview two weeks ago on classic 4fm? survivors braking down and their lines were packed solid with support, the Irish people are listening this will be the fall of this Government and the present Education Minister.

  73. Paddy How do we add a audio on here of an interview that had taken place between a survivor and classic 4fm?

  74. Mary Collins, I know only that I was poxed lucky not to have suffered as so many have. I know well how lucky an escape I had.
    That governments don’t give a shit is plain as day. Only an idiot sees otherwise.
    If it were up to me they’d all be six feet under, along with the poisonous, corrupting, murdering clergy.
    That won’t happen obviously, so keep yourself as well as you can and give a little trust to your higher power; if you can at all.

  75. Frank say Paddy’s books is the keg to the truth so is his wedsite it allowed me to voice my distress pain and anger that I carry with me today. There is no use saying were not children any more to be adult we need to address what happened to us in our childhoods how can we do that when the government is laughing at us. All the evident is there about the laundries there still making us suffer . It is very hard when no one has ever accepted responsibly for the abuse that was inflicted on my sister who is dead and my mother.The groups are all in it for profit and power give the women control.

  76. I read your book many years ago. I grew up every day with the wall of a magdalene laundry right in front of me. I was lucky.
    Your book was the key to a truth my mother was doubtful of because of her reverence for the men and women of the cloth, but she knew all about religious abuse before she died having also read it. Sad would describe her disposition as she hated liars, as do I.
    It is a pity that the police and the courts in this country remain under the political control of a thoroughly corrupt political system. It is why the abuse continues.
    There’s no easy solution but there are a lot of powerful people should have been put to the sword long ago.

  77. Many of us have been to the shrinks but memories dont change because of thhat. many of us are at an age when childhood comes back into focus. this happens to everybody who lives long enough. But ours are very differcult to live with. no memories of family life or parks or picnics by the sea ours are of dark places of pervert and the hate in the eyes of the nuns and the indifference of priests. why we had to go to confession at all i dont know but what could we confess to is still a mystery but so much harm done by so called moral guides is awfull. well now we have visions of terrable voilence all the time. that is what we have to age with so no it wont change. the ladies sent to these places lost thier children and thier lives were wasted in there.

  78. Pauline says what shall we do with the memories hunger and been abandoned well where meant to see a shrink. Which large amounts of money is wasted on the reasons are you can never erased from your mind are memory the horrendous abuse we all suffered. Unless you numb the brain with high cocktail of poisons drugs like they did two my mum two stop her screaming for her children and two keep her in line. This would suit the government then we will all be classed as insane two tell are stories. Why are we fighting two have the Magdalene laundries remembered there was a crime committed against them and there families maybe they were poor but who gave anyone the right two lock them up for life in a hell hole.There should be a monument for all the survivors that committed suicide that didn’t have the strength like my sister to go on.

  79. this must stop now. give the survivors real justice.

  80. yes can you bring back our dead family no you cant.we want justice and somebody to listen how cares.we dont want to suffer anymore.we just want to get on with what life is left .before it is to late. . fix your wrongs.

  81. survivors they call us by the time they are finish playing all there stupited games and control.there wont be much left to call survivors. ireland is the worse place in the world to get justice.people need to know what is going on and the truth needs all to come out.i have family dead because off these childrens homes and others how are barley alive.what justice did they get only the grave.

  82. we need justice and we need it now .people are suffering this has to stop.ireland wake up.

  83. a memoral for who. how many of us will ever see it it seems to be only for the survivers still in ireland. And we are not dead yet. what are we supposed to do with memories of pain hunger and feeling abandoned this isint fair to all of us. without internet we wouldnt even know it existed and the laundry workers arent even mentioned. where do thier children go to remember these ladies. some are far away from ireland. coming back to visit thier roots thay wont find them. so much disappointment is really heartless. weeping willows all the way around the cross would discribe things better. otherwise future generations might think that its to honour the catholic church for the work done in these prisons.

  84. hello Mary. we are the truth to be told

  85. Jack thanks for the above link.I have contacted them about my mum it in the hands of the police as well in /Ireland. The truth most be told.



  87. No monument should be erected without the acknowledgement of the Magdalene laundries and the Bethany homes. how can you expect my family to visit a monument that dose not represent the truth. There are women in mass graves all over Holy Ireland some with no headstone others like my mums grave with a concrete stone with many women’s names on.I feel very angry and abused all over no one is listening. They are dictating to us and were all been treated as idiots .

  88. Hi: I believe that any memorial in whatever form that this takes must be delayed until all currently known instances of abuse have been recognised, clarified, monetarised and apologised for by all relevant parties.

    To not do so, in my mind, shows a continuing reticence by the various governmental, religious and charitable organisations involved in these activities as either a refusal or an attempt to limit the intent of any apology and so the purpose of any memorial to complete a chapter in what can only be called one of the most dark undertones of Irish society.


  89. There are massive issues to be resolved,with the possibility of these issues being brought to the attention of the European Court of Human Rights, in which the various Survivors throughout the world have their grievances heard and addressed.

    These include the 15,000 that went through the RIRB, those that did not, but never the less need to be heard, the Magdalan Ladies, the Bethany homes ,AND the breachs of our Human rights by the RIRB,the gagging orders, with threats of more internment, and heavy fines, the high jacking of the finance designated to the Survivors from the Religious, by the State, to be turned into the STF, without the Survivors actually having a say in anything.
    When all these issues are taken on and addressed, in a proper manner, with something that resembles fair Justice for all, then, and only then , would be the correct time to look at the Memorial situation.

    Mr Flynn has a very valid point, in saying that the Government and Religious would seize on this as closure by the Abusers, the State, and Religious.

    Accountability ,truth, Justice and a fair hearing should be the priorty over anything else at this stage of our live’s , it is without doubt more about finding ways, honest and fair, to give all Survivors Closure.

    Many thousand’s of Survivors, living throughout the world, rightly deserve Justice, and proper redress, and not be treated with the contempt that is being shown by the current Government.
    It is simply further Abuse in our elder years!

  90. The same abusers, their religious orders’ superiors and the hierarchy also thought that the Taoiseach’s ‘apology’ meant closure. They also thought the despicable Indemnity Deal meant closure. They also thought the Reports of the Child Abuse Commission (including the Ryan Report) meant closure. But they were, at every turn, disabused of those notions by survivors. And survivors will not go quietly into silence because of this memorial – indeed we will re-double our efforts on behalf of those incarcerated and enslaved in Magdalene laundries and all those abused in the Bethany Homes.

    There is no power capable of making survivors responsible for what the congregations and hierarchy think.

  91. Readers of this website will know that I seldom comment on posts made here. On this occasion I feel it’s necessary to point out to Councillor Flynn that there is not one single person I’ve met who doesn’t believe that women who were so awfully treated in Magdalene Laundries shouldn’t be remembered just as those of us who were abused in Industrial Schools. Likewise, I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t believe that those people who were so traumatised/abused in the Bethany homes shouldn’t be remembered. A Memorial to both Magdalene Women and to people who were in the Bethany Homes should be a priority for this or any future government.
    In the case of the Memorial to people abused while in Industrial Schools Councillor Flynn seems to overlook the fact that this is a recommendation of the Ryan Report – The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse.

    I support an investigation into the suffering of women incarcerated in Magdalene Laundries just as I support an investigation into what went on in the Bethany Homes. This website has always been receptive to comments made by both groups and it will continue to be a voice for them as long as they want to use the site.

    The abuse suffered by children in any institution is abhorrent and is not something that should be made a ‘political football’ of. Paddy.

  92. there can be no peace in Ireland without real justice

  93. On the agenda for the monthly meeting of Dublin City Council this evening.

    COUNCILLOR MANNIX FLYNN Received: 24/02/2012
    Replaced: 22/06/2012
    That this Council calls on the current government to delay proceeding with a monument to victims of abuse as recommended by the Ryan Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, until such time as the many unresolved, uninvestigated and outstanding issues concerning the abuses for which Irish society is responsible, in particular those affecting the Magdalene women, those who endured abuse in Bethany children?s homes and the many children who suffered horrendous abuse in day schools throughout the Republic of Ireland, are resolved.
    To proceed at this time with a Government sanctioned and financially supported artistic memorial before the said issues are addressed and redressed would inevitably be seized upon as closure by the abusers, their congregations and managements, and as a pretext for the evasion of accountability and truth by them and by the Irish State.

  94. “Reinforces the importance of State vigilance in protecting its most fragile members” and if so this seems to be too little and so late!

  95. yes indeed FXR. Jack Colleton (Smyly Homes Survivor)

  96. the protestant church abusers in Ireland need not sit there all smug for their crimes against thousands of innocent children in ‘care’ too will be known

  97. Welcome to the Irish Republic of Botched. It’s a vassal state of Rome since 1922.

  98. amy and caroline

    they dont care to bad to care.

  99. It is sad to think that after spending 500.000 euros on this memorial that for the majority of Irish abused children it is supposed to represent that there will not be an individual memorial for each institution where abuse and death took place of children in the name of Religion and Government, and the minority protestant abused people have got no consideration in it whatsoever. There are not many countries in the world that could be so reckless. A bunch of shrubs and trees doesn’t cut it for me. A Bethany Home survivor (excluded)

  100. looks like alot less survivors wanted the Statutory fund! “Also why am i not paid a government grant for helping my self?” .. a very good question Cathriona!

  101. Hi Paddy. I found right of place website it only represents a few survivors and there own little click of survivors.Its run by a bunch of people that mashed there way into the offices the police were even involved in cork. The ministers got scared and left them stay everybody in that office should have a police check and if they have any criminal record of violence they should not be working with vulnerable survivors they even have there own families working for them. And when it comes to education for survivors children they don’t qualify any more .Like years ago the Irish government were afraid of the catholic church there now afraid of certain survivors.The cork office should be closed down and so should there website.The bully boys hide behind Michele Walsh his new to there clan

  102. hello Cathriona! i am sure people here will be very interested in your messages. delighted to hear good news about your housing! help can come in unexpected ways! i used to write to ministers and others alot! i always had the usual 3 lines ‘reply’ from either themselves or their political secretarys. anyway one day i received a reply (a long one) from a minister and they spoke alot about housing (relative to my then problem). the spelling mistakes or typos were interesting as too was the grammar! well it was not long afterwards that my then housing problem was sorted in a way that was unexpected! self empowerment Cathriona!

  103. Michael says Val Roarke is the outreach Manager he was Noel Barry’s assistant when he was in office.He couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.The cork office should be closed down what a waste of money.

  104. Hi Cathriona.
    Please waste no time on the group in cork they can barely help themselves are represent survivors .There a bunch of bully boys who like power and want control they will remain the victims if your a strong women they wont like you the women hide in the background when it comes to the cork office, you see they are gaining from the survivors there just waiting to get there hands on the trust fund. If the cork group want to comment maybe they should put there own website and tell us what they are about. ,

  105. Do ya mean Right of Place should’ve Left this Place by now?

  106. Hi Paddy,

    Couldn’t agree more with reference to discussion happening on our website, as stated in my post.

    In relation to Right of Place “keep[ing] an eye on this website” this is not the case.
    I look at it, not in any official capacity, but to offer support and correct misinformation. Cathriona I have your e-mail address I will e-mail you back as soon as I get a chance and same goes for anybody who needs information, my e-mail is there.

    Thanks again.

  107. Hi Paddy, You are correct, comments about another group should not be debated on your site, sorry for any upset my response to Cathroina may have caused.
    To be honest, i was moved by her determination to get the problem of housing sorted for herself and Children, but also upset at the fact that her appeal for assistance did not merit attention by the group contacted.
    I notice that this group were very QUICK to respond here on your site to Cathronia’s comment’s, yet very SLOW to come to the aid of a Survivor and her Children ,in their hour of need.

    The mind boggle’s!

    Keep well Paddy.


  108. The more I read comments relating to Right of Place the more convinced I am that their website is the place where this discussion should take place. No doubt Right of Place keep an eye on this website. Paddy.

  109. Michael, why would i even think about phoning “Val”? When he asked me how i was i told him that i was not good! did he ask me what was wrong! “No He Did Not” “I threw his number in the bin! with the rest of my left over rubbish before moving! You say right of place second chance NEVER supported the Statutory fund? “Do you have any writing proof of that statment? if right of place second chance and John Kelly’s group soca or what ever the name of it is, are or were against the statutory fund well then its begs the million dollor question “What Survivors wanted the statutory fund I’d love to meet them and ask them why do they want to punish ALL survivors? Is it Minister Quinn who is the con man? if i have blaimed you in the wrong i am most sorry, you could always take legan action against me “Like You Could Sue me for slander??? There is conning going on here and if its coming from the government i’ll snap the truth out of it! i will get to the bottom of this you see if i don’t! “Can i visit right of place second chance office in Cork or do you have a Limerick office? i would like to see with my own two eyes what work/help/support is been offered to survivors? i’m not far from you at all i live in Ennis Co. Clare. Also why am i not paid a government grant for helping my self? have you ever asked your self that? i am fully aware that some people are not capabil of looking after their own affairs, but do you know that some people in this world pray on people who are not able to look after them selfs, i think the correct word is “Easy Target’s”. in turn Michael you may if you wish email me directly not to be taking up Paddy’s site or if Paddy dosent mind you can write to me here on the god squad! “With maybe a invite to inspect the offices of rop/sc. My email is; cathrionabarker@msn.com

    Paddy, i myself am not bothered about the journey of ligt memorial, the garden of remberance was my late mothers most loved spot in Dublin so in a way i am happy about that, but most important i am glad you are happy its the least the government could do, they should of giving you a memorial of your own, you are the person i am greatful to you, you have inspired more happy ending than you know or take credit for, you are a god send! best wishes to all. Cathriona Barker the woman with a CAUSE

  110. Delighted Cathriona, that you managed “All by yourself” to achieve a home for yourself and Children.
    I am not one bit surprised by your comments regarding ROP/SC, for years now they have been well exposed, and challenged here, and on other sites as to exactly what they do for Survivors they claim to represent, but like your experience with them, they just dont have the correct answers and continue to collect massive funding from the HSE, Religious, and other Government Depts. Sadly armed with a data base of many so called members, many names they hold illegally, many of who are passed on, and many ,like yourself, that have been fooled into beleiving they would be there to assist you.

    They boast of helping hundreds of Survivors, boast of having offices throughout the Irish Republic, BUT, apart from having a few letters from folk in the area of Co Waterford,near to their office there, which can be viewed on their website, there are absolutly no other items , anywhere , from Survivors who can confirm that ROP/SC actually assisted or helped them.

    I would dearly love to read that ROP/SC were there for you, and many more , but doubt this will ever happen. Sadly they are not alone, there are also other’s groups that will make similar claims ,and also receive much funding , all by simply claiming to represent thousands of Survivors, and while it is very apparent that they are not there for Survivors living outside of Europe, it is disturbing and disgracful to see that in Ireland , there are folk like you, that requested assistance and help, but were fobbed off.
    Its also a sad fact that a lot of the organisers of these so called groups are Survivors themselves, but now seem happy enough to abuse the claims they make, and feather their own nests, off Survivors backs.

    But Cathroina, what goes round……….

    Keep Strong


  111. I’d appreciate it very much if debates/issues/ and the rights or wrongs of Right of Place were conducted on their website. The fact of the matter is that the Memorial is now in the process of being dealt with. As with all such issues, there are those that want a Memorial to People who were abused while in the care of the State and Religious Orders and others who don’t want it. It’s in the nature of human beings to differ on such matters. Let’s at least respect difference. Paddy.

  112. Hi Cathriona,

    All reply s have been sent to me since I commented on this post and your comment was sent to my e-mail address. I don’t want to clog Paddy’s website up, when we have a website of our own but there is two issues that I have to contend with.

    1. Is my anger if you have not received the necessary information you requested from ROP/SC (and to clarify certain matters)

    2. Is the incorrect information you have posted regarding ROP/SC and the Trust Fund.

    To look into those;


    You are in fact correct there is many Survivors who do not need to access our services and that is wonderful. Our goal is to empower Survivors enough that in the longer term they do not need our assistance anyway. However this does not detract from the fact that many people need our assistance (at present) and the level of people contacting us shows this.

    First of all, and this needs to be noted – You do not need to become a member to access our services or look for assistance. All you need do is simply call up and we will lend a helping hand, where possible.

    In relation to your contact with Val (who is Val Groarke, our Outreach Manager for your region). Do I understand correctly that you spoke with him, but never got the opportunity to tell him what your request for assistance was? He then gave you his personal mobile number and you never called him? Why did you not call him and advise him of what you needed assistance in. To be fair it is impossible for somebody to know what to support you in, unless you tell them?


    The Trust fund.

    Right of Place Second Chance has NEVER supported the Trust Fund. Indeed the only communication we had with the Minister regarding the Trust Fund was at a meeting on the 22nd of July 2011 where Right of Place stated the following:

    “it was the collective decision of
    [Right of Place Second Chance] organisation that it did not want the Statutory Fund.” (Direct Extract from the official minutes of the meeting).
    This would hardly show we got the trust fund passed to be fair?

    Additionally to this, the Grant we receive from the HSE is because we provide a service to Survivors. We only get funded for those we help and therefore have no say nor do we speak on behalf of those we do not support.

    We are no different to every other charity that exists….certain members of a society will require help from them, others will not. I don’t understand why those more fortunate would look to “close down” an organisation just cause they themselves do not need help?

    I admire the fact that you have resolved your own situation and that is indeed a wonderful triumph for you and your family. But all I worry about, is what about those individuals, who are not capable / able to do what you have done (those that we continue to help) – if there was no Right of Place – where would they go?

    We do also have a complaints procedure if you wish to make a complaint and have it investigated, objectively. Additionally to this should you require assistance in the future or more information, please feel free to directly e-mail me at micheal.j.walsh@rightofplace.com and I will be happy to help you and give you answers to any question you may have personally.

  113. “I would also like to share my housng news with any one who is interested” “With no help from any one i put my case to the welfare & got on the 500 euro rent cap”! i’m now living in a lovly 3 bedroom house in Ennis, beside the school,shops/ect… I have no landlord calling to my home, i just pay my rent in to his bank account once a month no problems at all, long may it last, when i was lived in corofin village it was costing me 60 euro a week on petrol bringing my kids to school, my part of the rent was 43.50 per week, now i only pay 32 euro per week that is a savings of 71.50 per week or 284 per month it just goes to show how a very bad situation can be turned around to ones own advantage “Never say Never,goals can be achieved if a person stands up to be counted, never be affraid to speek out”. Moral of this is; we don’t need right of place/second chance we are most capable of looking after our own affairs!

  114. Hi all, I have a matter that is bothering me, I thought I’d share it there in the hope that some may be able to assist me in am I right or wrong about “right of place second chance” This is my story; Early in the summer I had to move house (due to the new rent cap) I’d to find a house for €475 euro a Month which is & was impossible, I was under great pressure with the possibility of having to live in a dump, my kids were just about to get their summer holiday from school, I found my self yet again at the mercy of this state, I was on my computer in a desperate bid to find help, I came across “right of place/second chance” web page, I down loaded a form and sent it away to become a member in a bid or hope they would help or support me in my hour of need, even just to have some body to talk to and maybe some one to contact the social welfare or the county council, any way I posted the filled out form to their Cork office, a good few days later, my phone rang early in the morning my landline not my mobile, a guy on the phone said his name is “Val” from right of place/second chance and That they had Recieved my form, he told me that my details were now in their data base and he gave me his mobile number, he asked me how I was and I was just about to tell him of my housing problems when he said ” well you have my number now and we have your details in our computer” end of conformation my phone went dead. A few weeks later my ex landlord sent me on my post to my new address among my post was a letter a news letter from right of place/second chance, I have the news letter and yesterday out of curiosity I emailed a email address from the news letter and postmasters sent me back my email saying sending failed email address invalid. I think the moral of this story is that right of place/second chance are a con job who are conning their way throughout the system with “our compensation” they are con men and wemon that are stopping us survivors here on the god squad out of ever getting justice or compensation, they helped pass the statutory fund They are blocking our voices from been heard and filling the governments heards with lies that all survivors need the statutory fund and help support so on what help did they give me? That’s right none, I’m going to gid a little deeper in the well and see what I can find out, I’m on a mission to smoke right of place/second chance out. I’ll end with this, with no disrespect to the god squad of the great Paddy Doyle but if any of the con men and wemon from right of place/second chance are reading this ” I Cathriona Barker will catch you all out as sure as God is my Judge!

  115. Hi Jack, no problem, please feel free to re post any of my messages! your very welcome to. Best Wishes to all

  116. good afternoon Cathriona. thanks for the email address of the irish human rights commission. can i copy and paste your message to facebook (etc)? a few months (“waiting”)? i very much doubt that!

  117. Hi Jack, i understand what you are saying, but the sad fact of the matter is that labour and F/G are Govenment bodies and as much as i hate to say it, they are runnig our country “in to the ground by the way!” .. Lab/GF Are only lap dogs for the EU/IMF, They sold our County to the Germans but LAB/FG are blaming FF for every thing “easy way out of hard questions” The best way i can express my feelings towards our current Government is very easy “We have NO GOVERNMENT WE HAVE A SHOWER OR SCUM ONLY IN THE DAIL FOR THE POWER AND OF COURSE THE BIG WAGE!” Shame on the lot of them! I get angry when i write about them, i’d love nothing better but to catch Minister Quinn out in Public and give him such a slap in the face that it would cover every survivor that ever passed through the gates of irelands hell holes! :(

  118. Hi Jack, here is the email address for the irish human rights commission, any body wanting to email them please feel free to do so, if you wish you may include Gerry Finn in your email just put “For The Attention Of Gerry Finn Legal advisor” Email; info@ihrc.ie

    When i spoke with him he was defending the the set up of the redress board by saying “if i went to the high court with my case i would be waiting 5 years unlike the redress board i’d be only waiting a few months” “i asked him what trip he was on”, i told him i put my claim in 2002 and my case was not called until sep/2007 is that not 5 years, he was also unaware that we were gagged/crossed questioned and not listened to or believed” he said he was sorry to hear that and that he did not know of that abuse and all survivors should lodge complaints with them, i have put this email up on here before somewhere! “Human Rights are like gold”, i believe that the human rights commission is the road to proper redress and maybe even justice!” keep stronge and never say never! :) best wishes to all

  119. yes indeed and that explains so much crime and corruption and misery and abuse .. the example is set from the top! however i do not think a political party is a government body. if i am not wrong the same one or two politcal partys have been in power for decades and they are responsible for administering decades of systematic abuse.

  120. Hi Jack, yeah all Government body’s are immune from all prosection’s, they are like the GARDAI they are a law to their own do as they please get away with murder tell lies get people jail in the wrong ect… i can’t wait until they come knocking on my door looking vote’s “its a team of doctors they will need to remove my boot from were the sun don’t shine” but in saying that i’d hate to lose a foot!!!;) We all Survivors hold the HIGH moral ground the Goverment are only SCUM, it may seen to a lot of survivors that we have lost the battle againt the statutory trust fund but i say never say never we will get our day/way/say some day, i’ll do something to mess them up, it is no harm to keep at the human rights commission they dont know of the evil treatment we recieved at the redress board, we need loads of survivors to bomb them with complaints regarding the redress board, i was talking to a legal person from the irish human rights commission and he was in the dark ages regarding the set up of the redress board he hadent got a clue to the nature of the shit we had to sit trough, i’ll put his email up after his name is Gerry Finn. Keep Stronge & never say never:)

  121. well spoken Cathriona! lets not forget that these politicians belong to the same political partys that ruled throughout the decades our lives were been systematically destroyed. are these political partys immune from prosecution?

  122. Hi Pauline, sad reading, i feel like some one’s walking on my grave when i read what you wrote! “I understand how you feel as i feel the same, the journey of lght, is right, i dont see any light and i dont see any justice, i dont see any support or help for survivors, but what i do see is that survivors dont count to the Church/State, i spent months emailing all TDs and they dont want to know what (we) Survivors want, its a case of you will take what you are giving, those words ring a bell back to the days when i was told what to do and when to do it by the scum running the hellholes i was in! “The best thing for that Memorial would be a JCB that would do the job alright and draw the Media to the right place at the right time for the right (CAUSE)! Best Wishes To All Cathriona the Rebel With A Cause!!!

  123. the stone just does not feel

  124. But where do WE put our memories of horror. What can i say to the small child still inside me. the one who was beaten and her face rubbed into the rubber sheet.four days earlier she had been at home with brothers and sisters. in the yard in front of a big tub full of cold water and trying to wash the sheet under orders from big fat bernadine. walking around in the cold yard holding the wet sheet i walked and walked with the beginning of a nervous breakdown. it was winter just after xmas and i got chilblains. when i put shoes ans socks on my feet turned to fire.For years afterwards we ate slobs i wouldnt give to a dog or any animals. am i supposed to heal because of this memorial i dont know how to.

  125. as for greenery well weeping willows would fit in better.

  126. thousands of people would understand your message Christina

  127. This will really help me when I wake at night with nightmares and the excruciating pain in my face from grinding my teeth in my sleep.

    I will try to calm myself back to sleep with a pain killer and thoughts of this……sham.

  128. that sounds about right

  129. what a waste of money. this monument will be abused by
    the drunks and druggies for years and then somebody will be asked to knock it down while victims wait for justic

  130. oops paddy some edits :
    I note the use of the word “centripetally”. I also note that when used in medical circumstances it can be seen to denote an “afferent direction”, such as that of a sensory nerve impulse traveling toward the brain. In the nervous system there is a “closed loop” system of sensation, decision, and reactions. Sounds like a good description, but possibly unintended description of the circumstances that the many children went through on the many evenings they heard their abusers approach.

  131. I note the use f the word centripetally. I also not that when used in medical circumstances it can be seen to denote an afferent direction, such as that of a sensory nerve impulse traveling toward the brain. In the nervous system there is a “closed loop” system of sensation, decision, and reactions. Sounds like a good description, but possibly unintended description of the circumstances that the many children went through on the many evenings they heard their abusers approach.

  132. that is the spirit Cathriona!

  133. Message for any TDs etc reading this… Will the journey of light pay my over due E.S.B bill? will it pay all my other bills? will it put food on my table? will it put cloths on my back and my kids backs? will it pay for my kids going back to school? will it stop my nightmares? will it stop the flash backs? will it give me a childhood? a childhood that was robbed by Church/State?. When my kids turn 18 and able to look after them selfs i will still be a young enough woman and i will show the Government/Church & the world how to fight evil…

  134. “Survivors are been put on show for Irish society that turned a blind eye and treated us with contempt”

    yes indeed agreed!

  135. This is not apology from the Irish government they have been forced to do this because of the Ryan report, Where is the apology to my mum and ladies that were in the laundries. Survivors are been put on show for Irish society that turned a blind eye and treated us with contempt.

  136. Paddy it represents peace and calm which is good forsome survivors. .But it will do nothing for me and my family it dose not include the pain of my mum and the women that where locked away in darkness and never saw any light in life. There children were taken from then by the courts nuns broke the court orders and forced Magdalene women children to visit these hell holes I was beaten and abused afterwards and reminded for life my birth mum was scum. That memorial does not represent my pain and suffering.

  137. that memorial is going to be a drinking well; for them poor childern,there is no way out, the damage is done. Michael.

  138. Yes, as far as I know.

  139. Thanks Paddy. So is it the text of an apology that will be written especially for the memorial?

  140. i meant “the journey of light”

  141. The apology is on behalf of the Government and Society. I’m fairly certain that there is no apology from what you refer to as ‘the Vatican’s man’

  142. Is the memorial going to have the so called “apology” by Bertie the Vatican’s man engraved on it?

  143. the words “into the light” have great meaning to me but the memorial itself something else

  144. “how much stronger would Survivors have been with unity and speaking from a unified voice”

    yes indeed agreed. however we are all individuals

  145. As I said at a meeting of various groups held in Government Buildings when Brian Cowan was Taoiseach “I’m saddened to be at this meeting as it seems to me that the abused are now becoming the abusers” It’s worth bearing in mind that people who were most vocal against the Memorial were the first to express their delight and joy at the “Into the Light’Memorial. Paddy

  146. Hi Paddy,

    Absolutely the abuse I took from individuals after speaking in favor of the memorial on Joe Duffy was surprising. However as you said every person has a view and they are more then entitled to it…. But it always makes me wonder, how much stronger would Survivors have been with unity and speaking from a unified voice, but thats a debate for another day……

    Well done again anyway, from me and my family.

  147. Your kind comments are much are very much appreciated. As you can see for other comments on this website not everyone favours the Memorial. It’s a case of to each his/her own. Paddy.

  148. Hi Paddy,

    I was at the launch and had the opportunity to speak with you and congratulate you and all on the committee who chose this design as the eventual winner.

    As you are aware I have been a campaigner for this to reach a conclusion from the minute it was mooted in the public. What a fantastic place for me, for my children and for my father to go to remind us as citizens the devastation that we caused to generations of Irish men, women and Children.

    The symbolic nature of it all, the story of the children of Lír, cascading through the waterfall. Every fourth stone, protruding with lights on to signify the innocence of one in four children having being abused in this country.

    The apology from our Taoiseach engraved onto the wall as a constant reminder to us and our visitors that it was not the childs fault, but a failure on behalf of our state.

    Finally the place where it was decided could not be more fitting. An area in Dublin where we go to remember heros of our state – how telling is it that Survivors of Institutional Abuse are (rightfully) placed in the same area.

    It is open to the public and yet remains private – an opportunity for those who want to view it and share in its emotion in a gated and secure complex.

    I left the unveiling with a greater understanding, a greater appreciation of the work carried out by all connected to it and with a sense of pride knowing that in some small way our country would not be allowed to forget and this monument will ensure we never do.

    credit where credit is due, Well done Paddy and the committee once more, fantastic work!

  149. Martin Maguire

    Paddy: I still don’t get the point of this memorial and I think I have been consistent in our own communications on that point. Why would people – whether they were those who were directly involved by being abused or indeed their families want or even need a place to remember.
    I am sure that their preferred option may be a place to forget if it were indeed possible to escape from your own distasteful memories by simply visiting this space.
    The abuse that was carried out and the reticence shown by various bodies, church and state, by many individuals within these bodies who did their best to protect the status quo and were prepared to deny, do nothing or even distort information they had to extend the effect of the actions that had been previously perpetrated on mostly children cannot, to my mind, be “salved” in this way. Closure for many, if not most will only come when they finally close their eyes for one last time.

  150. Miriam Moriarty Owens

    I like the name “Journey of Light” All my life I have been searching for that light. Many of us never saw the light of day. I can’t sleep at night without every light on in my house. I know what the saying goes There is always light at the end of the tunnel. And it looks to me as we are going back into that tunnel again . I am not impressed with the design it looks scary to me,

  151. Hello to all abused victims of child abuse, carried out by the state and the religours orders, great to see something being done even though there was a very poor involvement of the said abused people who are covered in the usual way, you’ve got one choice and that will be in posed by you irrespective of whether the majority of people would like it or not, that said there is another group of abused people by the state and produce’s religous groups who have no consideration given them under the ryans report or the state theyve simply been excluded once again. Please note a none catholic serviver would not reconise in this wonderful memorial any consideration of there pain and suffering. As one we wouldnt under stand roman crosses and our chruchs didnt have religous orders, this is shameful knowing that the good Friday aggrement was to readdress the historical wrongs of the past in Ireland and the Ireland of Ireland to benefit from this process we have simply been ignored as if we didnt excist. Again the silvoul servance and one of them that i dealt with from the day of the announcement of this project he has simply ignored us to. Why is this? Are protestant not people to shame on minister quinn and the senior seval servant picking up where they last left of dealing with protestant issues of 1941.
    Contact me through my website derekleinster.com
    Your Sincerely

  152. “Rome’s cross’ is part of the Memorial Gardens. The Memorial to people who were abused while in the ‘care’ of religious orders and the State, is a completely separate Memorial. It’s interesting to note that the people who for whatever reason don’t understand the Memorial are the ones that use this site to air their view. Many people who were totally opposed to a Memorial to ‘Survivors of Abuse’ turned up at the Press Conference launching it and were very pleased with what will be for them and many more a Memorial – a reminder of the pain and suffering they endured – a place where their children, grandchildren their children can go and remember.

  153. Martin Maguire


    Although it looks well in an artists impression – dont know what will happen when we cant afford the upkeep.

    I must admit – the idea of this for me just does not work. I think the monies could and would be best spent on something more tangible that can or would give victims or their families more personal benefit…. education… training or something rather than a structure for all the usual “heads” to be there for the photo op and the self congratulatory statements about finally solving something that should have been completed years ago.

  154. Well done Paddy – you couldn’t have chosen a better location

  155. is it a new model prison?

  156. This is pathetic. Are the trees an effort to cover up what this is. So typical. This is not a memorial. This is a hidden piece of land at the back of another garden which does not give a single clue as to why it is there. Shame on the Irish government for thinking this would suffice. Give the victims Justice, not another cover-up.

  157. What will there be on the “memorial” that would tell people what the crimes were and who committed them? Will there be a plaque that says “This is a memorial to the countless children and young women who were abused, raped, tortured and killed by the Roman Catholic Church”? The aerial views are very telling: the image of Rome’s cross is very dominant.

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