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  1. IT’s rather shocking hear analogies being made between medicinal cannabis VAT pharmacy-products being made with recreational drugs like alcohol or contraband cannabis.

    It’s also totally shocking to hear a patient being backed into a situation where they are alone, on-air, defending the scientific evidence on the uses of medicinal cannabis VAT pharmacy-products.

    The concept of comparing medicinal marijuana with the street varieties of contraband drugs is shocking, to me.

    I’ve assisted patients of my condition, multiple sclerosis, in obtaining medicinal grade VAT pharmacy-products containing cannabis in countries where, just like the Republic of Ireland, contraband cannabis is simply illegal.

    Patients in Finland, for example, request from producers here in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, via their pharmacies, medicinal-grade VAT pharmacy-products such as Bediol (TM) Bedrocan (TM) and
    Bedrobinol (TM) .
    In Italy too, contraband cannabis is “criminal”; as it is in Austria, Germany, Spain and Belgium … and yet in all of these countries patients avail of medical grade pharmacy prescription cannabis VAT products manufactured here in the Netherlands, in the Kingdom of Belgium or in the Kingdom of Spain.

    When I was on an Irishér radio program on Galway Bay FM in 2008: I was asked the following question by the presenter:

    So Noel, about your disease, are you going to die soon, or are you going to die later”?

    Likewise, when I appeared on RTE The Late Debate on 27 May 2009, the world’s first ever “World MS-Day” , my mentioning the fact that it was World MS day on that evening was “edited out” ; whereas the slanderous comment my outgoing MEP Marian Harkin : “He says he’s gone to the courts” about “it” … suggesting that this is a criminal matter and moreover entirely false, was edited into the broadcast program.

    What nobody in the Irishé 1938 Republic seemed to comprehend, was there here was an European-Parliament elections campaign, where I had consented to a legal nomination submitted by electors in my home town of Ballinasloe, but who was for the entire duration of the nomination – until election day – and beyond that to the vote count … under threat from one individual (Mary O’Reilly) of the Irishé ‘Social Inclusion Unit” what were I to attempt to enter the country she would notify the border control and effect my arrest and my criminal prosecution.

    Why? Because I am under the 365-day care of a 16-member physicians multi-disciplinary council that meets twice annually, and which consists of medical doctors (specialist physicians) in the one country in the European Union where the Monach (HRH Beatrix van Oranje-Nassau van Amsberg) is the Patron of all people with multiple sclerosis, and equally is world leader in the sheer volume of information that is published concerning the treatment, diagnosis and management (long term) of this illness.

    the Shamepublic of Irishér, on the other hand, does not even have an Institute of Neurology.

    Here’s something that has been said to me by someone of the Irishé who claims to be active saving society from the menace of the evil substance contraband cannabis (funny thing is I agree with the need to stamp out contraband, black-market non-VAT street contraband narcotics) ,

    & I shall repeat it here for posterity : Go to Hell and burn for an Eternity!

    Office of Medicinal Cannabis
    Documentation, 15 December 2000
    INCB + Vienna International Centre
    Room E 1339, P.O. Box 500

    GMV/BMC 2133509 / 15 December 2000

    Hereby I inform the United Nations’ International Narcotics Control Board about the establishment of a National Agency according to article 28 of the 1961 Single Convention on narcotic drugs in the Netherlands. The Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport of the Netherlands will act as a National agency for the European territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands from 1 January, 2001 on. On behalf of this Minister the task of the National agency will be executed by the Office of Medicinal Cannabis (Bureau voor Medicinale Cannabis).

    The goals of the Office are to determine whether cannabis can be used as a medicine and for which indications. Many case reports indicate that cannabis may be useful as a medicine, but there is no high level evidence available yet. If clinical studies provide positive results, adequate supply of licensed cannabis products to the pharmaceutical market should be ensured. From that moment on this will be another task of the Office.
    The Office will act as a regulator for the horticulture of cannabis, cannabis resin and their preparations and for clinical trials with these substances, as required by the Single Convention on narcotic drugs. It will also stimulate high quality trials that can be done with several dosage forms of varying composition and for multiple indications. It has a scientific advisory board with as members health care inspectors specialized in clinical trials and in narcotics, a neurologist, a pharmacognosist, a lawyer and representatives of the Multiple Sclerosis Patients Association and the HIV Patients Association.

    By letter of 28 July 1998, Ref FMT-CT-U-986185, my Chief Inspectorate for Health Care informed you about the plans to establish a National agency. The Board reacted by facsimile of 23 September 1998 that it has no objection. This is in accordance with the recent call in the INCB annual report 1998 and the call of the President of the Board at the forty-third session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs that serious research on the possible medical uses of cannabis must be done.

    As required by the Single Convention our National Agency will be monopolist in importing and exporting, wholesale and stock keeping of cannabis, cannabis resin and their preparations. It will also be the licensing authority for these substances. Growers should obligatory and exclusively sell to the National agency. These responsibilities of the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport will be mandated to the Office of Medicinal Cannabis.
    The postal address of the Office will be:

    Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
    Department of Pharmaceutical Affairs
    Office of Medicinal Cannabis
    P.O. Box 25350
    2500 EJ THE HAGUE

    Importing and exporting of the Office will be accompanied by an authorization or certificate of the Competent National Authority. This authority continues to be at the Inspectorate of Health Care of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. One task of the Office of Medicinal Cannabis is the supply of medicinal grade cannabis to manufacturers and clinicians. The Office will order the cannabis from private growers. Preventing leakage of cannabis to illicit markets is important, therefore growers will be contracted under certain conditions only. The Dutch law requires licenses of those who grow cannabis. The Office will give these licenses on behalf of the Minister of Health. Only growers who are contracted by the Office will be licensed. Growers will be screened before they are contracted. Among the conditions of the contract will be that contractors sell their total crops to the Office and that any remainder will be destroyed. Of course growers will be frequently visited by the narcotics specialist of the Health Care Inspectorate for inspecting the Opium Law and by staff members of the Office for checking the conditions of the contract to prevent leakage to illicit markets.

    Development of a new medicine – in this particular case from cannabis – is generally an international concern. This is the reason that the Netherlands will co-operate with other countries. Several countries have indicated during the last months, that they are working on the same subject. The Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport will consider any requests for delivery of medicinal cannabis to other countries. Delivery will only take place with explicit approvement from the authorities of these countries in compliance with the procedures of the Single Convention.

    The production of medicinal cannabis and the manufacturing of the finished medicinal products will be a matter of private enterprises and regulated by the requirements of the Single Convention. The difference with other medicines will be that the Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis is charged with the specific aspects in the production chain as importing and exporting, wholesale and stock keeping of cannabis.

    E. Borst-Eilers MD PhD

    Minister of Health, Welfare
    and Sport


    There are many scientific and pharmacological resources online, however, those require the capability to translate the information into a language that one can understand.
    That is not a task of the Netherlands’s government. http://www.apotheek.nl/Thema_s/Thema_s/Medicinale_cannabis.aspx?mId=10702&rId=41

    I have made many many attempts to convey some or all of this information to the Irish authorities, however, in my opinion, there is a great reluctance to react to that because the Republic of Ireland is the manufacturer of the Number One import chemical that makes claims to be beneficial for People with multiple sclerosis (PwMS).

    This chemical, co-manufactured by Elan Corp, has resulted in the deaths of 5 people who unfortunately contracted PML as a side-effect of the dose injected into their arms once a month.

    Ten other people have been left seriously disabled as a result of contracting PML, but which had the cause of this side-effect (the very so-called medicine itself) flushed out of their bodies and central nervous systems (brains) to allow the bodies immune system to fight off PML (the JC-virus or the common cold is the cause of death where this emergency procedure is unsuccessful).

    The sure-fire way to diagnose PML is by drilling a hole in the skull of the MS patient, and removing some brain. This is then examined for presence of the JC-virus (a virus as omnipotent as to the common-cold, but to which homo sapiens’ immune systems are well-able to handle so long as the homo sapien is not injecting chemicals like Tysabri that kill off entirely the human immune system).

    Moreover, the Republic of Ireland is a leading country in carrying out “experimentations on the dying patient”. According to an article in the Irish Independent of July 2004, by Eilish O’Regan, those ‘experimentations’ on the would-be “Dying Irish” are conducted under licence from health-minister Mz Mary Harney (Ballinasloe 1953) and the Irish Medicines Board. The bioPharma corporation that conduct(s)(ed) these experimentations on the dying irish (cancer and final stage MS) patients in Cork and Waterford

    hospital, is the same bioPharma corporation that has brought products on the market in various CommonWealth of Nations states, that is, all but the dormer member thereof: the Republic of Ireland.

    I have equally established contact with various Irishé groups, individuals and organisations.

    Bearing in mind that I have been banished from Ireland under pain of arrest should I ever attempt to travel there: this is an extraordinary feat of achievement.

    According to the authority vested in Ms Mary O’Reilly of the Social Inclusion Unit of the Irishé Department of Health and Children, my medicines would be confiscated upon my arrival and the law would require my arrest and prosecution.

    It is extremely difficult for my physicians and attorney to comprehend, as Ms Mary O’Reilly has never once received or been willing to receive the actual details surrounding the specific VAT pharmacy medical products that my physicians prescribe. And thus we are all at somewhat of a loss this past three years of exile to understand how it is one individual in a health department of a European Union country, could possibly be within its remit to sanction and prohibit a specific pharmacy VAT medical-product produced here in the European Union: without actually being aware of what pharmacy medicinal-product it is that she declares illegal (and anyone carrying it, an undesirable outlaw).

    Don’t I have enough on my place managing my illness while trying to cling onto gainful employment?

    What the individual Ms Mary O’Reilly of the Irishér Social Inclusion Unit of Mary Harney’s Department of Health and Children of the Glorious Irish Republic seem to forget, is that there are also other procedures that are legal in this country: but ignored in theirs.

    I have completed my euthanasia paperwork, on the grounds that I cannot bear the psychological pressure of one the one hand being advised strongly by medical practitioners who have examined me and concluded their advice to prescribe vital immuno-suppressive pharmacy prescription VAT medicines … and that failing to follow that advise could result in physical and cognitive disability …

    and on the other hand, following this advise means that I am banished from my place of birth, where my elderly parents reside and where I was born and grew up went to college and have a great deal of friends and family and business contacts that are vital for my general health and wellbeing in coming to terms with this wretched illness, forever.

    As the individual official who has stymied all of my attempts to gain family unity since the bad news of the diagnosis (Aug 4, 2006) and according to the 1938 BundesRecht der Irishén Article 41:

    Article 41

    1. 1° The State recognises the Family as the natural primary and fundamental unit group of Society, and as a moral institution possessing inalienable and imprescriptible rights, antecedent and superior to all positive law.

    2° The State, therefore, guarantees to protect the Family in its constitution and authority, as the necessary basis of social order and as indispensable to the welfare of the Nation and the State.

  2. Thanks Paddy for your support of all of us who suffered at the hands of the Evil brothers and sisters of the church, who are not going to be brought to justice, Shame on the system that protects them in

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