Marijuana as Medicine

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“Yet there is no problem with other drugs like alcohol or tobacco despite the fact that this nation is coughing, spitting and vomiting its way to oblivion.”
(Paddy Doyle, November, 1999)

Paddy Doyle suffers from a rare disability – Generalised Dystonia – an involuntary movement condition that affects his entire body causing violent spasms and incessant movement. Some time ago a Consultant Neurologist suggested that he might consider taking Marijuana under medical supervision as all other drugs which he had tried had failed to relieve his disability. The Doctor wrote to the Minister for Health and the Minister for Justice but his request was refused on the grounds that Marijuana is a Class 1 drug and that there was “no evidence to suggest that marijuana was effective in the treatment of any disability.”

Paddy Goes Up in Smoke

Paddy Not Smoking
Paddy Not Smoking

Paddy not smoking for a very long time
Paddy Not Smoking for a Very Long Time

Paddy smoking...
Paddy Smoking

Paddy after a smoke
Paddy after a Smoke

Could this be true?

A Gateway to prescribing Cannibis?

Monday, 16 July 2012 10:48 Florian Scheibein
Almirral, GW Pharmaceutical’s Irish partners, have confirmed to IMN that they anticipate launching the cannabis-based medicinal product Sativex in Ireland by the end of the year, a move that has been broadly welcomed by many stakeholders. – Full article Irish Medical News

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10 comments on “Marijuana as Medicine

  1. Hi Paddy….

    Just diagnosed with Dystonia dec 2012,can you contact me please reg the law on med marijuana.



  2. These two working separately on different experiments, discovered they were dealing with the same issue when they came together by chance and it looks good for cannabis. But it’s a long way off I believe.
    Good story though.

  3. Thanks for the support Frank. This one is one I intend to live long enough to win. Twenty years battling with government is not just going to go down the toilet. I’ve always felt there was a nice cosy relationship between the government and the government. Best wishes. Paddy

  4. Good for you Paddy.
    I hope you win this one. The powers that be however, will work nonstop; at stopping you at any cost.
    Drug companies pay big bucks under the counter to keep cannabis illegal (they can’t patent it).
    You may even eventually expect to hear about closure threats of their various manufacturing plants here in Ireland. We’ve got a lot of jobs tied up making pills for the US.

  5. Despite the different opinions about using medicinal cannabis for treatment, people with serious ailments can testify that it relieved them from the painful and debilitating symptoms and provide them a functional life. Medicinal cannabis is one of the many herbs from our rich nature that is believed to alleviate symptoms if used properly. This is available at the local medical marijuana dispensaries.

  6. It would be nice if people would be more open minded about marijuana.The marijuana as medicine is not new.Medicinal cannabis is one of the many herbs from our rich nature that is believed to alleviate symptoms if used properly. This is available at the local medical marijuana dispensaries.

  7. I agree, in america its used very successfully as medical reasons , why not here, i would support this and in fact having lived in care all my life , and having being abused left right and centre, and all the anti-depressentis the docter gives me are do not compare to a smoke ,but thats just my opinion , for the fact it does help plp it should be looked into more as postive thing
    regards to you paddy
    and be brave

  8. I agree Paddy – if one small exception can make the slightest positive difference to any other individual, then it should be excepted. I’m not for a full decriminilisation of cannabis or its byproducts, but if it helps, it helps, and nobody should play god and enforce their moral opinions on the discussion, which only prevent others from said refief.

  9. Thanks for the kind comments Mike. Always nice to get and always appreciated. I do my best to keep people informed – that’s the key to making sure no shady deals are done as have been done in the past. Paddy.

  10. Thanks Paddy for the use of one of your articles …stirre up a hornets nest where it was needed.
    Thank you Sir and would like to share a joint with you if ever we get in the same hemisphere ….I’m in Aus
    You may need to be a member to see the mess your article caused ..join up if you can be bothered and use my name if you need to.
    Brians Catholica forum is kicking goals in Aus at the moment ….at least the church threatened to sue this morn heheheheee …I call that a breakthrough :)

    cheers Paddy
    and I admire your work
    thank you again

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