Paddy Doyle

I would very much like to comment on Dr Michael Corry’s letter concerning the Residential Institutions Redress Board. However, as one who gave evidence to the board, I am prohbited from saying anything under penalty of a €25,000 fine and/or two years’ imprisonment.

Yours, etc,
PADDY DOYLE, Dublin 8.

  1. Angela Power

    Does anyone know if were were part of vaccine trials in the industrial schools, I have five vaccine marks on my arm which have been there all my life, I was taken into my first industrial school from 6 months to 1year approx not sure of correct date as records say different things, but when I asked about the vaccine marks at the redress board it was ignored, has anyone else got these amount of vaccine marks

  2. Thanks so much for such a kind comment. No doubt there will be those who will say I either wrote the comment myself or paid you to write it. We know the truth. I appreciate the touching comment. Paddy

  3. Esther Copeland

    I have the utmost respect for you Paddy, what courage and bravery you have for opening the eyes and ears of the world, to the plight of so many innocent children who were sentenced to serve their childhood in Industrial Schools. My sister was one of those children, who’s only crime was being born into poverty. Paddy you are a living testament to the strength and determination of the human spirit, and you quest for the truth has given me strength and inspiration, best wishes to you Paddy.

  4. Just for the record I’m not a member of any organisation. It’s as simple as that. Paddy

  5. eddy letterfrack 1959 1964

    pat thake the tape awy from your mouth its a gimmic ive reaid alot about you paddy ihave grtat time four you pat witch part of the fience are u at ashling center one in 4 all inclouden s o c a dublin noat i say dublin ya fedder yer owen nest i am not a victom i am a siviour

  6. My nephew died at st Kyrons orphanage in 1968. Recently we looked for post mortum results, but have been told the are missing, we were told he died of something totally different than what the Death cert says. He was 14yrs old blond haired and came from Dublin.He walked with a limp. Maybe someone who was at the school at that time may remember something. If you do please contact me.

  7. ireland you owe me big time and you let the church steal my child …ive tried suicide it did not work but i still wonder was i meant to fight on for what was legally cohersed kidnapping of my child and the incaseration of myself in high park laundry …nightmares up to this presnt time …i need this addressed …because i need closure ….is my child alive or dead does she think of me did she have a happy life was she abused ..all questions circulating 24/7 in my head hence my mental illness …i want my compensation before i end up taking the law into my own hands ..enough is enough …nuns daughters of satan .

  8. i would willingly do your jail centance for you …ive been serving a worse fate since i worked in the magdalena laundry in high park drumcondra …i want my compensation …

  9. when will i be able to get my compensation for the loss of my freedom and child in highpark laundry and dunboyne mother and baby farm in ireland ..i was made work in laundry for 5 months without pay or freedom to express myself and forced to mass twice daily ..where will i get compensation from ..

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