Victims deserve truth on testing

On 2010-09-16, in Vaccine Trials, by Paddy

Tuesday September 14 2010

It seems quite extraordinary that it should fall to a Dail committee to demand that the Department of Health and multinational pharmaceutical companies release files relating to vaccine trials on Irish babies in state care.

If someone in the department is concealing relevant facts, it is a disgrace. Two weeks have passed since this matter of considerable concern was brought into the public domain, yet the response from the department has been minimal.

The Committee on Health and Children chairman has said that the content of the files, when examined, may make a formal inquiry necessary.

An Irish Independent investigation revealed details of vaccine tests carried out on very young children in state institutions without their mothers’ consent. The nature of some of the tests was known but, more alarmingly, some of the drugs being tested remain a mystery . . . or perhaps a secret.

The vaccine trials were discovered years ago by the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse and confidential “discussions” about them are known to have gone on behind closed doors.

A number of questions now need to be answered by the relevant government agencies — and they ought to be voluntarily forthcoming. What was the nature of all the trials? How many children were subjected to them and what consent was sought?

These are living, breathing citizens and they have a right to know what they were subjected to.


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  1. robert says:

    they just do what they like and that is That
    the government destroys the poor and feeds the rich with their god THE POPE.