Mystery of the €3m missing from charity

If you’ve donated money please contact us, says boss

A SUPPORT group for victims of clerical abuse that has received more than €3million from the taxpayer has admitted it has no idea where the cash has gone. The charity is now in the extraordinary position of asking anyone who has ever made a donation or received its help to get in touch so it can work out exactly how much money has gone missing.

The bizarre move comes after the HSE stepped in to appoint a temporary administrator to run Right of Place/Second Chance, which is carrying out a full investigation of its finances. Tom Wall, a director of the Cork-based charity, said last night: ‘As bad as it sounds, we simply do not know exactly how much money the charity has received. And, more worryingly, we don’t know what it has done with the money.

‘I would urge anybody to get in touch with us and let us know how much money they gave us and when.’He added: ‘There is a feeling at the charity that in the past it has not always acted in the best interests of its members and that is very regrettable.’

Tom Cronin, a survivor of institutional abuse at Presentation Brothers’ Greenmount Industrial School in Cork who helped set up the group in 1999, welcomed the internal audit, which he has been demanding since 2006.

He said last night: ‘Just who actually benefited from this charity is still something of a mystery. That is an outrageous situation and it has gone on for far too long.

‘I am delighted that the board are taking such a bold and innovative step as part of their determination to re-structure the charity. I think it’s now just a matter of time before the gardaí are called in.’

Mr Cronin, who resigned from the board of directors in 2001, accused the Government of handing over vast amounts of Exchequer money for more than 10 years without bothering to find out where it was going.

‘The various departments who have given money to this charity have, in my opinion, being a bit relaxed when it comes to checks and balances,’ he said.‘

This has gone on far too long’

The Irish Daily Mail has learned that between 2001 and 2008 the Department of Education gave a total of €980,080 to Right of Place, which claims to represent 1,500 people.

A further €677,000 was received from the Department of Health between 2002 and 2005. Between 2006 and 2010, the HSE – which took over funding for the charity from the Department of Health – gave €1,498,723.
Noel Barry, the organisation’s founder and a victim of abuse at the Rosminian school at Upton, Co. Cork, resigned last month following attempts to oust him. He has always refused to comment on the situation.
Mr Barry went to the High Court last year to apply for an injunction against a committee of members who were trying to wrest control from him. Meanwhile, the HSE said it would provide no more public money unless his organisation proved it could handle it responsibly.

On top of the €3.1million in direct government funding, the charity also received €50,000 Lotto funding in 2003. Controversially, it also accepted money from some of the very religious orders that ran institutions accused of
abusing the people it claims to help. The exact amount the various organizations gave is not publicly known but it is estimated at €300,000. The Sisters of Mercy in Cork gave at least €20,000 but by last year they were demanding to know how the money was actually being spent.

In 2009, Sister Maria McGuinness from St Columba’s Convent in Cork wrote to the charity saying: ‘I would be grateful to receive the detailed breakdown of how the grant of €20,000 was spent.’

Other orders include Brothers of Charity, which gave €5,000 in 2000, the Sisters of Charity, which gave €10,000 in 2006, and the Congregation of the Brothers of Charity. The Galway-based charity donated €6,350 in 2002. The Rosminians Institute of Charity in Drumcondra, Dublin, donated €5,000 the previous year.

The HSE last night denied ignoring how Right of Place administered tax-payers’ money. A spokesman said: ‘During the period December 2009 to date, the HSE has worked with the organization to bring about structure and good governance.

‘In May 2010 all parties signed an agreement which created a pathway to move forward. It provided a mechanism to democratically elect a new board of directors representative of the local committees of the organization.’

She said the HSE would not be able to give details about its funding plans for Right of Place next year until the Budget has been announced. Mr Wall said: ‘We are currently going through a major restructuring process. A major part of that is a detailed look at the charity’s finances.’

Irish Daily Mail 29/11/2010

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  1. william delahunty

    you have my blessing paddy i for the first time have a feeling that we are at the beginning of the end maybe it is because the government is about to change it is a shame that the abused are attacking the abused. it lets the criminals off the hook yes i agree with Robert if it comes to nothing action will have to be taken.good luck paddy

  2. if any of the survivers are still feeling gaged and think thay cant vote for thier chosen sposkperson nothing is going to happen to you . you can vote

  3. The is a new Petition on Diplomatic Immunity one of the things that we feel pasionately about at the “Shame of Ireland”

    “We the undersigned call upon the United nations to legislate that ‘diplomatic immunity’ of Vatican officials including the pontiff will not apply in any case concerning child sexual abuse. this includes perpetrators, Church officials….”

    It can be found @

    There are many Petitions that can be accessed at the “Home Page” of the “Shame of Ireland” without Joining! TRhe Home page can be found @

    You have to be a “Member” of the “Shame of Ireland” to participate in the Activities of the “Shame of Ireland” if you want to become mor2 Active “Sign Up”!

    The “Shame of Ireland” was develloped to help coordinate “Action” relating to Matters discussed on this site; and to Support “Activists” in our “Common Cause”.

    Your friend Rob

  4. if justice is better served cold then i hope ours gets frozen.its a great thing that we no longer feel alone.

  5. Thank you Kathleen for your comment, and it is great comfort to know that we are all doing our bit to expose the crime’s and history of Child Abuse in Ireland, and the overall effect’s that are still part of our everyday life!
    The R/C/Church are without doubt very evil, and just like the State, alway’s careful to cover up their track’s and protect their own, using law’s that are not within our reach!
    But with unity and strong support, Survivor’s can be a force to reckon with, and achieve headway through the various source’s at our disposal.

    Be strong,

  6. Kathleen O'Malley."Childhood Interrupted"

    Hi Jimmy and Pauline.
    Can I put my view here, we were damaged until we recognised the fact that we had done nothing wrong. Sadly speaking from my own experience they stole so many years from us. BUT NO LONGER. LET US GO FORWARD AND UNITE.
    The more we talk the better for us. I have given many Talks on my Book over the years including interviews both Radio and Newspapers. After each deliverance (Talk)I have a restless nights sleep. The need to expose the Irish Government and Religious for their destruction of young lives is high on my list for Justice. There is always a price to pay though. It does get easier The saying goes REVENGE (JUSTICE) IS BEST SERVED COLD. I get great satisfaction educating people about Ireland’s Shameful History.
    Kathleen O’Malley.

  7. Hi Paulene, their is nothing odd about us, we are simply folk who share a common factor, in that we are damaged good’s, thank’s to the Religious and the State. But above all, we are Survivor’s, and are encouraged by the friendship experienced here and on Shame of Ireland, and we are still learning a wee bit every day. I certainly dont see you as strange Paulene, and doubt anyone else here is of that view.
    My experience of abuse was at an Institution in Co Cork, and like you ,in 2004, i paid a visit to the place , hoping to put some ghost’s to bed, but was amazed at the change in the place. It had undergone a big make over, many million’s spent , and even the Graveyard was rearranged , but their was still a sad story concerning that place.
    I came away from that place very upset, it is still run by the same order, but as a mental Institution. If you go to Shame of Ireland and click on my photo’s there, you will see my point, and read about that visit.
    Keep strong Paulene, and hope you have a good peaceful Christmas.


  8. hello James thanks for your message of course we learned all the wrong things. So i dont know about you but people often find me strange.Idident know why but i have read a lot during my life in order to understand. i can see from what i read on this site that we are all a bit odd . what prison were you in i was in g b for 9 years

  9. hello all . Iwent back to Ireland in 2004.And i went back to g b . i had been told that there was a wall in memory of all of us but i couldent see where it was . the chapel was still standing Iwent inside and an alarm sterted ringing and i thaught f,,,. but i stayed to see what it was like it was a lot smaller than in my memory .Aplace of fainting children cold and sad . i left with the alarm still ringing. thay have built houses now but i wouldnt live there for anything. when i came back to see the redress board the taxi driver asked me where i was from . when i told him he started telling me what a terrable time the star of g. b. had had . i was horrified by what had been done to the story of the industriel schools . there were hundreds of children sent there over the years and i was beeing told that she had suffered because of her colour. and that the other children had been very cruel to her thats terrable. we were not concient of things like that . and the nuns dident care enough to single out one child. we all lived in fear of beeing beaten i have read your book kathleen and i think you were fair to the others who were with you . but i am afraid the star is not

  10. Dear Derek,Irelands Shame is Non denominational your voice will be welcome at the “Shame of Ireland”

    Shame of Ireland can be found at You have to be a Member to take part in the Activities of the “Shame of Ireland”

    However there are a list of Petitions and Organisations relevant to Survivors tha can be accessed from the “Home Page” without “Joining”

    This site is and will always be at the top of the list!

    Your Friend
    in our
    Common Cause


  11. Hi to all



    Please use link below to vote for Paddy Doyle to
    rep­res­ent “Sur­viv­ors” of insti­tu­tional abuse

    Nom­in­a­tions have also star­ted for Kath­leen O’Malley
    to act along­side Paddy, both to act on our behalf to be “Our Voice” in all deal­ings with the Irish Government!

    To vote Please join the ‘Shame of Ire­land’ web­site using the fol­low­ing link

    Many Thanks Kay

  12. Greetings to all survivors and well done to Paddy and his website. It is a national scandal what took place in Ireland, the land of so called saints and scholars they certainly didnt practice any saintly touches to the dumped and abused children who were born in that beautiful country Ireland, but sadly as bad as the catholic situation is re children it is a great deal worse had you been unfortunate enough to be raised as a non catholic or to be anyway connected to the non catholic scene. At least the catholics have a lot of people campaigning for their cause including the corrupt survivors organisations who has betrayed the very meaning of the word. At least when a catholic went to these organisations they understood what they were talking about, but unfortunately for non catholics they didn’t want to know, although they would pretend they did. Also the Irish National Media refused to accept the non catholic story. It took 13 years and 219 graves before we could make any in roads in that department. Today the Irish Government and their civil servants continue with their discrimination with the hope that we will all be gone. Good Luck to all my catholic brothers and sisters but please don’t forget you have brothers and sisters in the non catholic camp as well. I have a dream that one day all abused and dumped children will be treated equally irrespective of their faith. I have a dream Derek

  13. Paulene, we have something in common, we both escaped from the Gulag’s in Holy Ireland, and i think you will agree, THEY WERE NOT VERY HOLY !
    However we cannot escape the memory’s of the terrible crap we experienced as Children, we still live with PTSD, and all the other scar’s and damage, gifted to us by the Religious and State.
    Keep strong Paulene, we are not alone here, and hopefully in the New Year, the Power’s that be will sit up and take notice, and take on board that their proposed trust fund amount’s to nothing more than,FURTHER ABUSE,for the Survivor’s, who are now in their old age, and scattered throughout the world.
    Maybe the new Government in 2011 will see common sence, and address our issue’s in a fair and just manner, and to everyone’s satisfaction!


  14. Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted"

    Hi Pauline.
    I take G.B. is Golden Bridge one of the five Notorious Industrial Schools in Ireland, I also was there and Moate which was also one of the five.
    They certainly were experts on CRUELTY and TORTURE. I hope each and every one of them is tossing and turning in their graves. The Hinhu’s believe in Reincarnation and should you be an EVIL person in this life you have to pay for it in the next so lets hope they will get their turn.
    You did as thousands of us did running scared, yet we were the INNOCENT PARTIES. WE CAN NOW BE PROUD OF WHO WE ARE AND CHALLENGE THE GOVERNMENT AND SO CALLED RELIGIOUS.
    I also lived in Paris for a short time my French wasn’t bad but over the years without practice it fades. Hope your weather is better than here in the U.K.
    Tlak soon.
    Kathleen O’Malley.

  15. Hello kathleen. well Imoved to france . as i absconded from g b i couldnt live in ireland. in 1996 on the tele we saw a documentry about the madelaine homes i began to feel safer. i had been frightened of beeing caught and sent back for most of my life. Imoved over here over 30 years ago.but when i saw that those prisons for victims were closed it was a took me another 13 years to get over my fear of making mistakes when i write and buy a commputer so i did not know what was happening to other survivers.its very sad to see how so many feel after all these years of waiting.we cant forget because its not over yet

  16. Iagree with you there i dont think anybody wants to hurt anybody. thats not what we say on this site thats hurtfull.

  17. Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted"

    Hi Pauline.
    Where do you live? I just asked you in case you could introduce the web page to friends. I agree we can only deal with issues in life when able. Do remember none of what happened was of our doing. We were the innocent and abused by evil people who should have known better.
    Kathleen O’Malley.

  18. “Snotty” or derisory remarks made by or about ANYONE will not be published on this site. That message reaches everyone who submits a comment just after they click the ‘submit’ button. I’ve had to take more than my fair share of snotty remarks and outrageous allegations. The last thing I want is a site that allows people to abuse another person. I will take the site down before I will allow that to happen. Paddy.

  19. Snotty remarks about sally now i find it worrying that a person who thinks of herself as a leader of some sort.does not answer questions without feeling attackted. in each of her comments this element is present.but i have not read any comments that could be interpreted as such.i understand this from a surviver but not from a leader. it could cause misunderstanding

  20. Hello no i dont know anybody here from the childrens prisons in ireland . its very hard for people over here to understand that this all happened after the war. when i say i come from ireland.the answer is always about whisky or fishing holidays.Or its about the war which thay all believe is only about religion.So most of the time i keep all that to myself. its a relief to be able to exchange thaughts with others who have had the same experence.thanks to paddy. It takes confidence to vote many might not be there yet . after so many years of deception.

  21. LOL!
    Jimmy have you been reading my mind!!
    I sent an email to WikiLeaks today!!

    Whatch This! At arround 7minutes 20seconds
    Listen to the Confession? (Whatch You Blood Pressure, I had to!).

    The Redress Act is off to the European Court of Human Rights!
    To help Send it on its way visit



  23. Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted"

    Hi Pauline.
    We need to be heard. Do you have any friends who were also abused and have not voted? perhaps you could help them log on. We should not be nervous of our Democratic right to speak up.
    Kathleen O’Malley.

  24. i hope this vote go off well there might be people who think thay have no right to vote because of thier own situation. feeling guilty not knowing why thay should vote but its saying something thats good for all of us. for once we can all have a voice outside the groups. every single one of us

  25. Kay, I absolutely concur. It’s that simple. Paddy.

  26. Hi Sally,
    The Statutory Trust Fund Bill needs to be STOPPED!
    Not Deffered?
    Consultation on the STF has already taken Place.

    The Federation of Irish Societies in the UK Gave it validation! Given where their Funding Comes from; am I surprised? NO!

    The Redress Act was Wrong, Illegal and Premature!

    There is a petition on this already Published to the Internet; which I shall post here after Posting it on the Shame of Ireland (I need to discus it with the Author before publishing it anywhere).I shall try and post before the weekend is out!

    The Irish Government are Liable for the Provision of “people who endure long term dis­ab­il­ity, ill health and poverty” “the issue of poverty and
    social isol­a­tion of too many must be must be addressed.”

    C.O.R.I. bear more liability as they where “instrumental”! Yet they have been absolved by the Government!

    Stop the Statutory Fund!

    Open “Real Negotiation”

    But with who?

    Your Friend in our common Cause

  27. Hi Kathleen

    Of course they have and most still are, and you’re right we don’t need any complications or confrontations at this late stage. Just giving an opinion, nothing personal meant to anyone!

    Regards Kay

  28. Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted"

    In full agreement with your reply to the above dialogue.
    There appears to be bias somewhere in there. All Survivors have dealt with their issues in their way and should not be patronised for what ever the outcome.
    Kathleen O’Malley.

  29. bernadette cook

    hi we all came from nothing yourself encluded as a politition you would also be middle class anything we own we hard worked for please stop being patronsing to we survivors ! whether rich or poor does not matter our abuse still has effects on all of us !what about mental health ? what about the survivors who have turned to drugs drink to try and cope with all the nightmares because of their childhoods ?we never wanted a trust fund in the firstplace if it must be then i think someone from outside the groups should be put in charge of this fund that there will be no bickering between the survivors .

  30. Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted"

    I agree with your comment.
    This is about Justice.
    All survivors or Suffers were damaged in one way or nother.
    Let us not complicate the matter in hand by
    becoming personal.
    Kathleen O’Malley.

  31. Sally

    Totally agree with your comment “I think the issue of poverty and social isol­a­tion must be addressed” but fail to see where “class” comes into it, this is about Justice for all “survivors” rich, poor, colour, creed etc, the Irish Government must listen to all “Survivors”.

    I am mindfull of the very wise proverb Paddy has put on his site so will leave it there for now!

    Regards Kay

  32. If it’s true that the Lord loves a trier, then he/she must be mad about you! Keep the faith. Paddy.

  33. I will deliver the petition of course – what we need are the numbers. This government cannot ignore the fact that we are out there and that we are not prepared to just sit/stand idly by while they ‘railroad’ their Statutory Fund Bill through the Dáil. Time to target every member of the Dáil irrespective of party and demand that we be heard. We would be negligent to do nothing. Paddy.

  34. sally mulready


    I glad to see that people are finally getting the point about the STF which, if the outgoing Government want could be passed in January.

    I have written to Eamon Gilmore TD Leader of the Labour Party and possibly next Taoiseach to get the STF Bill defered . It would be good if others would do the same. It would be a better use of their time then snotty remarks about me. Not that I give twopence any more.

    It needs to be defered to enable proper consideration of the STF proposals. Though I am not saying I dont want anything to do with a STF.

    I feel very strongly all the proposals must be discussed including alternative ways of using the Funding from the Congregations apart from STF. It should be open for proper negotiated settlement, not something being imposed.

    I equally feel that I want to see people who endure long term disability, ill health and poverty provided for. They should be supported for the rest of their lives.

    I think the issue of poverty and
    social isolation of too many must be addressed.

    I dont expand to win fans for my view especially amongst very comfortable middle class ladies subscribing to thhis site.

    I make no apologies for this. There are people contributing to the site who I know are well off and comfortable -good luck to them but I have to say I am astounded at their selfishness.

    I am not saying they should not be included, but again I make no apologies for saying that we as a community of Survivors must also consider those who have very long term ill health, disabilities and poverty as a direct result of their lives in Institutions and the abuse suffered at the hands of the Congregations.

    It is only right that we consider them as priority and support them out of poverty.

    I have had such constant and much ill informed criticism for my views on this site, I stand by them and I am past caring what people who have never met me or know what I do think. I have seen some very unpleasant exchanges including the one attacking Paddy and I just give up . People who refuse to address me as I wish to be addressed . Whats the point.

    Sally Mulready

  35. With you all the way on this one Paddy!!

    Will you assist by delivering the Petition

    I had hoped that we could get enough support to get it stopped; but the Irish Government are too busy with the Economy and the “Civil Unrest” that their new measures will bring that it could be months before it gets a reading!

    We should also be thinking of some sort of Protest when the bill has its first hearing and the delivery of the Petition?

  36. The Statutory Fund Bill for want of better words is due to come before the Dáil early next year. Once passed into law that’s it. How many signatures have been collected from various site? Perhaps it’s time to collect them and compile a list of people who don’t want anything to do with the proposed Statutory Fund as it currently is envisaged. I see no reason why the petition cannot be kept going but I do see a reason to act now or certainly within the first weeks of January 2011. Paddy.

  37. 11 Clicks from this page on the Petition to stop the Statutory Fund!

    I am encouraged!!

    Don’t forget that your vote will not count until you
    “CLICK” The Confirmation Link!!

    I am thinking of asking to get the petition extended for another year; as the wording is to “Disssolve the Statutory Trust Fund”.

    Can alway take a screen dump if they read the bill before then?

    Any Suggestions?

    Your Friend Rob

  38. Hi Kathleen, happy to help, its freezing here in London too, lord knows how the rough sleepers will survive this winter, my heart goes out to them!..Kay

  39. Snowing here still, icy and frosty too. Glad to be able to help Kathleen. I hope the search facility on the website makes life easier for you and for others as well. Paddy.

  40. Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted"

    Good Morning Paddy and Kay.
    Its a gold and frosty one here.
    Thank you both for your assistance. I shall do a thorough check in future.

  41. It’s no doubt one of you’re many good deeds for today! Thanks. Paddy.

  42. Pleasure Paddy, how sad am I searching for other folks comments lol – Kay

  43. Thanks for that Kay, I already sent the comment to Kathleen. It’s a question of using the search box on the top right corner of the screen and putting in keywords, whatever they may be. Paddy

  44. Hi Kathleen you should find your comment to Granny on the following thread, hope this helps!
    Regards Kay

  45. Kathleen, I don’t sit at the computer day and night. I work alone on this site and I don’t get paid for it. I do have a life outside of putting your comments or any comment up immediately. You’re presuming I’m at home all the time with my computer on. Wrong! I do things as quickly as I can. I trust this clarifies your query and your email to me. Paddy.

  46. Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted"

    Granny1 replied to a comment I made last week, I replied briefly on Saturday evening, I now request to know why Granny1s comment and my reply are no longer on your page. Neither were offensive to any Survivor.
    Kathleen O’Malley.

  47. Hi Angry, I find it a little unreasonable to refer to someone asking questions of Sally “Loose Minded” That being said Thank You for supplying the well researched information!

    Currently without directing someone to read the whole of this site, there is only one indicator of those who do not want the Statutory Fund; that is the Petition @

    This Petition has 318 Signatures and is undersubscribed!
    Have a look?

    I have asked the Members of the “Shame of Ireland” to join me in a last drive to get these figures up; as it is set to end at the end of the year!

    The Shame of Ireland was set up to give survivors a means of coordinating action together; action based on issues raised by this site.

    You and Sally would both be welcome to join the Shame of Ireland although I prefer that there are no “usernames”, (This is not mandatory)

    Your friend in our common cause

    Shame off Irelad can be found @


    When you click on the Link to a Petition you will have to complete a form,


    when you click “Send” or “Submit” (or something Similar)

    Some Petitions will ask for a “Donation”? IGNORE THIS and Close your Browser your vote will still go through!

    You will receive an email!

    Read this email Carefully it will tell you what to do, either:

    1, Click to confirm that you want your vote to count!


    2, Stating that you have voted! Asking you if you want to remove your vote?

    I hope this helps, Please forward this to friends

  49. Take a look at the Statutory Fund Petition>

    Is your name there?

    Christopher Heaphy (ex Right of Place is there!)

    This has been confirmed to me!

    Paddy Doyle (that goes without Saying)

    Oliver Burke (is this the Oliver Burke, I think it is?)

    Where are the Following Names
    John Kelly
    Tom Hayes

    I am awaiting a reply from Michael O’Brien as he has stated that he has voted.

    The only thing that I can assume if your name is not on the Petition is that you want the Statutory Fund?

  50. For Survivors, each of us has had our own experience, and for each there is a unique pathway towards recovery from the effects.

    For us to make unity a reality requires a means of accepting the diversity of that experience, and the learnings that emerge and with that a response to Government and Vatican alike that resists any attempts at homogenising us, and also resists actual Justice in the Courts.

    This means that those who are ‘spokes persons’, be they self appointed and otherwise, do not make decisions on anyones behalf, at any level.

    Every group must be prepared to listen to all the wisdom, to work through all the personal stuff, to stay on track over time.

    This is not easy. But neither was surviving the abuse.

    The ultimate aim, for me at least, is to break these cycles of Institutional and Personal Abuse for all afflicted by them, such that no child has to experience what we have. None.

    Contracts singed by Government, or The Vatican, or by any other on our behalf that are not mandated by us have not got our consent, and are therefore legally void. This is a fundamental principle of contract Law. There can be neither coercion nor lack of consent in a legally binding contract.

    Thus the demand of silence post settlement out of court is illegal – it is coercive in it’s nature, a quid pro quo, which is not legally capable of acquitting a crime; the offer must withdraw that request for confidentiality or it is a criminal offence.

    Stay strong.

  51. Can anyone out there enlighten me as to why?

    NOT signing the petition against the Statutory Fund at is in their interest?

    Or the interest of any Survivor?

    I am afraid I don’t understand?

    I don’t care if you use a user name when you reply?

    Please just help me understand?

    310 votes against the Statutory Fund!

    Does this mean that all the other Survivors that have internet access Don’t Care?

    Or Want this Fund?

  52. I agree Kathleen. Let’s see if your words have the desired impact. Paddy

  53. Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted"

    Agreed. What must cease immediately is Survivors bickering with each other. Until respect is shown amongst ourselves, the Government will behave as they always.
    Kathleen O’Malley.

    The Government need to show respect for what we need, they should at least give us a chance to air our view’s, and the right to be involved in the entire matter.
    It is , after all, what every Survivor qualify’s for , to be listened to, to experience fair play, and most definitly, not to be further abused and insulted!

    Keep Strong, Jimmy.

  55. The peti­tion on the Stat­utory Fund is at
    I am the Petition Author; I Would Like Paddy to deliver this? I am sure that you all would??
    If you haven’t signed it then I urge you to NOW!

    you will have to click on a confirmation link for your vote to count!

    This is a one issue Mandate!

    Lets work together???

    Win this we can move forward TOGETHER?

    Your Friend Rob

  56. The peti­tion on the Stat­utory Fund is at
    I am the Petition Author; I Would Like Paddy to deliver this? I am sure that you all would??
    If you haven’t signed it then I urge you to NOW!

    you will have to click on a confirmation link for your vote to count!

    This is a one issue Mandate!

    Lets work together???

    Win this we can move forward TOGETHER?

    Your Friend Rob

  57. It seems clear as if this “Statutory Fund” is going to go ahead unless we can do something that will make our voices heard. I haven’t heard from one person that want the “Fund”. As one senior Civil Servant put it to me “It’s a Statutory Fund or it’s nothing”. Paddy.

  58. Hello to all

    Does anyone on here want the “ Trust Fund“ to go ahead?

    Because that is exactly what is about to happen!

    The Irish Government must be laughing its head off,
    Reading all the arguments going on here, for goodness sake can’t we all unite on this very important issue!

    And before anyone asks where I’ve been for the last few years I will tell you, I was in the wilderness, didn’t have a clue what was going on until I found Paddy’s site, this wonderful site has been a Godsend to me (pardon the pun), its been both therapeutic and informative, as I’m sure most folk on here would agree

    Is it possible for everyone to unite on this very important issue “The Trust Fund” or am I just a dreamer?

    To vote for Paddy to act as spokesperson for all “Survivors” please use link below and try and get family members to do the same

    Many Thanks Kay

  59. Some questions I can answer because I know the answers, other questions I can’t answer because I don’t have the answer. Your question to me falls into the latter category. Paddy

  60. Hi Sally and Kate,
    As a moderated site I believe that Paddy has a legal duty to omit slanderous, libellous and breach of copyright content; as when they appear he is jointly liable!
    The Shame of Ireland is unmoderated, and as the administrator I have no prior knowledge of what appears, all members have to agree to the “terms of service” when they join.
    I have asked that all members let me know when they post something new, this is not a question of “moderation” but because I do not have time to constantly monitor the site, but as the administrator of the site I have a privilidge that I cannot share with all Members, I can message all Members! Because I want to keep them informed I want them to keep me informed?
    Are you aware of? and have you voted? and promoted? The petition on the Statutory Fund? when you vote check your email Spam/Junk email folder as your vote will not count until you click the confirmation link

    Sally, can you point me at what Jonathon Swift said?

    I do agree that we have to try and put the personal and personality issues to one side or we have lost!

    I have often said “this is not about Personalities but the task at hand”

    I have had it said of me that I am “Like a young Puppy with all the excitement and enthusiasm of one, which on first encounter can be quite irritating” I am still friends with the person who told me that, for I also have tenacity!

    As always your friend in our common Cause


  61. Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted"

    I whole heartedly agree with your statement.
    Recently it would appear that certain individuals have been allowed to do and say what ever they wish.
    It should be an open forum.
    Kathleen O’Malley.

  62. where has kathys posting gone ,a very intelegent woman with a lot of information for survivors,i met kathy in march and she has always been on the scene working for survivors ,i will not stand for people saying she is aggressive ,i thought this was a site for survivors to express there opinions HOW WRONG WAS I .one rule only and thats worries

  63. Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted"

    How did M/s Mulready get hold of M/s Fergusons name, I understand she deleted this from her letter.
    Kathleen O’Malley.

  64. Man­date for Paddy Doyle to Rep­res­ent “Survivors”

    Hi to all

    Paddy has very kindly agreed to be “spokes­per­son” on behalf of all “sur­viv­ors” provided he gets a man­date to do so, so please vote on the link below (very easy) and please ask fam­ily mem­bers to do the same!

    Many Thanks Kay

  65. Dear Kathy, its uplifting to know that in your goodself you saw fit to “write” to the former Minister for Education, Mr Noel Dempsey, affectionately known previously as the TALKING DONKEY. Noel no doubt, is more than painfully aware of my “rantings and ravings” towards him covering some years.

    As you state you have now “written” to Sally Mulready seeking her “explanation” of “monies” as YOU say given to HER in relation to these “groups”.

    As a matter of COMMON COURTESY should you not await HER reply before dribbling of at the mouth on a subject which you appear to be ILL INFORMED.???.

    Sally Mulreadys explanation in GREAT DETAIL of her involvement with these “groups” has been DETAILED in great SIMPLICITY on this site, do you NOT understand her, or is it the case that you do NOT wish to understand her.??

  66. If these people had been formed for this kind of work perhaps it would have been better controlled. None of the people from industriel schools were.As children we had teachers that were not teachers but nuns and priests.And now we have amateurs running things.thay play power games on us so of course its falling apart .Money does not vanish. : :???:

  67. The Bethany home people will always get a mention on this site as news of events concerning them comes to light. Keep me informed. Paddy.

  68. Hello all

    i am talking about the Bethany home people , well done ,& good luck with what you are doing

  69. The more I hear the worse it gets!
    What is the Temporary Administrator for the H.S.E. going to do conjure up Accounts from NO Records?
    Maybe even verify a Membership that doesn’t Exist??

    There is currently a letter to the Charities Section of the Revenue Commissioners, being ratified by Members of the Shame of Ireland@

    You have to be a member of the “Shame of Ireland” to ratify this letter.

    There is also a list of Petitions that you can sign on the Home Page @

    You can access these Petitions there without joining! Just Click the Links!

    I would have posted all the links here but there are so many the Spam Guard wouldn’t let me

    As Always your Friend in our Common Cause!


    “Together WE are Stronger”

  70. Kathleen O'Malley "Childhood Interrupted"

    How many times have the Survivors requestd a Investigation and Audit into this Charity.
    The Irish Government appear to appear to hand out money like sweets, just look at the state of the country.
    Sadly as children when in the care of the Government they deprived us of everything. Will they ever get it right.

  71. Nothing surprises me anymore

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