A new study on the child-sex scandals shows as much anger for society as the State, writes Maeve Sheehan

Sunday September 25 2011 – Sunday Independent.

AN ambitious study of the clerical child-abuse scandals in Ireland by Amnesty International suggests that people are as angry with society as they are the State over the institutional abuse of children.

The study, commissioned by Amnesty International Ireland, finds that while 83 per cent of those polled are angry with the State, marginally more, at 84 per cent, are “angry that wider society didn’t do more”. More than half found the subject of the Ryan Report on institutional child abuse too overwhelming to know what to think, while one-third said they didn’t know what the report said.

The national poll is part of an extensive research study commissioned by Amnesty to establish the reasons why clerical child abuse was allowed to continue unchecked for so long in Ireland.

The silence of so many Irish people emerges as a key factor, according to Amnesty’s executive director Colm O’Gorman, and the poll findings suggest the public acknowledges this.

The 100,000-word document, called ‘In Plain Sight’, will be launched by Children’s Minister Frances Fitzgerald tomorrow. It includes significant new research by social historian Dr Carole Holohan based on the four inquiries into clerical sex abuse — Ferns, Ryan, Murphy and Cloyne. It will also set out how children’s human rights were violated under international law.

But the apparent complicity of wider Irish society in allowing clerical and institutional abuse of children to continue for so long is expected to be one of the study’s more controversial findings.

“The reports [on clerical abuse] reveal really serious failures at every level of Irish society; failures of law, of policy, of politics, of religious organisations,” said Mr O’Gorman. “But they also reveal that these failures were only possible because so many of us either stayed silent or were silenced. The kind of society we are is one of our creation, and if we are to change it for the better we must be prepared to learn from our past failures.”

Amnesty’s study reminds us that many of the factors are still with us — such as a lack of accountability in State bodies responsible for child protection, and the failure of the justice system to bring to book those who knew what was going on.

Pearse Mehigan, a solicitor and contributor to the Amnesty study, says the failure to prosecute abusers, and those who facilitated and covered up the crimes, continues to be “one of the great failings of our justice system”.

Mehigan, who acts for the advocacy group for clerical abuse victims, One in Four, reminds us that a law was passed in 1997 that makes it an offence to “impede the prosecution” of someone accused of an “arrestable offence”. “Failure to report to the statutory authorities and the use of mental reservation to conceal crimes and information should surely result in prosecutions,” he says. Yet no member of the Catholic Church or its hierarchy has been charged with this offence.

“If the criminal justice system fails to prosecute criminality on the grand scale revealed in the various reports into clerical child abuse goes unaddressed, then an environment of impunity will continue to exist,” says Mehigan.

He calls for a review of the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions to establish the “number of complaints, if any, it received over the years concerning members of the clergy and the religious . . .”

Every single one of those files “should be re-opened and examined as to the reasons why individuals were not prosecuted.

“The DPP’s right not to have to give a reason for decisions not to prosecute ought to be overlooked in the interests

of human rights accountability to ascertaining whether or not there were political machinations in force behind the decision-making process”.

As for victims of clerical abuse who struggled to be believed, it wasn’t so long ago when Andrew Madden heard parishioners praise the very priest who had sexually abused him as an altar boy. Madden, another contributor to the Amnesty report, was the first victim of clerical sex abuse to go public in 1995.

After his abuser, Fr Ivan Payne, was identified by RTE, parishioners in Sutton — where the priest remained for 14 years after Madden’s initial complaint — were disbelieving. An elderly parishioner in Sutton told the Irish Independent: “I can’t believe he did this, he was the best of priests. He married, christened and buried people and since he left he’s been back to do weddings because he was so well-liked.”

A 16-year-old girl said vague rumours about the priest had been circulating since the previous year: “But I don’t think anyone believed them and I still find it hard to believe now.” What astounded Andrew Madden was the “lack of anger at the Catholic Church from the people in Sutton for sending them a priest who had previously admitted the sexual abuse of a child”.

The four reports on clerical sex abuse, one more shocking than the next, reported on crimes of the past. “The focus cannot be purely on the past, as if these reports have no relevance for Irish society now,” said Mr O’Gorman. “We must consider the degree to which they reveal vital truths about the nature of our society today. The past can only become history once we have addressed it, learnt from it and made the changes necessary to ensure that we do not repeat mistakes and wrongdoing. We haven’t done that yet.”

Amnesty plans to hold a symposium on the findings of ‘In Plain Sight’ in the coming months.


32 Responses to “Report highlights fury at society’s silence over clerical child-abuse”

  1. corneilius says:

    There is an organisation in the USA which attempts to address the adverse affects of the prevailing approach of Social Services towards families in distress and child related services.


    National Coalition for Child Protection Reform

    Their work shows clearly that removing children from homes,as opposed to supporting both parents and children to break the cycles, is traumatising more children that it is helping. They also prove that supporting the parents and children in breaking the cycles of dysfunction is efficacious and saves huge amounts of tax dollars further down the line.

  2. corneilius says:

    I am reading the ‘In Plain Sight Report’….

    It’s quite clear that the report is an attempt to draw attention to the Societal Culture that affects everyone within Irish Society.

    We are born into a system and society that is, historically, traumatised.

    Sinead O’Connor pointed this out in her song ‘Famine’

    Alice Miller, Judith Herman and others have described the dynamics of Historical Trauma in some detail.

    It is inevitable under such circumstances that the majority of people grow into the prevailing psychology.

    We can see that with the ‘Celtic Tiger’ and how the rush towards a consumer society was rapidly taken up by an entire generation.

    We will not be able, as a society, to PREVENT abuse until we fully understand the roots of abuse, at the personal and societal level, nor will we PREVENT abuse by demonising any individual or group or Institution. That’s not to say that anger and outrage have no place in this matter.

    This not to say that there is an EXCUSE for any abusive behaviour or cover-ups and denial. It is to say that the psycho-dynmaics have to be understood if prevention AND justice are to be served.

    It is to say that the psychology of any society is revealed and recreated in how that society treats it’s children.

    To that end, I wrote an open letter to the Presidential Candidates, joining the dots in this picture of Historical Trauma.


    I have yet to receive a response, which is why the letter is published on the internet.

    Kindest regards to all concerned

    Corneilius Crowley

  3. Paddy says:

    It means exactly what it says on the screen!!!

  4. Christina says:

    Sent a comment through but it hasn’t come up on the page. Said something like it was waiting for ‘moderation’. What does that mean?

  5. Catherine says:

    Raymond, the patriarchal church of Rome had to demonise wombmen as they are complete.

    So Eve was EVE ILL and all her children- human children were supposedly born in sin because of her and needed to be baptised to be saved.

    What a scam,!!!!!!!!

    Poor Adam was unable to resist temptation- poor fella- so they blamed Eve.

    2011 males are still claiming to be tempted by women and children. Even the men of god claim to be tempted by innocent evil children.

    It is in our collective consciousness.

    It is men like Paddy who provides a forum to shine a light on all that went on.

    Raymond- a Virgin was a woman who did not need to marry, as she had all her own property etc and did not depend on males. So the church made sure to change all that, create marriage and get the men to keep control over those evil women and their children.

    A whore was a woman who was in a total state of horasis- bliss. it had nothing to do with sex, but interesting to see how the words were changed in meaning.

  6. Catherine says:


    The origin of gold as the prison of “salvaged” souls .
    During this time, the Jesuits were granted an exclusive “right” never before seen, the concept of salvaging those souls “lost” to the See (Sea) through the concept of Salvation using Banks and Courts as part of their apparatus –

    Thus the full blown commercialization of sin.

    What then did the Jesuits consider was the highest collateral against the flesh as surety and performance of promissory notes? Indeed, it was the soul.
    But where does one place something ethereal when salvaged and into what tangible medium?

    The answer was Gold Bars, the origin of the name of the Bar Associations, the “reapers of souls”.

    Bar means “stake or rod of iron used to fasten a door or gate”.
    It also means “ruling with a rod of iron”. So now, the Jesuits controlled the Sacred Penitentiary into which were placed the most valuable asset of all, souls cursed into Bars of Gold.

  7. Catherine says:

    Not to upset you Paddy etc, but this worth noting too- how they LOVE children,


    A Papal Bull is a formal document issued by a Roman Cult Pontiff upon a major act of law, curse or claim to extend the power of the Cult over its claimed domination of the world, all nations, all people, all law and all religions.

    All legitimate Papal Bulls were issued on human skin, usually the skin of a sacrificed child, or some famous heretic.

  8. Catherine says:

    Just to illustrate how the courts and Vatican church work together.Note the BAR association and how it is linked to souls.


    The third Crown was created in 1537 by Paul III through the papal bull Convocation also meant to open the Council of Trent being the third an final testamentary deed and will of a testamentary trust, being the trust set up for the claiming of all “lost souls”, lost to the See.
    The Venetians assisted in the creation of the 1st cestui Que Vie Act of 1540 to use this papal bull as the basis of Ecclesiastical authority of Henry VIII. This Crown was secretly granted to England in the collection and “reaping” of lost souls.
    The Crown was lost in 1815 due to the deliberate bankruptcy of England and granted to the Temple Bar, which became known as the Crown Bar, or simply the Crown.
    The Bar Associations have been responsible ever since in administering the “reaping” of the souls of the lost and damned, including the registration and collection of Baptismal certificates representing the souls collected by the Vatican and stored in its vaults.

  9. Catherine says:

    This 2nd Crown is represented by the 2nd cestui Que Vie Trust created when a child is born being the sale of the birth certificate as a Bond to the private central bank of the nation, depriving them of ownership of their flesh and condemning them to perpetual servitude as a Roman person, or slave.

  10. Catherine says:

    The Vatican decided a few months ago that their sheeple can no longer leave the church legally.


    See it clearly. Roman Catholics are not allowed free will.

    Of course one can simply say in their own mind that they have left the church and that is it. Why would a sovereign human being need permission to join or leave any org.?

  11. Catherine says:

    Thank you Raymond.

    Good thinking.

    Here are some links to help us understand truth re birth and baptism certs.

    This 3rd Crown is represented by the 3rd cestui Que Vie Trust created when a child is baptized being the grant of the Baptismal certificate by the parents to the church or Registrar being the gift of title of the soul.
    Thus, without legal title over one’s own soul, a man or woman may be “legally” denied right to stand as a person, but may be treated as a creature and thing without legally possessing a soul.
    Hence, why the Bar Association is able to legally enforce Maritime law against men and women- because they can be treated as things, cargo that does not possess a soul.

  12. Christina says:

    Ok, so In Plain Sight by Carole Holohan is a report on all the other reports. It differs though, in that this is Amnesty International speaking up for us. They are showing clearly that the State turned a blind eye to years of criminal abuse for fear of upsetting and embarrassing the Church. They are asking for answers. They are calling for justice. The Ryan Report might be hundreds of pages long but it lacks that sense of moral outrage that should accompany such an investigation. It tiptoes around the subject of responsibility. As survivors, we need to find that self respect that they tried to beat out of us. We must stop begging for answers and start demanding them. We could do well with a dose of that arrogance that is so evident everytime the church has to respond to allegations.
    Enda Kenny’s speech in the Dail in July was welcomed. I think that by choosing the last day of the Dail’s sitting to make such a speech was intentional on his part. Perhaps it had something to do with the sneaky way the Indemnity Deal between the State and the Religious Orders was put through on the last day of the Dail sitting in June 2002?
    Social workers were well aware of what life was like for children in these institutions. They chose to do nothing for fear of upsetting those in charge or for fear of losing their jobs.
    And as for the vaccine trials, these were carried out in far more institutions than the State and the religious run institutions have admitted to. The place I was in most definately tried out vaccines on me/us and it is not mentioned at all.
    yours sincerely

  13. Raymond says:


    I’m not sure people here know and understand – I certainly didn’t until my eyes were opened – this business of….

    ” We simply did not understand until now why the Roman church system wanted so desperately to have children issued with birth and baptismal certs thus enslaving the child physically and spiritually.
    We did not realise we were handing over our creations – our children – to the Roman church and state and we parents became the Guardians with the church and state OWNING the human children…”

    Maybe you could post here some explicit links or information,

    namely that:

    As children come into the world, there are AUTOMATICALLY ADDED TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH REGISTER. It is actually quite difficult and complicated, to have them excluded from the figures and statistics. Therefore, baptized or not, these new child-citizens are clocked up into the Vatican machine. And EACH CHILD MEANS MONEY – A LOT OF MONEY – TO ROME. TRULY LIKE A MONEY-PRINTING MACHINE. Please explain again.

    Secondly: apart from the BILLIONS that newly-born Catholic (Church-hi-jacked) children earn for the Pope, there is the matter of Power and Supremacy. How can an organization be so COLOSSAL and nearly omnipotent, yet SO EVIL and SO CORRUPT ! It is not surprising the other religions of the world should FEAR Catholics.

    The anomalies and crazy aspects of “the Irish story” as it was and has unfolded in recent years, months and weeks, is really only a PALE SHADOW of the stupendious irreverence and disgusting abomination of the numbers of the Catholic Church today. Look again: the SMALLEST State in the world, yet the WEALTHIEST. Steeped in tradition and history my arse: it was only FOUNDED A FEW YEARS AGO, by FASCIST MUSSOLINI, in HITLER’S DAYS!!! What kind of reference is that? Population? NOT EVEN ONE THOUSAND!!! (800) And MEN ONLY. Women are only fit to be VIRGIN(1), SLAVES(to men), or Harlots and Temptresses.

    Jesus was very clear about what he thought and said about CHILDREN. Maybe HE could be brought back for this referendum FOR THE RIGHT OF THE CHILD.

    Secondly, bec

  14. Catherine says:

    Thank you Evin and Raymond.

    Yes, this is a starting point and where better than on Paddy’s God Squad website.

    The Constitution is out of date as it is totally patriarchal in its energy.

    How patriarchy loves to complicate things by bringing in legislation etc to protect people and children.

    What is it after all only ink on paper?

    Why would we adult human beings need others to create laws to force us to protect children?

    Are we not caring in our own right?

    No law or paper will force adults to protect children unless children are seen as sovereign human beings.

    First the birth cert would have to go, thus making sure the child is free.

    Next the baptism cert would have to go- to leave the soul free.

    We simply did not understand until now why the Roman church system wanted se desperately to have children issued with birth and baptismal certs thus enslaving the child physically and spiritually.

    We did not realise we were handing over our creations- our children to the Roman church and state and we parents became the Guardians with the church and state OWNING the human children.

    We parents had handed over control to nameless, faceless souless entities- Corporate parents now look after the disposable children.

    What does a corporate parent look like? feel like?

    How is a corporate parent trained? yes, cold, sterile, loveless parent- child relationship, mostly.

    In the training of social workers, they too are programmed to become emotionless beings, who feel nothing for a suffering child.

  15. Raymond says:

    Well said Catherine. This page is as good as any for a starting point.

    Without wanting to be “political” I couldn’t help but shiver the other day, as our prospective Presidents were showing their colours, when one of them brandished The Irish Constitution under our nose, promising to “abide by it and defend the rights of ALL there-in”, how we SO NEED TO CHANGE IT….! The rights of all, EXCEPT THE CHILD. To retain the right of the Family completely tying up our children, as slaves and fodder for our sick system. I want to re-iterate here, that our PRIORITY is the next-next referendum, on THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD. And absolutely FUNDAMENTAL to it, is the ABOLITION OF CORPORAL PUNISHEMENT. Let’s hope Evin that we do it here in one clean sweep, and not County by County, as is the painful process in America of going State by State.

    Parents on the non-violent way and approach to education need plenty of encouragement and support from the government. Teachers need new rules and guidelines, and to take on the attitude on the non-violent parents. And our Government need our effort and conviction to support them in their drive to CHANGE these things. So ENDA, and FRANCES…KEEP AT IT. Have no regrets, have no fear. Just look in the eyes of a grateful child – when he/she KNOWS that YOU HAVE BEEN ON HIS or HER SIDE. Let this fill your heart, and give you strength and WINGS. And we’ll make YEE Presidents yet.

  16. Evin Daly says:

    Well put Catherine and succinct. Our US system is very good on the front end – law enforcement, rescuing children etc. Where we fall way down at times is in back end – foster care, locking children up if they breach court orders etc. That may be a malady of any system – I don’t know. Great letter.

  17. Catherine says:

    Dear Paddy, Raymond, Evin.

    I am sharing my letter to the Taoiseach and minister for children, based on what is posted here.

    Private social workers paid €110 an hour by HSE. Thank you Paddy Doyle-



    Dear Enda and Frances.

    It looks like we have alot of work to do to clean up the mess in “child protection”in Eire.

    I am not sure about you, but for me at ground level, I hear the tales daily of children suffering in the so called care of the HSE.

    Those of us who know the court system and the role of Guardians know full well that the child’s wishes and feelings are rarely taken into consideration, but adults thinking they still know best.

    We also know of solicitors refusing to take cases against the HSE for fear of being blackballed.

    Oh yes, the HSE has earned a dispicable reputation for itself and needs a total spring cleaning.

    When Eire looks at children as real SOVEREIGN HUMAN BEINGS from birth, then we will be on the right track.
    But as long as children are a commodity from which profit is made – like in Oranges and Sunshine movie- then we will be issuing the children of today with similar apology in the future.

    We cannot follow USA or UK and their deplorable child destruction system – so let us be like Enda- first to lead the way in speaking truth re Vatican and now first to speak out the truth re HSE and its treatment of children as non humans.

    Is mise le meas.

    Catherine Ni Mhuillin BA, HDipEd, TTG

  18. Raymond says:


    Very sorry, I didn’t see your earlier post. Well isn’t that an interesting development for this particular topic! Sounds like you are providing a very worth-wile service and hopefully the children get to see the normal, innate, kind and caring side of an adult at least this once in their life. Not for you then the bonuses, fat pensions and golden hand-shakes either I suppose.

    I sincerely hope these few words here on Paddy’s site come to the attention of a decent civil servant who will nail them on his/her Minister’s desk – kick a chair (pretending to have tripped) and show some frustration, Dear Outrage and Indignation, in order to raise a few eye-brows.

    Evin, HATS OFF to your other 66999 colleagues in the US.

  19. Evin Daly says:

    @Raymond – thank you. I wanted to write an article in response to it. Evin

  20. Raymond says:


    Here is the link which can be found today, for The Post.ie As you will see, the article is substantial.



    Yes, same Barnardos (Sunshine and Oranges). It makes even more sense that they would run for the top job of President ;-< than if they were really "controversial" as some of the actual candidates are.

  21. Portia says:

    Raymond- if you double check the qualifications of these social workers, you will find in some cases that they are not qualified at all in child protection, do not possess a degree, but come from the lowest 3% educationally from UK.
    HSE is totally controlled by Common Purpose who lead outside authority and swear allegience to it and not to the Dept of HSE.
    Barnardos- Is that the same Barnardos who sold the British children to Australia to populate the colony with white people.? The same Barnardos who measured the IQ, weight, height etc of children to make sure they were of good breeding stock.?
    Now the huge fostering business has crept in to Eire and few noticed.
    Children are 7 times more liklely to be abused in care in 2011- so why are so many being stolen for no reason and traumatised and forgotten about in Eire.? MONEY AND SO CHILDREN ARE EASIER TO CONTROL, WHEN THEY NEVER KNOW TRUE LOVE- Hitler proved it all as did the British Eugenics movememnt before him re the Native Americans.

  22. Portia says:

    83 per cent of those polled are angry with the State, marginally more, at 84 per cent, are “angry that wider society didn’t do more”.
    In fairness Eire as a country was stuck in fear of the Catholic church who controlled every state agence and still do behind the scenes.Some people did try to do something but were blocked and threatened by agents of the Roman Church.

    Of course people find it hard to believe that man’s inhumanity to children existed in Eire but denying it meant it continued and the % of abuse and rape of children grew.

  23. Evin Daly says:

    @Raymond – any chance you could scan and email me a copy of the article please as I can’t get access online? edaly@abusewatch.net. Thank you :)

  24. Evin Daly says:

    @Raymond. I am a Guardian ad Litem along with 67,000 others in the U.S. How much do we get paid? Nothing because it is all based on volunteers here. The money is spent on administration and providing legal counsel to these volunteers. We offered to bring someone over in 2010 to talk about implementing the system there and indeed I sent over an entire manual of setting it up to Jr Min Barry – never heard a word. What Irish Guardian would want a case closed earning the money you mention?

  25. Raymond says:

    Children come first alright ( also known as “in the children’s best interest” ).

    Watch this:

    2/10/2011 (Sunday Business Post)

    Several social workers being paid 110 euro an hour by HSE.

    Several social workers being paid 110 euro an hour by HSE. A number of social workers formerly working for the HSE are being paid 110 euro an hour by their former employer, to act as court-appointed officers for children likely to be put into care. The Sunday Business Post found that in one instance – a guardian ad litem was paid more than 311 thousand euro last year (another one 260 thousand, and a third one 210 thousand). Normal salaries paid to social workers directly employed by the HSE range from 32 to 51 thousand euros a year. The HSE’s childcare budget is currently facing a 65 million euro overrun. (And one million went to Barnardos – the not-for-profit organization!).

  26. Portia says:

    I also find it odd that hardly any soliciotr will now take a case against the child protectors/HSE in 2011, because to do so will mean they will be black balled.
    Solicitors etc swear allegience to the corporation- not to their clients.
    How is this different from the Catholic church of the past?
    The same mentality exists in 2011 as it did years ago.
    Just the name has changed from church to social worker- but almost all facilitators of child abuse.
    I have written many times to Frances Fitzgerald- former social worker- and never a response- proving like the men of god, she is not interested in serving the children of Eire but is puppet of her masters.

  27. Raymond says:

    The “Safe Ireland” Organization said women and children looking for safety were turned away 3,236 times in 2010, up 38%, because refuges were either full or unavailable in their area…….. More than 100 calls a day – 38,629 in total – were also made to helplines during the year…….. Sharon O’Halloran, director of Safe Ireland, which represents 39 frontline domestic violence services, said the real pressure point was the number of times women could not be accommodated immediately……. “These women and their children are the tragic fallout of Ireland’s abject and consistent failure to meet European minimum requirements for refuge,” she said…….. When a woman leaves her house with her children, often in the middle of the night, she should expect to be accommodated safely behind the first door she knocks on. While accommodation is found for all women who come to a refuge, if it is not immediately available, it only prolongs the stress and anxiety of the situation”…….. Ms O’Halloran said Ireland had just one third of the refuge capacity recommended by the Council of Europe.



  28. Portia says:

    Evin, Sadly the UK and US child protection system is also a failure with children 7 times more likely to be abused in care than at home.

  29. Portia says:

    Pearse Mehigan, a solicitor and contributor to the Amnesty study, says the failure to prosecute abusers, and those who facilitated and covered up the crimes, continues to be “one of the great failings of our justice system”.
    Well, Paddy , this is 2011 and solicitors are still advising their clients not to mention child sexual abuse or domestic violence in the star chamber courts. The reason given is that the judges in Eire are sick to f**king death of hearing about child sexual abuse and so solicitors must comply. We were raised to believe there is justice, but on close examination we find that solocotors and barristers etc are agents of the court and the court is a corporation- a business making a profit. So our just us system is all about making money and nothing to do with child protection.
    HSE social workers often support the abusers of children – that I have on file from HSE.
    Also Paddy, what kind of child protectors inside the HSE order ELECTRIC SHOCK THERAPY on abused children to burn out the memory of the abuse so the children can be placed back with their abuser?

    What kibd of “people” would even dream of doing such a thing?

    Psychopaths, sadists, etc- but not child protectors.

    Let us go back in his story to see where in our collective consciousness did we disregard children?

    Well, all children according to the men in black are born of Eve ill wombmen are sinners.

    Children are supposedly here to suffer for that sin.??? why?

    Children are possessions of the male patriarchs- and seen as objects with no human rights at all.

    Daily in Eire judges order children to be broken down mentally by social workers and psychologists so that male parents can have their rights. But the children are mere things,commoditoes to make profit from.


  30. Evin Daly says:

    Here is a response that I wrote Amnesty today. They had said that they welcomed the new Ministry for Children and the proposals for statutory reporting and that the government was working on the change to the constitution.
    ‘All that you describe existed before this government. The last government had a Jr Minister for Children who was as ineffective as this one. Mary O’Rourke wrote the wording for the change to the constitution two years ago – we discussed it during a meeting. The referendum is long over due – it should have been the first priority for government on election and without it nothing can or will change. Why is the government sitting on their hands with this? Placing child protection guidelines on a statutory basis sounds very nice and the proposals on a new child protection agency all very well. But DO IT ALREADY. Ireland is 10 years behind the UK and the US in child protection. Powers that be ignored proposals to borrow guidelines from other jurisdictions because they believed – wrongly – they could do it themselves – as has been amply demonstrated, they couldn’t and can’t. The feet dragging is another criminal offense against our children – talking, meeting, proposing, planning are not actions, they are meant to distract us from inaction, inability and an enjoyment of the status quo.’

  31. Raymond says:

    We must as a matter of priority AMEND OUR CONSTITUTION to give RIGHTS TO THE CHILD (at the moment, the Child has NO right, and we are in breach of our commitments with the Council of Europe).

    We must also ABOLISH CORPORAL PUNISHMENT everywhere. A campaign of INFORMATION must be undertaken, to warn parents against the damage caused by physical AND emotional violence. This is now well documented and proven. And because so many parents still believe that it is right to hit and slap a child if they deem it necessary to enforce discipline at home, under the guise of education, much must be done to offer them help and support in order to carry this crucial, VITAL referendum.

    “These reports tell us what those children endured, abuse that amounted to acts of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment……………..But what we don’t know fully is WHY. And it is the why that matters now even more than the what. Why was abuse on such a scale and why was such depravity possible? Why did the State so abjectly fail to put in place a proper system to care for and protect some of its most vulnerable children? Why did wider society show so little interest in those same children? And why, despite the fact that deep veins of knowledge existed about what was happening to so many children, did society not demand effective action from the State……….?”

    We would do well to read again, or for the first time, the work of ALICE MILLER, for therein lie all the answers.

  32. Evin Daly says:

    Having Fitzgerald launch the report was like asking a bishop to launch the Cloyne Report. The government was and is complicit in covering up child abuse to the point of paying the legal fees of some of the abuser organization. Inviting their participation was a mistake and sends the wrong message to victims. Amnesty should have launched this alone.